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The Syrian civil war has to be understood as a conflict that is surpassing national borders and which can’t be solved by military and diplomatic concentrated on only one small region.

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In civil wars like Syria’s, strength is not necessarily a product of popularity; often strength actually produces popularity because compliance is more important than winning hearts and minds.

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Syria is already in crisis but the death or departure of President Bashar al-Asad is likely to intensify violence and destruction in the country, not quell it.

Regardless of whether Britain and France arm the rebels, Syria faces more challenges than Assad’s rule. An interview with Nathaniel Rosenblatt from Caerus Ascociates by Robert Tollast.  

Lebanon's national rejection of returning to civil war coupled with the buoyancy provided by the Lebanese Armed Forces will keep it from sinking into the Syrian abyss.

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Is a major FSA operation underway?

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The war in Syria is entering a critical new phase in which the regime’s lines of communication between its stronghold cities are being seriously threatened.

The Syrian regime’s use of shelling and aircraft are now being complimented with wholesale executions in rebel-controlled neighborhoods.

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Without international intervention, Syria will continue to slip into deeper sectarianism, which is the worst case scenario for Iraq.

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Historians often turn wars and battles into linear sequences outlining casual chains for which the mind has a natural bias.

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Lebanon has a political system, security force, and national memory to weather the current storm. 

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Identity-based conflicts are purposefully incited and strategically prepared by means of targeted mass communication. 

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The Free Syrian Army has taken the fight into Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power, invalidating the regime’s narrative of total control.

Pointer to an interview by frequent SWJ contributor Bob Tollast.

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If we're to face a period of persistent global conflict, then officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.

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A Maoist approach may have produced a more politically meaningful victory with less brutality in the First Congo Civil War.

Without a more unified and coercive strategy from the international community, Assad will likely remain in power for the immediate future. 

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A much bandied about event.

Tyler Hicks' poignant "Bearing Witness in Syria" has drawn attention for a single sentence.

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Lionel Beehner explores the paradox behind terming a conflict a civil war, with an eye to events in Syria.

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Adam Ahmad evaluates the prospect of Bashir al-Assad's survival in Syria.

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Mike Few interviews civil war historian Mark Grimsley, research affiliate at The Ohio State University and author of several books, about reconstruction and insurgency.