Latin America

SOUTHCOM’s diplomatic actions are effective because it can operate at both ends of the spectrum within the realm of coercive diplomacy.

This second Small Wars Journal-El Centro anthology captures the important debate on the crime wars and criminal insurgencies taking place in Mexico and other regions of the Americas.

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“The Family doesn’t kill for money; it doesn’t kill for women... only those who deserve to die, die... [T]his is divine justice.”

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While transnational organized crime elements operating in Latin America may not be engaged in an ideological “terrorist insurgency,” the observed conflict between them and regional states...

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In the first of several installments, we take a look at Iranian and Hizballah activities in Latin America.

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Latin American governments are bringing militaries on the streets to combat gangs and cartels, but at what price?

BBC reports on OAS warning: "Drug Cartels Threaten Latin American Democracy".