Al Qaeda

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Bloom has written an extraordinarily thorough and richly descriptive argument, with a variety of supporting themes.

The author has written an extraordinarily thorough and richly descriptive argument, with a variety of supporting themes.

"Al-Qaeda’s Revenge" is a thoroughly researched and well-presented case study on the evolution of the 3/11 network. 

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This essay is an attempt to assess threats to Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs) and its nuclear security vulnerability.

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The threat exists and continues to operate. But more importantly we must understand that it is waging unconventional warfare and only using terrorism as one of the means of its strategy.

While not democracy in the American image, the Arab Spring has the potential to bring Islamists into conflict with jihadists.

The pressures on Yemen are centrifugal rather than centripetal, by which the power of the center is weakened to the benefit of poles of regional power. These centrifugal forces could make it...

A critical analysis of statements by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri reveal a fragmented and weakened Al Qaeda disguising its internal incoherence and lack of appealing strategic and political...

Some US objectives remain unmet.

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The study demonstrates the naivety of a superpower that allows an alleged ally to receive billions of dollars with which Pakistan financed groups that kill American soldiers almost on a daily basis.

The provision of both financial and development programs in the northern territories of Mali is an effective way to deter vulnerable groups from adhering to AQ ideology.

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Algeria’s bloody siege of the Amenas facility was a necessary first shot in an oncoming regional problem, as groups both criminal and ideological groups seek sources of income...

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Terrorism can and should be defined for the discrete purpose of developing international counterterrorism strategies by countries with common interests and shared objectives. 

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True to its name, Syed Saleem Shahzad’s Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban goes beyond the common misperception of Al-Qaeda as a static organization serving the whims of Osama Bin Laden.

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The challenges facing a military campaign to retake northern Mali.

This fight is different from any that have come before between these two adversaries.

The evolution of al-Qaeda's media strategy.

From the outset, the U.S. treated Al Qaeda as a military objective instead of an organization to be understood, penetrated, and permanently dismantled. 

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In the final part of this series, Iraq expert Kirk Sowell shines a light on the country's murky foreign policy.

Spencer Ackerman provides a good first summation of an extended, coordinated attack that killed the US Ambassador to Libya at the Danger Room blog.

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The killing of this (unprivileged, unlawful) combatant enjoyed ample legal authority under both international and domestic law, and is, as a matter of law and policy, uncontroversial.

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A look at the war and how the administrations have prosecuted it.

Now is the time for the United Nations to harden the edges of their action and provide a new resolution.

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A look back at al Qaeda after 10 years of war.

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The inside story of 9/11 and the war against al Qaida.