information operations

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We face an enemy ideology that crafted and shaped an enduring, effective message, near perfecting dissemination and application to relevant target audiences.

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When employed correctly Military Information Support Operations  as a force multiplier enjoys unparalleled capability to shape, and ultimately win, the hearts and minds of the populace.

Identifying and influencing the local population favorably enables time and space to conduct military operations.

China’s inroads to the U.S. entertainment industry merit closer examination given their implications for information warfare.

By employing a more information-centric approach as a cornerstone of our operations, we can ultimately win faster and more efficiently.

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If success was measured by how often a subject is mentioned or written about the U.S. military would surely be a smart culture-savvy force to be reckoned with.

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The United States is losing the information war against Daesh. Communication professionals must better understand the Daesh narrative, how it is constructed and promulgated.

The “info-agile” world is not myth. It is reality, and any institution concerned with advancing truth must deal comprehensively with the manipulative nature of information.

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The US can enable novel gains in the information environment by collecting on, operating in, and collaborating through indigenously produced economic media.

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Enabling our partners to conduct their own IO. There is no other way to get the message across the cultural divide.

Implications for information operations in Guatemala.

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The explosive effects of rumors in Syria and insurgenceis around the world.

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Successful information operations (IO) often require effective inter-cultural communications in order to inform and influence foreign audiences.

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“The Family doesn’t kill for money; it doesn’t kill for women... only those who deserve to die, die... [T]his is divine justice.”

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Fit the operation to the narrative, not the narrative to the operation.

Ramazan is expected to occur July 20 thru August 18, 2012.

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What have we learned from a decade at war?  Are they the right issues and the right lessons?

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Using visual media to disrupt insurgent formation.