The 21st Century Answer to “Burning their Crops and Salting their Fields”: Interdicting and Destroying The ISIS Financial Network

By Greg Kleponis and Tom Creal

About the Authors

Greg Kleponis is a PhD Candidate with the University of Bolton UK and Researcher for the US Army War College. He was formerly the Senior Advisor to the Afghan Deputy Minister of Interior and Advisor the Ministry of Interior for Security and Training in Iraq. He is a retired USAF Colonel and holds a Masters In Diplomacy from Norwich University and a Master of Laws, LLM in International Criminal Justice from the University of London.

Tom Creal is a Forensic Accountant and Panel Expert to the United Nations for Corruption and Organized Crime. In addition he has been an advisor in a similar capacity to the US Government, The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The Republic of Sierra Leone as well as the Iraqi Government. He is a Certified Public Accountant.