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1 April SWJ Roundup

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Ukraine / Russia / NATO / Europe

Russia Appears to Pull Some Troops from Ukraine Border - VOA

Russia in 'Partial' Border Pullout - BBC

Russia Announces Withdrawal of a Battalion from Ukrainian Border - WP

Russia Pulls Back a Battalion from Ukraine Border - AP

NATO to Decide New Steps on Ukraine - BBC

NATO Commander Ordered Back to Europe in Response to Ukraine Crisis - S&S

NATO Plans More Support for East Europeans Worried by Crimea - Reuters

Poland, France, Germany Call for Ukraine Conference - Reuters

Kyiv Residents Anxiously Await Report on Maidan Shootings - VOA

Police Hunt Suspect After Shooting Incident Off Kiev's 'Maidan' - Reuters

Russia Raises Some Salaries and Pensions for Crimeans - NYT

On EU Visit, Chinese President Caught in Ukraine Dilemma - VOA

Shutting out Ukraine - WP Editorial

Under Someone Else's Gun - UPI Opinion

Obama is Underestimating Russia - WP Opinion



British Sniper Kills Six Taliban With One Bullet - TT

US Soldier Serves Third Tour in Afghanistan - AFPS

Afghanistan Attacks Leave 18 Dead - BBC

Taliban Abduct Provincial Candidate in Afghanistan - AP

US Seeking Buyers for Old Military Equipment in Afghanistan - AP


US Department of Defense

Military Officials Testify on Sequestration, Readiness - AFPS

Hagel Orders Overhaul of POW/MIA Identification Agencies - AFPS

Hagel: POW/MIA Remains Offices to Be Restructured - S&S

Navy Tightens Screening, Worker Placed on Leave After Norfolk Shooting - VP

Sikorsky to Pay $3.5M Over Claims of Inflated Costs Charged to Army - HC

Hagel Suggests He Favors Tobacco Sales Ban at Military Installations - S&S

For Congress and Pentagon, Budget is a Predictable Battle - WP Opinion

Why Do the Troops Think so Little of Obama? - WP Opinion

Why Does American Literature Ignore Women in Combat Roles? - NYT Opinion


United States

Senate Report: CIA Misled on Interrogations - WP

Senate Report: Torture Didn't Lead to bin Laden - AP

US Appeals Ruling Allows Terror Suspect’s Lawyers to See Secret Files - AP

Release of American Who Spied for Israel Is Raised in Talks - NYT

US Might Release Israeli Spy in Effort to Save Peace Talks - WP

Release of Spy Pollard Once Again Appears Under Debate - LAT

US May Be Considering Release of Spy Pollard - TWB

US 'May Free Israel Spy Pollard' - BBC

Why Care About Pollard? - WP Opinion


United Kingdom

Convicted Marine Blackman's Wife Speaks of Appeal Hopes - BBC



UN Report: World Isn't Prepared for Impacts of Climate Change - VOA

Kerry: Climate Inaction Catastrophic - BBC

Climate Study Puts Diplomatic Pressure on Obama - NYT News Analysis

Climate Signals, Growing Louder - NYT Editorial



Amnesty: 1,500 Nigerians Killed in Boko Haram Violence in 2014 - VOA

Nigerian Army 'Killed Hundreds' - BBC

Blasts Kill 6 in Kenyan Capital - VOA

6 Killed in Blasts in Somali Area of Kenya Capital - AP

Deadly Explosions in Kenyan Capital - BBC

Hague Court Sets New Trial Date for Kenyan President - VOA

Chadian Troops Kill Many in CAR - BBC

UN Chief Warns Against Aiding CAR Militias - Reuters

Uganda Lawmaker Says Government is Limiting Political Space - VOA

Deadly Ebola Virus Sparks Fears in West Africa - VOA

Guinea: MSF Says Ebola Outbreak Unprecedented - BBC


Americas / Caribbean

Mexican Marines Kill Templar Cartel's Leader - AP

Mexican Security Forces Kill Michoacan Cartel Leader - Reuters

Federal Police, Soldiers to Patrol Mexico State - AP

Venezuela 'Clears' Protest City - BBC

Venezuela Orders Landlords to List Homes for Sale - AP

Venezuela Issues ID Cards to Curtail Food Hoarding - AP

Brazil Begins to Open Up About Dictatorship - WP

Brazil President: Country 'Must Remember Military Rule' - BBC


Asia / Pacific

US Warns North Korea on ‘Provocations’ - VOA

China Calls for Calm After Koreas Fire Artillery into Ocean  - VOA

North and South Korea Trade Fire Across Disputed Sea Border - NYT

Koreas Trade Fire Near Disputed Sea Boundary - AP

Unidentified Drone Crashed on South Korean Border Island - Reuters

Philippines Files Case to UN in South China Sea Dispute - BBC

Old US Ship Home to Philippine Marines in China Standoff - AP

Philippines Seizes Vietnamese Fishing Boat - VOA

China Puts Military in Focus of Crackdown - NYT

China's Underground Resistance - Reuters

The Bishop Who Stood Up to China - Reuters

Cambodian Radio Station Supporters Injured in Clashes With Police - VOA

Beefed-up Search for Malaysian Airliner Still Yields Nothing - WP

Japan OKs Easing of Military-Related Exports - AP

Japan Relaxes Arms Export Regime to Fortify Defense - Reuters

UN Court Orders Japan to Halt Whaling Off Antarctica - NYT



France Overhauls Its Government After Voters Rebuke Socialists - NYT

Hollande Replaces French PM After Big Election Losses - VOA

France: Hollande Appoints New PM for 'Fight'- BBC

Is Le Tea Party Brewing in France? - WP

France in New Tack to Fight Roots of Terrorism - AP

Turkey's Main Opposition to Reject Election Result - VOA

Germany Returns WW2 Loot to Poland - BBC

Greece: Athens Bans Protests for EU Meeting - BBC

3 Police Officers Injured in North Kosovo Ambush - AP

Turkey: Prime Minister Erdogan’s Revenge - NYT Editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Kerry in Israel for Talks on Prisoner Release, Extending Peace Talks - VOA

Kerry Returns to Middle East to Push Flailing Peace Talks - Reuters

Dempsey, Gantz Look to Countering Mideast Threats - AFPS

Former Israeli Leader Convicted of Taking Bribes - NYT

Israeli Court Convicts Ex-PM Olmert of Bribery - AP

Russia's Lukoil Says Iraqi Oil Production Shows Mettle - UPI

Al-Jazeera Claims Egypt Charges 'Preposterous' - BBC

3 Jailed Journalists Deny Ties to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - NYT

Tunisia Policemen Jailed for Rape - BBC

East Libyan Rebels Close to Deal to Reopen Ports - Reuters

How Syria's Civil War Threatens Lebanon's Fragile Peace - LAT Opinion


South Asia

Years After Obama Hailed Warming Ties With India, the Temperature Has Fallen - NYT

US Ambassador to India Resigns - BBC

US Ambassador to India Resigns 1 Week Before Vote - AP

Pakistan: Musharraf Charged in Treason Case - BBC

Pakistan’s Ex-Ruler Pleads Not Guilty to Treason Charges - NYT


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