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Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence: The Human Dimension

A/AI technologies, both present and future, offer great potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of U.S. Army teams. These systems can take on the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks so that Soldiers can be safer and focus on those tasks that humans must do. As the Army continues to develop such technologies, it must remember that the A/AI is not an end in itself, but rather an aid to allow the Soldier to be more combat effective while remaining ethical in the use of force.

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A Primer on Artificial Intelligence for Military Leaders

This work is the result of the authors’ numerous engagements with senior leaders explaining what Artificial Intelligence is, what it is not, and why there is such hype currently surrounding it for military applications. The lead author is currently leading the effort for the DoD CIO in standing up DoD’s Joint AI Center.

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Plutocratic Insurgency Note No. 7: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pricing Software - Profit Optimization Beyond ‘The Invisible Hand’

Artificial intelligence algorithms built into business applications software is increasingly changing how multinational corporations interface with their customer base.

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