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This essay provides the perspective of a Foreign Service Officer who was involved in Vietnam in several capacities, including Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support.

The problem can be summarized as follows: allied troops are better trained and equipped, while local forces enjoy a greater familiarity with the terrain, including above all the population.

The Marines had the fastest rifles in the village of Binh Nghia. It wasn't long until the second fastest belonged to their comrades-in-arms, the Popular Forces.

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Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s epic, 18-hour television series on the war in Vietnam left me feeling the same way that the war did: sad, depressed, disillusioned, and ready for it to end.

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The recent acclaimed Burns-Novick documentary on Vietnam is great cinematic art but poor history.  Unfortunately, it will be generally judged as THE history.

8 May 1986 address by General Volney F. Warner at Saint Anselm College, New Hampshire. Posted here with the kind permission of General Warner.

Scholar and war correspondent Bernard Fall liked to gather information about combat in the field, near the front lines, where the fighting was going on - and he had done a lot of it.

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As shown in a memorable War On the Rocks article, the legacy of the United States’ Counterinsurgency doctrine includes a contentious foundation.

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U.S. vital interests need to be addressed through strong relationships and alliances. The U.S. cannot be content to rely on past goodwill and must actively build and nurture its ties within the...

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Rebuilding our special reconaissance capability.

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If we ignore village life – or try to bend it to our view of what it should be – we will fail in Afghanistan as we did in Vietnam.

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One consistently wrong—but always convenient—prediction has been the improbability of ground wars and the declining utility of ground forces.

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The “U.S. in the Lead” COIN approach usually fails where security force assistance could succeed.

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The Civilian Irregular Defense Group was one of Special Forces’ greatest success stories and by far the greatest example of how to fight unconventional warfare with an economy of force approach.

Knowing the balance between when to exercise power and when to hold back is vital to maintaining America’s strength.

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Those interested in Vietnam, the mechanics of secret peace talks, and the national decision making of several countries will find this an important and historic work.

ESOC identifies, compiles, and analyzes micro-level conflict data and information on insurgency, civil war, and other sources of politically motivated violence worldwide.

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  Will we “learn” the same lessons we learned after Vietnam again? (…and, by the way, what were those lessons?)

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A look at decision-making in Vietnam.

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Pop-centric COIN - where from and where to?

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A review of Lewis Sorley's biography on General Westmoreland.

A new RAND monograph from Ben Connable suggests that all those metrics may not be as metric as they seem.

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Sergio Miller takes an in-depth look at COIN in Malaya

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Ambassador J.R. Bullington, once a foreign service officer serving in the CORDS program in Vietnam, argues that we won the counterinsurgency war in Vietnam.  Harry Summers, where are you?

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Grant Martin offers his thoughts on the rewrite of FM 3-24 and more realistic and sustainable COIN efforts.