Operationalizing cyber is not about linear thinking and lines of operation.

The emergence of gray tactics in cyber operations, their utility as a political instrument, and reasons that twilight zone conflicts are no longer a mere science fiction fantasy.

Can international law meaningfully distinguish between cyberespionage for national security purposes and economic espionage?

The unrelenting tempo of combat operations at the Corps and below level in the Army creates unique challenges for the execution of Offensive Cyber Operations.

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For naval intelligence to effectively support the Chief of Naval Operation’s new strategy, it must first adapt to the realities of the digital information age.

"Along with the rest of the U.S. government, the Department of Defense depends on cyberspace to function. It is difficult to overstate this reliance."

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The potential for this cyber war in the underworld to expand or to spill out into real world violence is high.

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Our physical world instincts often fail us when thinking about cyberspace.

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Considering an active cyber defense.