criminal insurgency

The Case of Rio de Janeiro: Context, Confrontation Issues and Implications for Brazilian Public Security.

This article was originally published in Spanish as 'Las Pandillas en El Salvador: ¿Un Nuevo Tipo de Insurgencia?' at 'Small Wars Journal'-El Centro on 4 September 2017.

This appears to be the first known incident in the Mexican criminal insurgency in which the TTP of utilizing women and children as human shields has taken place.

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While transnational organized crime elements operating in Latin America may not be engaged in an ideological “terrorist insurgency,” the observed conflict between them and regional states...

Will Mexico’s admittance into the Trans-Pacific Partnership create an even more empowered global criminal network?

SWJ El Centro Fellow John P. Sullivan's paper "From Drug Wars to Criminal Insurgency: Mexican Cartels, Criminal Enclaves and Criminal Insurgency in Mexico and Central America, and their...

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Michael L. Burgoyne argues that U.S. COIN doctrine can be applied to problems in South America.  Sometimes, a more enemy-focused approach is needed, he finds.