There is a fleeting opportunity to build upon the stability created by a defeated ISIS, stable Iraq, recovering Syria, strengthened ties with Lebanon and Jordan, and cooperative regional partners.

This paper's intent is to evaluate Israel’s performance in the second Lebanon war by identifying key failures, the causes of those failures, and to draw out lessons learned.

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Part One of this series covered conflicts in Asia that the U.S. military must consider as it turns its focus toward the future. Part Two will investigate two conflicts in the Middle East.

Israel’s defenses against rockets and ballistic missiles provide important strategic benefits to the state, and they may change the face of Middle Eastern warfare in the future.

Lebanon's national rejection of returning to civil war coupled with the buoyancy provided by the Lebanese Armed Forces will keep it from sinking into the Syrian abyss.

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Regional proxy wars between Iran and the Arab Gulf are using Lebanon as their figurative prostitute.

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 “We’ve won the war,” General Dan Halutz boasted.

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What began as an Israeli air campaign rapidly evolved into an extensive ground war of bloody house-to-house battles that the Israelis were ill prepared to wage. 

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Lebanon has a political system, security force, and national memory to weather the current storm. 

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Hezbollah can maneuver through the minefields of Middle Eastern politics and emerge victorious.

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A history and discussion of the Lebanese Shi'a Party of Allah

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In a game of surrepititious steps, whom is grandmother?

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The Lebanese Armed Forces are the strongest institution for national unity.  We should assist them to grow stronger in this mission.

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Frank Hoffman reviews David E. Johnson's Hard Fighting: Israel in Lebanon and Gaza.