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This essay is the first in a series exploring the issue of drug-related violence in Mexico.

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"An audacious band of citizen militias battles a brutal drug cartel in the hills of central Mexico."

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Small Wars Journal El Centro Senior Fellows John P. Sullivan and Robert J. Bunker new book: Studies in Gangs and Cartels.

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Associated Press reports "U.S. law enforcement officials expressed outrage over the release from prison of Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero". AP and news links.

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Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers as Hit Men - Joseph J. Kolb, Fox News.

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Combating the marijuana cartels on America’s public lands.

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Singer Jesus “Chuy” Quintanilla is the latest in a string of balladeers and musicians to be killed in Mexico’s drug war.  This time the killing occurred in Texas.

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Implications for information operations in Guatemala.

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An offering from Viridiana Rios and SWJ El Centro Fellow Stephen Dudley.

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An overview of the recent findings of the Justice in Mexico Project.

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Mexico's new president Enrique Peña Nieto has trumpeted its proposed reforms, but there are more similarities than differences with the Calderon Administration.

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Many modern internal conflicts defy basic definitions, so use a composite framework instead.

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“The Family doesn’t kill for money; it doesn’t kill for women... only those who deserve to die, die... [T]his is divine justice.”

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The presence of Mexican-origin drugs in Chicago is more prominent now than ever before

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It sounds crazy, but catching the most notorious and wanted drug trafficker in the world might be a bad thing.

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Two great minds on drugs... and strategy.

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A warning and call to action from the French criminologist.

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Guadalajara could lose its protected status among drug lords and become the next epicenter for drug-related violence.

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Will Mexico’s admittance into the Trans-Pacific Partnership create an even more empowered global criminal network?

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Mexico’s war against their drug cartels is a war they cannot win by themselves. Must we take some responsibility?

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SWJ El Centro Fellow John P. Sullivan's paper "From Drug Wars to Criminal Insurgency: Mexican Cartels, Criminal Enclaves and Criminal Insurgency in Mexico and Central America, and their...

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BBC reports on OAS warning: "Drug Cartels Threaten Latin American Democracy".

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Michael L. Burgoyne argues that U.S. COIN doctrine can be applied to problems in South America.  Sometimes, a more enemy-focused approach is needed, he finds.