irregular warfare

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Perhaps after hard-hitting briefings from Mattis and McMaster, Trump finally realized Obama’s decision to remain in Afghanistan was both realistic and necessary.

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A critical component of turning the tide must be economic development.

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The Syrian civil war has to be understood as a conflict that is surpassing national borders and which can’t be solved by military and diplomatic concentrated on only one small region.

There is a sinking feeling that Rio de Janeiro’s tipped into war. Many of the city’s politicians, police officers and civic leaders are saying so publicly.

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If, as President Obama asserted, “ideologies are not defeated by guns,” but by “better ideas,” then how should the U.S. military be used to help achieve strategic success.

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This essay examines the Executive Order on protection from foreign terrorist entry into the U.S. from a broader counterinsurgency perspective.

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The key thesis of this book is to analyze the theory that it is possible to use irregular warfare as a national military strategy to adopt a ‘professional irregular defense force’.

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The US can enable novel gains in the information environment by collecting on, operating in, and collaborating through indigenously produced economic media.

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As SOCOM takes on the task of addressing population-centric conflict post-Iraq/Afghanistan, it must field a new type of SOF Operator--master of the full-spectrum of the human domain and...

Through the use of conventional and irregular forces, Gen Nathaniel Greene brought Cornwallis' forces to a culminating point and precipitated the surrender at Yorktown.

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Though discredited, the phased framework of shape-clear-hold-build remains applicable over time when adapted to local circumstances by harmonized independent stakeholders.

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The US Army is finding itself in the difficult position of attempting to redefine itself in a climate of reduced resources. It shouldn't pin its future to peer-to-peer battle.

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Understanding the great paradox of the U.S. military: the better our conventional capabilities, the more likely we are to face increasingly irregular and asymmetric threats.

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Implementing a provocative idea.

In HASC testimony, Dave Maxwell calls for understanding over naming as we consider irregular warfare.