Despite regional territorial loses, one pocket of ISIS controlled territory remains intact, increasing its presence along the borders of Israel and Jordan.

This paper's intent is to evaluate Israel’s performance in the second Lebanon war by identifying key failures, the causes of those failures, and to draw out lessons learned.

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The fight against Islamic terror has two faces today, public relations and strategic hokum. The Global Coalition on the Defeat of ISIS meeting illustrates these phenomena.

The Executive Order does nothing to address threats that emanate from countries which view their entire diaspora as composed of free-range intelligence collectors.

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Part One of this series covered conflicts in Asia that the U.S. military must consider as it turns its focus toward the future. Part Two will investigate two conflicts in the Middle East.

If Patriot and Iron Dome made Israelis feel more secure, then they succeeded at their most important task.

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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in the Middle East and South Asia spreads to the world.

Israel’s defenses against rockets and ballistic missiles provide important strategic benefits to the state, and they may change the face of Middle Eastern warfare in the future.

Expect no major changes other than possibly some moderation in positions.

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There are some issues that are too important to remain unsolved.

This fight is different from any that have come before between these two adversaries.

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In the final part of this series, Iraq expert Kirk Sowell shines a light on the country's murky foreign policy.

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The subject of Israel’s relations with Iraq does not make for headline news. If Israel attacks Iran, that could quickly change...

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 “We’ve won the war,” General Dan Halutz boasted.

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What began as an Israeli air campaign rapidly evolved into an extensive ground war of bloody house-to-house battles that the Israelis were ill prepared to wage. 

Are the Iranians nearing an Israeli red line?

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The authors lay out the “courses of action” available to Iran at sea, air, ground, in other countries and by conducting terrorism around the globe.

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A history and discussion of the Lebanese Shi'a Party of Allah

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In a game of surrepititious steps, whom is grandmother?

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One Israeli's view on what's to come.

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Frank Hoffman reviews David E. Johnson's Hard Fighting: Israel in Lebanon and Gaza.

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Michael V. Rienzi lays out possible Iranian responses to a U.S. attack.

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Must reading from this weekend's New York Times Magazine.