defense reform

Journal Article | June 14, 2013 02:30 AM | Comments(2)

A lesson for today’s Army and the next twenty years.

Journal Article | June 12, 2013 02:35 AM | Comments(5)

Sequestration is a once in a generation opportunity to address the changes needed to take the US military to the next level of capability. 

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A PME training module on chess is good for the U.S. military, provides the U.S. military workforce with diverse and transferable skill-sets.

Journal Article | June 10, 2013 02:30 AM | Comments(4)

Our doctrine overlooks the essence of war as a human enterprise.  This article explores how to rectify this within the context of supporting the evolution of the U.S. military towards Joint...

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Shared sacrifice often leads to innovative solutions that make operations more efficient.   This requires openness to bottom-up communication.

Journal Article | May 14, 2013 02:30 AM | Comments(3)

Building a unified foreign policy establishment.

Journal Article | May 7, 2013 02:30 AM | Comments(18)

Why acronyms are ruining shared military understanding.

Journal Article | March 19, 2013 02:30 AM | Comments(0)

Constraint, imagination, and collaboration can produce meaningful innovations.

Journal Article | March 5, 2013 03:30 AM | Comments(23)

When Afghanistan failed, then COIN was seen as having failed too, having proved itself too risky, too time-consuming to justify its extraordinary investment in lives and treasure.

Journal Article | March 4, 2013 03:30 AM | Comments(5)

This article proposes a positive vision for how disruptive junior officers and established senior officers should advance the discussion about improving their services.

Journal Article | February 18, 2013 03:30 AM | Comments(0)

Capo-militaries, by their diverse portfolio of activities, such as the use of sophisticated weapons, logistics, and tactics, have become threats to national and international security.

Journal Article | February 7, 2013 03:30 AM | Comments(1)

Times of crisis can be a brief window of opportunity for large institutional bureaucracies to overcome jurisdictional boundaries and make changes to business as usual. 

Journal Article | January 28, 2013 03:30 AM | Comments(75)

Military historian Martin van Creveld argues that women’s presence in the military is little but an expensive charade.

Blog post | January 6, 2013 10:17 AM | Comments(1)

Tim Kane looks at the military's exsanguination of talent.

Journal Article | December 12, 2012 05:30 AM | Comments(6)

Current strategic guidance documents rely upon catchphrases and hyperbole to defer tough national security decision-making.

Blog post | November 30, 2012 05:19 PM | Comments(18)

Gentile provides an intelligent dissection of Rick's The Generals.

Journal Article | November 9, 2012 10:32 AM | Comments(5)

Ongoing changes in tactics and organization presage a near-term transformation to battalion-based Battle Groups.

Journal Article | October 29, 2012 04:30 AM | Comments(0)

An interview with Janine Davidson.

Journal Article | October 18, 2012 04:30 AM | Comments(6)

People and culture are important – but they are not the only important things. Their importance is relative to the mission and the operational environment.  

Journal Article | October 16, 2012 03:29 PM | Comments(7)

The US Army is finding itself in the difficult position of attempting to redefine itself in a climate of reduced resources. It shouldn't pin its future to peer-to-peer battle.

Journal Article | October 15, 2012 04:30 AM | Comments(2)

Simply put, interagency reformists have failed to understand the environment within which they are proposing change.

Journal Article | October 10, 2012 06:55 AM | Comments(10)

Understanding the great paradox of the U.S. military: the better our conventional capabilities, the more likely we are to face increasingly irregular and asymmetric threats.

Blog post | October 8, 2012 06:54 AM | Comments(13)

Thoughts compiled in preparation for a discussion with the Chief of Staff of the Army's Strategic Studies Group on military culture and change.

Journal Article | October 2, 2012 04:30 AM | Comments(5)

In assessing our “lessons learned” it is vital that the service look forward and not just retrospectively so it does not learn the wrong lessons. 

Journal Article | September 4, 2012 04:30 AM | Comments(65)

Or how to shatter organizational stagnation and identify critical tensions preventing creative thinking and improvisation.