As long as states like the Central African Republic are unable to protect their citizens and development workers, the situation will not improve.

Current and prospective investors are fearful of how the situation in the DRC could develop. Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo has become the norm rather than the exception.

SOCAFRICA must understand and operate in the space between war and peace in a complex, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous environment - an environment of adversarial competition.

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A UN departure could cause more than just trouble in terms of quelling rebels. The 20,000 peacekeepers are now a backbone of the nation’s struggling economy.

As contemporary North African societies continue to re-arrange themselves , one of the enduring dilemmas that continues to rise to the fore is what has been described as “the Tuareg question....

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Cann’s book is very much a must read, especially considering the painfully limited Anglophone literature on the Portuguese Overseas War.

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Sudan is the Sub-Saharan country that most resembles those of North Africa, with its shared religion, culture, and language. Will the Arab Spring blow south?

Maintaining official armies in Africa makes little security, political or economic sense. The continent will do better without them altogether

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The only long-term solution to end the LRA’s child soldiering is through a decisive victory, which requires expanded regional and international involvement.

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Miller traces the history of conflict resolution and negotiation during the four Tuareg rebellions in Mali, focusing primarily on the role of ideology.

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Algeria’s bloody siege of the Amenas facility was a necessary first shot in an oncoming regional problem, as groups both criminal and ideological groups seek sources of income...

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In the face of coming cuts, US leaders need to ensure that human rights, values, and ethics training are reinforced in all US funded training.

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For COIN, a trinity of attributes is needed to complement traditional military acumen: analytical intelligence, openness of mind, and broad culture.

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The challenges facing a military campaign to retake northern Mali.

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Many German officers learnt their practice during this war and tactics that were first employed in the fighting against the Hehe became typical for other colonial wars fought by German forces.

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The prevalence of PTSD and mental disorders in weak and failed states is exacerbated by insurgencies, defying efforts break the cycle.

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Iranian inroads in Africa present a potential new front in the Iranian-US cold war.

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A Maoist approach may have produced a more politically meaningful victory with less brutality in the First Congo Civil War.

Andrew Lebovich comments on the situation in Mali.

The death of Malawi's President Bingu wa Mutharika throws the country's stability into question.