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U.S. policymakers must finally and honestly acknowledge that the only clear answer is to directly engage in addressing the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan.

History falls under the realms of highly contested narratives and the Sino-Indian border war is no exception.

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For the U.S. military to restructure and prepare for the future it must look at large formal armies that are currently using proxies to engage in small conflicts that enforce a larger agenda.

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In war of any character, the basic principles are the same, but two sides may fight it differently or interpret the principles differently based on capacity and capability.

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It took the British a full century of trial-and-error to come up with the organization of a stable native army in India, a feat the US believes it has accomplished in less than a decade in...

As India’s ambitions and might grow, attachments to the UN and to UNPKOs are eroding in favor of more hard-headed assessments

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How instability on the subcontinent could rapidly spiral out of control.