Mexican Cartel Note

Two anti-personnel mines (minas antipersonales) were recovered from suspected members of the Cartel del Golfo (Gulf Cartel) in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

This incident has the potential to raise the stakes in the contest between the CJNG and the Mexican state following what is essentially tantamount to a CJNG declaration of war.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #35:  Weaponized Drone/UAV/UAS Seized in Valtierrilla, Guanajuato with Remote Detonation IED (‘Papa Bomba’) Payload

The sniper rifle has become a preferred weapon for cartels since a round can penetrate walls, steel, and the sides of unarmored and even moderately armored vehicles.

This prison riot and resulting massacre is one of the most serious disturbances in a Mexican prison since February 2016.

Mexican Cartel Strategic Note No. 22: Spiritual Appropriation of San Judas Tadeo and Santo Niño de Atocha—Criminal Petitions and Santo Niño Huachicolero.

Mexican Cartel Strategic Note No. 21: Quantifying Conflict in Mexico - Armed Conflict, Hyper-Violent Criminality or Both?

Attacks on journalist and media outlets are mechanisms of intimidation used to dampen or influence reportage in favor of the criminal enterprise and/or corrupt state organs.

This appears to be the first known incident in the Mexican criminal insurgency in which the TTP of utilizing women and children as human shields has taken place.

Mexican Cartel Op-Ed No. 8: Will Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera be tried in Mexico or the United States?

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One of the world's largest and most notorious drug cartels is targeting Hong Kong as it seeks to expand its operations into lucrative new markets.

This tactical note was prompted by discussions and inquiries related to the February 2013 Los Zetas sniper incident.

Singer Jesus “Chuy” Quintanilla is the latest in a string of balladeers and musicians to be killed in Mexico’s drug war.  This time the killing occurred in Texas.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note # 17 : Indications & Warnings (I&W) for Small Caliber Mortar Deployment.

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Grenades are becoming more and more common in Mexico with thousands seized from the gangs and cartels and are becoming an officer safety concern on this side of the border.

Rare photos of receovered cartel car bomb are reminiscent of IEDs found in Iraq.

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Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #13: Man Crucified in Michoacán, Mexico.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #12A:  Lanzagranadas y Lanzacohetes - Tracking The Sources of Mexican Cartels’ RPG7s.

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #12: Forensics of Recovered Weapons from Piedras Negras Tactical Engagement Between Los Zetas and GATE (Grupo de Armas y Tácticas Especiales).

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Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #11A - MG 34 Machine Guns in Mexico : The Guatemalan Connection.

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Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #11: MG 34 Machine Guns Recovered in Nayarit— Hezbollah Arms Transfer Concerns

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Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #10: Claymore Anti-Personnel Mine (and Other Military Hardware) Recovered in Zacatecas.

Mexican Cartel Strategic Note No. 12:  The Spreading Criminal Insurgencies in Mexico: States With U.S. State Department Travel Advisories.

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Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #9: Decapitated Adult Male with Hands and Feet Removed: Found on Side of a Dirt Road Near Marana (Pima County) Arizona.