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Egyptian Authorities Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Chief - VOA

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leader Held - BBC

Egypt Arrests Spiritual Leader of Muslim Brotherhood - WP

Egypt Arrests Brotherhood's Spiritual Leader - AP

Christianity Under Attack as Violence Sweeps Egypt - WT

Egyptian Police Attacked in Latest Violence - VOA

Egypt Police Killed in Sinai Ambush - BBC

Egypt in Tumult as Court Orders Mubarak Freed - NYT

Mubarak May be Released Within Days, Lawyer Says - WP

Egypt May Release Mubarak as He Stands Trial in 2011 Deaths - LAT

Hosni Mubarak, Ex-Egypt Leader, Acquitted of Corruption - WT

Egypt's Mubarak May be Released; 25 Police Killed - AP

Police Killed in Sinai Given Hero's Welcome in Cairo - VOA

Detainee Deaths Renew Concern About Egypt Violence - VOA

Divided on Egypt, Arab Leaders Vie for Influence - WP

Saudis Promise to Aid Egypt’s Leaders, Undercutting US - NYT

Benghazi Aftershocks Affecting US Policy in Egypt - AP

US Reviewing Aid To Egypt - VOA

As US Weighs Response to Crisis, Allies Pick Sides - McClatchy

Hagel: Only Egyptians Can Sort Out Their Country’s Issues - AFPS

EU Debates Aid Cuts to Egypt - VOA

EU Sets Emergency Session on Suspending Aid to Egypt - NYT

EU Diplomats Discuss Response to Egypt Violence - AP

EU Foreign Ministers to Discuss Egypt Wednesday - VOA

African Union Panel to Meet Egypt Officials - VOA

Israel Quietly Maintains Ties with Egyptian Army - AP

Four-finger Salutes as Turks Back Egypt Protesters - VOA

Amnesty International Says Response to Egypt 'Weak' - UPI

Lawyer Expects Egypt's Mubarak to be Freed This Week - VOA

What Egypt Needs - WP Editorial

False Choices on Egypt - NYT Editorial

Cold Calculation in Egypt - CT Editorial

Could Mubarak's Release Help Egypt? - Bloomberg Editorial

Egypt Becoming a Proxy Conflict - WP Opinion

The Egyptian Debacle - NYT Opinion

Applying the Syria Playbook in Egypt? - WP Opinion

America Has No Leverage in Egypt - NYT Opinion

Only Policy Is to Back Egypt's Military - WSJ Opinion

US Has Already Cut Aid to Egypt - TDB Opinion

Egypt in the Rearview Mirror - LAT Opinion

Misdirected Condemnation for Egypt - WT Opinion

Our Egyptian Unrealpolitik - NYT Opinion

Geopolitical Amnesia Concerning the Muslim Brotherhood - UPI Opinion



Afghan President Sacks Attorney General for Secret Taliban Talks - WT

UK Elite Unit in Secret Raids Against Taliban - TT

IED Attacks in Afghanistan Fewer, But Still Deadly - USAT

Private Logistics Hub Fuels Debate Over Excesses in Afghanistan - S&S

Afghan Officials Say 32 Dead in Clashes in West - AP

Afghanistan's Circus Gives Children Fun With a Future - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Army Leaders Give Subordinates 2 Weeks to Cut Staffs, Budgets - AT

Defense Corporate Giants Skimp on R&D - DN

Former CNP Reflects on Navy’s Manning 'Balancing Act' - NT

Senate Questions if Sigonella, Not Mildenhall, Best Place for Ospreys - S&S

Career-Building Programs Aimed at Army Intel Officers - AT

Upgrades Aim to Extend B-52 Bombers' Already Long Lives - LAT

B-1B Lancer Bomber Crashes in Montana - AFPS

B-1 Bomber Out of South Dakota Crashes in Montana - AP

AF LtCol Krusinski Indicted on Assault and Battery Charge - AP

9 Famous American Court Martials - Time

What’s Happening with the Pentagon Budget? - CSIS Opinion


Hasan Court Martial

Judge in Hasan Trial Rules on Admissible Evidence - S&S

Fort Hood Judge Bars Most Motive Evidence - AP

Hasan Breaks Silence to Clarify Testimony, Court Record - S&S

Judge Blocks Emails Between Hasan and Militant Cleric - Reuters


Manning Court Martial

Manning Attorney Asks Judge for Leniency in Sentencing - WP

At Sentencing Hearing, Lawyers for Manning Urge Leniency - NYT

Prosecutor Asks Judge to Give Manning 60 Years - AP


Bales Court Martial

Army Prepares for Afghanistan Massacre Sentencing - AP

Soldier in Afghan Murder Trial Declines to Withdraw Guilty Plea - Reuters

Army: Bales, Wife Laughed About Killing Charges - AP


United States

American AQ Propagandist Calls for Killings of US Diplomats - WT

9/11 Trial Lawyer Criticizes Conditions at Secret Prison - MH

Agents Defend 9/11 Questioning at Guantanamo - AP

The NSA, the Washington Post, and the Administration - LWB Opinion

How Obama Has Abused the Patriot Act - LAT Opinion

The State Department Gets Religion - LAT Opinion


United Kingdom

EU Team to Monitor Gibraltar Border - BBC

European Commission Steps Into Dispute on Gibraltar - NYT

Spain Seeks One-On-One Talks With Britain Over Gibraltar - Reuters

British Anti-Fracking Protesters Scuffle with Police - VOA

Snowden Journalist's Partner Held - BBC

Britain Under Fire Over Detention of Reporter's Partner - VOA

US Given 'Heads Up' on Detention - BBC

UK Reporter's Partner Detention 'Legal' - BBC



Australia Rescues 105 Asylum Seekers off Christmas Island - VOA

More than 100 Rescued after Australia Asylum Capsize - BBC

Is Australia Free Riding on US Defense? - AFR Opinion


United Nations

UN Rights Chief Challenges US and Israel on Drones - AP

At UN, Labor Tensions Mar 10th Anniversary of Iraq Bombing - NYT

UN Chief Says UN Is Changing to Deal With Attacks - AP

The UN Comes After America's Guns - WT Opinion



Forty Journalists, Support Staff Killed in First Half 2013 - Reuters

As the World Slows - UPI Opinion

The Shape of the Global War - PJM Opinion



African Leaders Urge West to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions - VOA

SADC: Sanctions on Zimbabwe 'Should Go' - BBC

US Says Zimbabwe Vote Flawed, Won't Lift Sanctions - Reuters

Concerns Linger Over Zimbabwe's Election - UPI

Nigeria: Boko Haram Leader 'May Be Dead' - BBC

Nigerian Navy Claims to Kill 12 Pirates in Gun Battle - VOA

UN Rights Envoy Headed to DR Congo - UPI

Former Norwegian Soldier Dies in Congo Jail - VOA

Kenyan President Seeks Ally on Trip to China - VOA


Americas / Caribbean

Mexico Vigilante Group Demands Govt Free 44 Members - AP

Mexico Arrests Gulf Cartel Leader - BBC

US Jails Tijuana Cartel Drug Lord - BBC

Leftist Leader Wants to Repair, Not Privatize Mexico's Oil Industry - LAT

Colombia, Rebels Resume Peace Talks in Havana - AP

Colombia's ELN Guerrillas Say Will Release Canadian Hostage - Reuters

Brazilian President Falls in Polls, Talk of a Lula Comeback - WP


Asia / Pacific

Hagel Slates Trip to Southeast Asia - AFPS

Japanese Panel Backs Defense of Islands in Low-Level Conflicts - YS

China’s New Leadership Takes Hard Line in Secret Memo - NYT

Hagel and Chinese Counterpart Meet at Pentagon - S&S

US, China Pledge Heightened Military Cooperation - VOA

Hagel, Chang Seek to Bolster US-China Military-to-Military Relations - AFPS

Cultural Revolution Memories Resurface in China - VOA

China, South Korea to Assess North Korea - UPI

UN Panel Begins North Korea Abuse Probe Hearings - BBC

South Korea, US Begin Annual Joint Military Drills - AP

South Korea Begins US Military Drills - BBC

N. Korea Criticizes S. Korea-US Military Drill in Milder Tone - AP

North Korea Quiet on US-South Korea Military Drill - VOA

Report: Prostitution, Drug Abuse on the Rise in N. Korea - WT

Swiss Ban 'Inappropriate' Ski Lifts for North Korea - VOA

Japan: Radioactive Water Leak at Fukushima - BBC

300-Ton Water Leak From Tank at Japan Nuke Plant - AP

Vietnamese Court Frees Jailed Student Activist - UPI

Malaysian Police Use Old Law to Crack Down on Violent Crime - Reuters

Offshore Control: Can the US Blockade China? - TD Opinion

Why the Philippines Frustrates America - RCW Opinion



Russia's Attack Helicopter Revival - AW

Russia Battles Huge Far East Flood - BBC

4 Officials Convicted of Negligence Over 2012 Russia Flooding - NYT

Swedes Don Headscarves After Assault - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Syria Urges US to Facilitate Peace Talks with Opposition - S&S

US, Russian Officials to Meet in The Hague on Syria - Reuters

Al Qaeda ‘Rat Line’ from Syria to Iraq Turns Back Against Assad - WT

Syrian Kurds Flee War to Neighboring Iraq - VOA

Thousands of Syrians Flee to Iraq; Crisis Feared - WP

Diplomats: Iran May Be Limiting Sensitive Nuclear Stockpile - VOA

Iran Ready to Talk Nukes with EU - UPI

Lebanese Military Put On Alert After Fire From Syria - UPI

Israel Beefs Up Iron Dome - TOI

Palestinian Killed in Clash With Israeli Soldiers - AP

British Envoy to Yemen Back to Work - UPI

Syria Faces a Lost Decade of War - TN Opinion

Syria: The Fog of Chemical War - FP Opinion


South Asia

PM of Pakistan Open to Talks With Taliban - NYT

Pakistan PM Urges Militants to Talk - BBC

Pakistan's Musharraf Charged in Death of Bhutto - VOA

Pakistan: Musharraf Charged Over Bhutto Case - BBC

Former Pakistan Leader Indicted in Bhutto Assassination - LAT

Former Pakistan President Charged in Bhutto Assassination - AP

India Says Pakistan Testing Restraint in Kashmir - VOA

In Indian Kashmir, Angry Youth Flirt With Armed Militancy - Reuters

India Launches Submarines Review - BBC

India Puts Off Failed Satellite Re-launch - BBC

India to Launch Cheap Food Scheme - BBC