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12 August SWJ Roundup

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Dunford: Afghan Security Deal Vital - AP

NATO: 3 Soldiers Killed in Eastern Afghanistan - VOA

Three Coalition Troops Killed in Eastern Afghanistan - S&S

Militants Kill Three NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan - LAT

Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan - BBC

Chinese State Media: 3 Citizens Killed in Kabul - AP

Afghan Police: Chinese Shot to Death During Party - AP

Mystery Surrounds Disappearance of 2 Chinese Nationals - S&S

Deadly Flash Floods Hit Afghanistan - BBC

Storms, Floods Kill 22 Near Afghan Capital - AP

Effects of Lorance Verdict on Combat Decisions to be Seen - FO

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Rotten Way to Quit a War - FT Opinion



Police Put Off Dispersal of Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins - NYT

Police Fail to Start Operation to Disperse Pro-Morsi Camps - Reuters

Pro-Morsi Encampments Fortify for Battle - WP

Morsi Camps Brace for Crackdown - BBC

Egypt Nationalism at Heart of Furor Over Morsi - LAT

Lawless Sinai Shows Risks Rising in Fractured Egypt - NYT

Sinai Air Strike Shows Hair-Trigger Israel-Egypt Security Ties - Reuters

Egypt Claims Aerial Strikes Against Militants in Sinai - VOA

Egypt Army Says 12 Militants Killed in North Sinai - AP

Israel Downplays Sinai Drone Strike Reports - VOA

Grand Imam of al-Azhar Proposes Reconciliation Talks - BBC

Egypt's Affluent Uneasy with Mix of Politics, Islam - LAT

Marx’s Lesson for the Muslim Brothers - NYT Opinion

Egypt's Path to a Better Future - WP Opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Approves New Settlement Homes - VOA

Israel Approves Nearly 1,200 More Settlement Homes - AP

Israeli Settlement Housing Plan Adds to Tensions Ahead of Talks - NYT

New Israel Settlement Homes Anger Palestinians - BBC

Israel's Settlement Building Plans Infuriate Palestinians - LAT

Israel to Free Palestinian Prisoners Ahead of Peace Talks - Reuters

Israel Names Prisoners for Release - BBC

Israel Lists Names of 26 Palestinians to Be Freed - AP

Al Qaeda Claims Eid Holiday Bombings in Iraq - Reuters

US Condemns Iraq Bombing Wave - VOA

US Condemns Iraq Eid Attacks - BBC

Bombings Targeting Iraq Military Kill 5 Soldiers - AP

Gunmen Shoot Lebanese Mayor as Syria War Ignites Rivalries - Reuters

Syrian Rebels on the Offensive in Eastern City - AP

Zimbabwe Denies Uranium Deal With Iran - AP

Suspected Terrorists Kill 5 Yemeni Soldiers - VOA

Gunmen Kill 5 Yemeni Soldiers at Checkpoint - AP

Gunmen Attack Gas Plant in Yemen - BBC

Yemen's Al Qaeda Leader Says Will Free Prisoners - Reuters

USS Nimitz in Bahrain as Embassies Reopen - S&S

Activist: Bahrain Lawyer for Blogger Detained - AP

Start Talks with Iran - WP Editorial

Even If Assad Loses, Iran Gains - TN Opinion

In the Arab World, US is Low on Leverage - LAT Opinion

The Palestinians Build a Settlement - Commentary Opinion


Hasan Court-Martial

Hasan Trial Set to Enter Week Two - AP

Fort Hood Shooting Trial a Test for Military Jury System - LAT

Fort Hood Trial: Vivid Testimony, Quiet Defendant - USAT

Military Panel, Hasan Representing Himself Makes for Rare Trial - UPI

Fort Hood Accused Setting Up Appeal? - UPI

Shooting Victims Press Demands for Terrorism Designation - FP

When Failure Carries No Cost - RCP Opinion

Army Adds Pain for Fort Hood Survivors - FWJG Opinion

Hoodwinked About Fort Hood - SDP Opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Weighs Major COCOM Realignment - DN

System Failure: Anthropologists on the Battlefield - USAT

Money-Shuffling Got Military $1B to End Furloughs - VP

Marine Corps Deploys Ospreys for 1st Time in Support of Presidential Flight - TH

Endangered Species Thrive on US Military Ranges - AP

Propaganda or Information Operations: Words Matter - USAT Opinion


US Intelligence Community / Associated Issues

Snowden’s Father Says He Will Visit Son in Russia - NYT

Snowden's Father Urges Son Not to Accept Deal with US Authorities - TH

Obama Weighs In on Information-Gathering - WP Editorial

What Did Snowden Get Wrong? Everything - LAT Opinion


United States

Embassies Open, But Yemen Stays on Terror Watch - NYT

Post-Benghazi, Obama Plays it Safe with Embassies - AP

Jury Rejects PTSD Defense in Army Veteran's Murder Trial - LAT

Justice Dept. Seeks to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences - NYT

Holder Seeks to Limit Mandatory Prison Sentences for Drug Crimes - WP

Technology Industry Extends a Hand to Struggling Print Media - NYT

Why American Primacy Is Not Assured - TD Opinion

Misjudging al-Qaeda - WS Opinion

3 Reforms for the War on Drugs - SFC Opinion


United Kingdom

Gibraltar: Spain Considers Joint Diplomatic Offensive with Argentina - TT

British Warship Departs for Gibraltar Visit - BBC

Dear Spain: Hands Off Our Rock - TT Opinion



Australian Rivals Clash in TV Debate - BBC

Australian PM Accused of Breaking Debate Rules - NYT



Pope Francis Reaches Out to Muslims - BBC



Mali Votes in Presidential Run-off - VOA

Mali Holding Presidential Run-off - BBC

Malians Return to Polls for 2nd Round of Voting - AP

In Mali’s Election, Dashes of Optimism and Realism - NYT

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to Make Post-Election Speech - BBC

Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF Broke the Law, Says Opposition MDC - VOA

Zimbabwe Denies Uranium Deal With Iran - AP

In Congo, Violence Surges Again - WP

Tribal Clashes Kill 111 in Sudan's Darfur - Reuters

Floods Kill 36 as Thousands Affected in Sudan - AP

Rwandan Opposition Registers Days Before Vote Deadline - Reuters

UK Aid Seized by Somali Militants - BBC

UK Writes Off $744,400 in Somalia Aid to Theft - AP

Liberia Marks Anniversary of Taylor's Departure - AP

South Africa Says Mandela Showing Some Improvement - VOA


Americas / Caribbean

Kerry Trip to Brazil, Colombia Could Be Chilly - AP

US Says It's Working to See Mexican Drug Lord Jailed Again - AP

Freed Mexican Drug Lord's Accomplices Could Soon Walk Free - Reuters

Sudden Flood of Asylum Requests at US/Mexico Border - Breitbart

People Being Told to Use "Key Words" to Cross Border - Fox

Colombia Peace Talks 'Make Progress' - BBC

Argentine Government Loses Ground in Primary Vote - AP

Argentine Primary Delivers Political Slap to Leader Fernandez - Reuters

Righting a Deadly Wrong in Haiti - WP Editorial


Asia / Pacific

Philippines Negotiates Larger US Presence Amid Sea Row - AP

Philippines, US Begin Talks to Increase US Troop Rotations - Reuters

Philippines: Increase in US Troops Not Permanent - AP

Philippines Battered by Typhoon - Reuters

US Man Jailed in North Korea 'Very Ill' - BBC

American Is Moved to North Korea Hospital - NYT

Cambodia's CPP Won Most Provinces in July Election - Reuters

Cambodia Election Crisis Deepens as Opposition Rejects Results - Reuters

Volcano Spews More Hot Ash, Lava in East Indonesia - AP

South China Sea: Chinese Foot-Dragging - NYT Editorial

Arguing Against a Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula - EAF Opinion

North Korea's Next Provocation - TD Opinion



Hagel Pulses Russians on Military Cooperation -

Russian Opposition Leder Navalny Faces 'Foreign Cash' Inquiry - BBC

France Arrests Serviceman Accused of Mosque Plot - AP

French Soldier Arrested for Planning Mosque Attack - Reuters

Spain, France Raid Human Trafficking Ring - VOA

Report: Bundesbank Sees New Greece Bailout in 2014 - AP


South Asia

Pakistan Accuses India of Shelling as Border Tensions Simmer - Reuters

Pakistan Accuses India of Shelling, Killing Man - AP

Curfews Imposed in Indian-Held Kashmir - NYT

Curfews Set in Kashmir Amid Hindu-Muslim Clashes - AP

Toxic Liquor Kills 8 in Southern Pakistan - AP

Mosque Attack Causes Unease in Sri Lanka - AFP

Bangladesh: Rights Group Demands Release of Activist - AP