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5 November SWJ Roundup

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British Soldiers 'Posed for Photos' With Insider Killers - BBC

US Troops Stay Vigilant in Combating Insider Threat - S&S Video

Afghanistan and America's Irregular Problem - FP Opinion

Counterinsurgency Was Never About Afghanistan - FP Opinion



Taliban Peace Efforts Continue Despite US Strike - VOA

Pakistan Cabinet to Discuss US Ties - BBC

Taliban Mehsud's Death Risks US-Pakistan Thaw - Bloomberg

Pakistan Court Grants Bail to Musharraf - NYT

Musharraf Step Closer to Release - BBC

Musharraf Could Be Freed From House Arrest - WP

Two-Faced Allies: Pakistan and the US - NYT



Syrian Government Forces Advance Against Rebels - LAT

Syrian Rebels Use Faces of the Dead to Lure the Living - WP

Few Eager to Talk Peace in Syria, but a Mediator Won’t Stop - NYT

Elusive Al-Qaida Leader in Syria Stays in Shadows - AP

UN: Millions More Syrians Need Aid - BBC

UN: 9.3 Million Syrians Need Humanitarian Help - AP

UN: About 40 Percent of Syrians Need Humanitarian Aid - Reuters

Jordan Turning Away Refugees From Syria, Rights Group Says - LAT



Iran, World Powers to Meet Again on Nuclear Issues - VOA

Iran Urges Elimination of All Nukes Ahead of Talks - AP

Scientists, Rights Activists Protest Treatment of Jailed Iranian Physicist - VOA

Iranians Rally Against US, 34 Years After Embassy Takeover - NYT

Protesters Chant 'Death to America' on Hostage Anniversary - LAT

Tehran Rally Shakes Fist at America and Outreach - AP

Nobel Winner Ebadi Urges EU, US to Ban Iran From TV Satellites - Reuters



In Court, Egypt's Morsi Insists He is Still President - VOA

Egypt: Morsi Trial Adjourned After Chaotic Opening Session - WP

Egypt’s Ex-President Is Defiant at Murder Trial - NYT

Egypt: Ex-President Morsi Calls His Trial Illegitimate - LAT

Egypt: Morsi Tells Trial 'I Am President' - BBC

Egypt's Morsi Defiant as His Trial Begins - AP

Voices of Egyptians During and After Morsi's Trial - AP


On War

Future Conflict: Battle After Afghanistan - TA Book Review


US Department of Defense

Air Force Chief: Base Closures, Trimming Ranks Should Be On Table - CSG

Pentagon Toils to Build a Bomber on a Budget - WSJ

Era Ends for Pentagon’s ‘Early Bird’ News Summary - AFPS

At Boot Camp, First Day is the Toughest - DDN

Pentagon Cites Ethics Violations by Security Chief - AP

Feds: Navy Secrets Bought With Hookers, Gaga Tickets - AP

On ‘Building Better Generals’ - Medium Opinion

Can US Keep Up With War Technology? - WP Opinion

The Pentagon Still Needs to Think - TD Opinion

Lessons Learned Building America's New Carrier - DN Opinion

The Air Force's Dilemma: Today vs. Tomorrow - AFM Opinion

Is the Marine Corps Gazette Coming Out Against Amos? - FP Opinion


US Intelligence Community

As US Weighs Spying Changes, Officials Say Data Sweeps Must Continue - NYT

Troubling Disclosures Likely to Change How the NSA Does its Spying - LAT

NSA Chief Likely to Lose Cyber War Powers - TH

Snowden Clemency Appeal Rejected - VOA

Alexander: Media Reports Mischaracterize What NSA Does - AFPS

Google's Schmidt Says NSA Spying Is Outrageous if True - VOA

The CIA “Family Jewels,” Then and Now - FAS

Graphic Artist Challenges National Security Agency - CBS

NSA’s Spying Humiliates Germany, Again - WP Opinion


United States

After LA Airport Shooting, No Easy Answers on Security Strategies - NYT

Holder: Plan to Try 9/11 Suspects in NY Was ‘Right One’ - WP

Military, CIA Compelled Medics to Abuse Detainees, Report Says - LAT

Report Slams US Doctors Involved in Interrogations - AP

US Military Doctors Abetted Prisoner Abuse, Study Says - Reuters

Arming the TSA Is Not a Solution - NYT Editorial


United Kingdom

Police Lose Track of Somalia-Born Terror Suspect - AP

Home Secretary May Defends Terror Control System - BBC

Britain Operating 'Electronic Spy Posts' in Germany - Reuters



Australia Sites 'Hacked Over Spying' - BBC



Human Trafficking Is Crime Against Humanity, Says Vatican Group - VOA



African Leaders Tell Congo Insurgents to 'Renounce Rebellion' - Reuters

DR Congo Says Drives M23 Rebels From Last Strongholds - Reuters

Refugees Flee to Uganda to Escape Renewed DR Congo Violence - VOA

Kenya Charges 4 in Westgate Mall Attack - VOA

Four Charged Over Kenya Westgate Siege - BBC

Rebel Groups From North Mali Agree to Unite - Reuters

Mali Official: 5 Held in French Journalist Deaths - AP

Cooperative Economy Works for Ethiopian Village - VOA


Americas / Caribbean

Mexican Armed Forces Take Over Security in Key Pacific Port - Reuters

Mexico Imposes Military Control Over Seaport - AP

Thirteen Killed in Mexico Shoot-Outs - BBC

Venezuela Envoy: Relations With US Still Frozen - AP

Venezuela Seizing Two Workover Rigs From US Company - Reuters

Colombian Navy in Huge Cocaine Haul - BBC

Brazil Says It Spied on US and Others Inside Its Borders - NYT

Report: Brazil Spied on Embassy Personnel - AP

Nicaragua Ruling Party Seeks to Remove Presidential Term Limits - Reuters

Student Protests Greet US Officials on Haiti Visit - AP

Mexico's Soda Pop Ploy - NYT Opinion


Asia / Pacific

US, Japan, South Korea to Hold Three-Way Talks on North Korea - NTI

China's Nuclear Negotiator Arrives in North Korea - VOA

North Korea: Korean-American Marks One Year in Detention - VOA

N. Korean Sailors Reported Killed in Sinking; South Says No Clash - NYT

N. Korean Naval Vessel Sank Last Month, Killing Sailors - AP

South Korea's Park Highlights Japan Rift - BBC

Opposition Cries Foul as South Korea Moves to Ban Pro-North Party - Reuters

China Tightens Media After Tiananmen Crash - VOA

Extra Sites Opened in Vietnam to Search for Missing US Troops - VOA

Burma Boat Rescue Called Off - VOA

Does China Want a Cold War? - TD Opinion


Central Asia

US Checked in Central Asia - NYT Opinion



NATO, Russia Advance Tech to Search Crowds for Explosives - S&S

Germany: Report of Nazi-Looted Trove Puts Art World in Uproar - NYT

Spanish Judge Seeks UN Action on Franco Victims - Reuters

Violence Mars Election in Kosovo - NYT

Kosovo Leader Says Election Valid Despite Violence - AP

Rethinking German Pacifism - NYT Opinion


Middle East / North Africa

US-Saudi Ties 'Enduring,' Kerry Says - VOA

US-Saudi Rift Papered Over by Kerry Visit - LAT

Kerry Reassures Saudis, Says US Will Step Up Consultations - WP

Kerry Reassures Saudis US Shares Their Goals - NYT

Kerry: US-Saudi Ties Are Enduring - BBC

Saudi Foreign Minister, Kerry Patch Over Relations - AP

Foreign Workers Stay Home to Escape Saudi Visa Crackdown - VOA

Migrant Workers Rounded Up in Saudi Arabia - BBC

Iraq Passes Election Law After Weeks of Debate - Reuters

Yemen: 4 Dead in Renewed Clashes in North - AP

Tunisia: Search for Temporary Premier Suspended - AP

Tunisia's Ruling Islamists, Opposition Suspend Talks Over New Gov’t - Reuters

Libyan Federalists Raise Tensions  - VOA

Heavy Gunfire Heard in Libya's Capital Tripoli - Reuters

Mr. Kerry’s Diplomatic Games in Egypt - WP Editorial


South Asia

Seven Dead in India Rebel Attack - BBC

India Counts Down to Launch of Mission to Mars - AP

Bangladesh Sentences 152 to Death for 2009 Mutiny - LAT

Bangladesh Court Starts Announcing Mutiny Verdicts - AP

Bangladesh Takes Step to Increase Lowest Pay - NYT

Violence Continues in Bangladesh Strike - AP