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19 August SWJ Roundup

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Obama Hails ‘Important Progress’ Against Islamic State in Iraq - WP

Obama: Iraqi Kurds, Military Recapture Mosul Dam - VOA

Obama: Iraqis, Kurds Have Control of Mosul Dam After US Airstrikes - S&S

United Nations Begins Major Aid Effort in Iraq - NYT

Iraq Claims Control of Mosul Dam - BBC

Troops in Iraq Rout Sunni Militants From a Key Dam - NYT

US Steps Up Airstrikes in Iraq as Islamists Fall Back from Mosul Dam - S&S

Security of Mosul Dam Critical to Iraq’s Infrastructure - AFPS

'No' From One Iraq Villager Triggered Islamic State Mass Killings - Reuters

Iraq Military Clashes With Militants in Tikrit - AP

UK PM Defends 'Clear' Iraq Strategy - BBC

Britain Says Iraq Campaign Will Last ‘Weeks and Months’ - NYT

Who is the New Iraqi Prime Minister? - UPI

In Iraq and Ukraine, Will History Repeat Itself? - NYT Opinion



In Iran’s Shadow, Many Afghans Favor Keeping Foreign Troops - S&S

Amid Election Impasse, Calls in Afghanistan for an Interim Government - NYT

Hundreds of Taliban Fighters Battle Afghan Forces Near Kabul - Reuters


Ukraine / Russia

Dozens Killed Fleeing Ukraine's Luhansk - VOA

Rebels Killed Dozens in Attack on Refugees, Ukraine Says - NYT

'Refugee Convoy Hit' in East Ukraine - BBC

Ukraine: Dozens Killed in Shelling of Convoy - AP

Merkel, Seeking an End to Conflict in Ukraine, Plans Trip to Kiev - NYT

In Iraq and Ukraine, Will History Repeat Itself? - NYT Opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Obama to Host UN Summit on Foreign Fighters Threat - AP



Breedlove: NATO Would Respond Militarily to Infiltration of Any Member State - S&S

Breedlove Discusses Russian Threats in Europe - AFPS

Thousands of Police Drafted to Protect NATO Summit - AP


US Department of Defense

USS Roosevelt Conducts UAV Testing - AFPS


United States

National Guard Troops Fail to Quell Unrest in Ferguson - NYT

Holder to Travel to Ferguson as US Role Expands - WP

National Guard Called in to Protect Ferguson ‘Command Center’ - S&S

National Guard's Purpose, Role in Ferguson - AP Q&A

The Potential Role of Foreign Policy in 2016 - WP Opinion


United Kingdom

Wikileaks' Assange Seeks Exit From Ecuador London Embassy - VOA

Assange Says He Will leave Ecuadoran Embassy ‘Soon’ - WP

Assange 'To Leave' Ecuador Embassy - BBC



Attacks on Aid Workers Jump Worldwide, Group Says - NYT



Africa Leaders Urge UN to Help Relocate Rwandan Hutu Rebels - VOA

Cameroon Villagers Flee Boko Haram Cross-Border Attacks - VOA

'Horrendous Abuses' by Kenya Police - BBC

Nigeria Makes Gains in Efforts to Contain Ebola - VOA

Liberia Admits Ebola Patients Lost - BBC


Americas / Caribbean

Peru: Fighting Gold Fever, With Military Force - WP


Asia / Pacific

Japan Military Holds Drill as Its Role Expands - AP

Japan Showcases Island Invasion Tactics in Annual Firepower Show - Reuters

US, South Korea Militaries Kick Off Computer Exercise - S&S

Two Tibetans Die After Clash With Chinese - VOA

Australia-Indonesia Spy Rift 'Ends' - BBC

Name of Muslim Group in Burma Goes Unspoken - AP



Russian Court Jails Putin Opponents on Rioting Charges - Reuters

Russia Tests Surface-To-Air Missiles in Military Exercises - Reuters

Turkey Expresses Outrage at Reports of Routine Spying by Germany - NYT

Turkish Anger Over German 'Spying' - BBC

F-15s, Troops From 493rd Deploy to Bulgaria - S&S

New Threats to Democracy in Turkey - NYT Editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Rockets From Gaza and Israeli Response Break Cease-Fire - NYT

Israel Launches Airstrikes After Gaza Rocket Fire - AP

Netanyahu Orders Military to Strike Gaza After Rockets Fired - Reuters

Battle Brewing Over How to Investigate Gaza Conflict - Reuters

Hamas Fighters Show Defiance in Gaza Tunnel Tour - Reuters

Islamic State Recruits at Record Pace in Syria - Reuters

US Completes Task of Destroying Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile - LAT

Syria’s Chemical Arsenal Fully Destroyed, US Says - NYT

Yemeni Victims of US Drone Strike Get Large Payout - WP

IAEA Head Expects Progress by Deadline in Iran Nuclear Inquiry - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Sentences Terrorism Convict to Death - AP

Unidentified War Planes, Explosions in Libyan Capital - Reuters

Unidentified War Planes 'Bomb' Libya - BBC


South Asia

India Cancels Talks After Pakistani Envoy Meets With Separatists - NYT

India Cancels Talks With Pakistan - BBC

India's Modi Seeks Ideas to Replace Soviet-Style Planning - Reuters

Pakistan: Anti-Government Protesters March to Islamabad's 'Red Zone' - VOA

Pakistan Cleric Says His Supporters Will March on Parliament - Reuters

Khan's MPs to Quit Pakistan Seats - BBC

Flooding in Nepal, India Kills Close to 200 - VOA

Sri Lanka Won't Allow UN War Crimes Panel to Visit - AP


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