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Announcing a three day event, to be held at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business over Columbus Day Weekend 2013 to match warfighters “in the arena” with senior...

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Modern American values continue to grow apart from traditional military values, changing the face of military culture. Munsing offers a few ways to adjust to societal change.

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Constraint, imagination, and collaboration can produce meaningful innovations.

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This article proposes a positive vision for how disruptive junior officers and established senior officers should advance the discussion about improving their services.

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Times of crisis can be a brief window of opportunity for large institutional bureaucracies to overcome jurisdictional boundaries and make changes to business as usual. 

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When an adversary arrives in a form that was unanticipated, an intellectually curious officer will be able to draw upon years of education tested not in the classroom, but in the real world.

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Earlier this week, US Air Force Captain Jeff Gilmore castigated the US military's social media strategy in a  Small Wars Journal op-ed contrasting the practices of Coca-Cola and the US...

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Thoughts compiled in preparation for a discussion with the Chief of Staff of the Army's Strategic Studies Group on military culture and change.

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One of the reasons, if not THE reason, that we struggled to accomplish our objectives in Afghanistan is that we applied an industrial-era approach to the way we conceptualize planning and operations.

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A status quo protected by restraints and incentive structures can only be affected by disruption.

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Disruption or status quo leadership from CJCS?

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It does not matter if one shows courage or leadership in Iraq or Afghanistan, if they return to meekly let the military industrial complex’s moral corruption continue.

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If one believes they are in the Clear/Hold phase and they are taking regular casualties, then I believe a change to disruption would make a difference.

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Harnessing the Disruptive Mind of the entrepreneur and investor with the System Mind of the military and government at the tactical and strategic level of special operations.

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BJ Armstrong has been spreading the good word at USNI with a historical case study.

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Ultimately, our current strategy in Afghanistan will prove to be costly and unsustainable.  Can we take a new approach molded by the careful study of our enemy?

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We have no more real control over conflict (or the universe) than anyone else, in fact, sometimes we now have less.  If we cannot control, we must adapt.

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SWJ Editor Peter Munson appears this weekend on CDR Salamander's Midrats radio show.

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Dan Ward asserts that acquisitions take too long.  But no one knows if he is right.

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BG Mark Arnold argues for personnel reforms in an essay in Armed Forces Journal.

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COL Doug Macgregor (Ret) presented this well-received brief to ILE students at Ft Lee.

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A Harvard Business Review blog entry discusses the leaders in our midst.

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How innovative and determined officers in 3rd Marine Air Wing used the iPad to improve close air support in Afghanistan.

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An Air Force officer tenders a letter of surrender.

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Military officers should be intrapreneurs, not entrepreneurs.