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9 August SWJ Roundup

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Local Cease-Fire Deals Could Hasten Afghan Peace - USAT

Watchdog for US Reconstruction Funds Not Popular - WP

To American Watchdog on Reconstruction, Bluntness a Weapon - NYT

Bomb Kills 14 as Afghan President Calls for Peace - AP

Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens of Mourners in Pakistan and Afghanistan - NYT

Bomb Kills Afghan Cemetery Visitors - BBC

Marine Sergeant Demoted for Urinating on Dead Taliban Militant - WT

Marine's Rank Lowered for Urinating on Dead Taliban - AP



Al-Qaeda’s Branch Eyes a New Haven - WP

US Yemen Anti-terror Strategy Debated - VOA

Yemen Official: US Drones Kill 12 in 3 Airstrikes - AP

Yemen Drone Strikes Kill 'Militants' - BBC



Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 30 in Pakistan - VOA

Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens of Mourners in Pakistan and Afghanistan - NYT

Bomber Targets Pakistan Police Funeral - BBC

Pakistan: US Orders Diplomats Out of Lahore - VOA

US Orders Most Personnel Out of Consulate in Pakistan - WP

Pakistan: US Withdraws Diplomats from Lahore Consulate - BBC

British Government Issues Alert for Pakistan - UPI



Egyptians Mark Eid With Party Hats and Protests - LAT

Kerry, Ashton Worried About Egypt - UPI

Defying Egyptian Leaders, Morsi Backers Protest - VOA

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Media Boycott in Egypt - UPI

Wife of Egypt's Ousted Leader Makes 1st Appearance - AP

Embassy Row: ‘Ambassador of Evil’ - WT

Egypt on the Edge - NYT Editorial

Egypt Has All the Ingredients for an Insurgency - NBC Opinion



As Foreign Fighters Flood Syria, Qaeda Rise Is Feared - NYT

Rebels Claim Attack on Caravan With Assad - NYT

Syrian Rebels Shell Neighborhood Close to Assad - AP

Syria Denies Attack on Assad Motorcade - VOA

Assad Apears at Mosque After Rebels Claim Attack - WP

UN Chief and Russian Minister Discuss Syria - AP


Benghazi Attack

A Generous Second Coat of the Benghazi Whitewash - WT Opinion

Charges for Benghazi Attack Suspect Open US Options - USN&WR Opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Peace Talks to Resume in Jerusalem Next Week - NYT

Mideast Peace Talks, Round 2, Slated for Aug. 14 - AP

Bill to Resettle Israeli Bedouins Faces Wide Opposition - VOA

Israeli Troops Wounded in Lebanon - UPI

Israel Briefly Closes Airport After Rocket Warning - AP

US and Iran Cautious about Direct Talks - VOA

Launching Site in Iran Raises Missile Worries - NYT

Iran Calls on EU to Drop Sanctions - UPI

Al Qaeda Drives Iraq Toward Chaos - WT

Saudi Arabia Arrests Two on Suspicion of Planning Attacks - Reuters

Rights Group: Wave of Political Assassinations Paralyzes Libya - VOA

Libya's Greatest Security Threat: Porous Southern Border - CSM

Libya's Worst Oil Unrest Since Civil War Stores Up Future Trouble - Reuters

Muslims Celebrate Ramadan End, Strife Casts Shadow - AP

Don't View Iran's President with Rose-Colored Glasses - UPI Opinion

Iran’s Plan B for the Bomb - NYT Opinion

Israel’s Split Personality - NYT Opinion


Husan Court-Martial

Judge: Hasan Can Represent Himself in Fort Hood Shooting Trial - S&S

Lawyers Must Help Fort Hood Accused - BBC

Fort Hood Suspect's Fool of a Lawyer - USAT Opinion


Manning Court-Martial

Naval Officer, Militant Islam Book Author, is Sentencing Witness - AP

Witness in Manning Case Says Leaks Could Help Al Qaeda - NYT

Militant Islam Expert, Testifying at Manning Sentencing Hearing - AP

Manning's Breach Helped al Qaeda Recruiting, Witness Says - Reuters

Expert Questions WikiLeaks' Use to al-Qaida - AP

Expert: Al-Qaida Could’ve Used Leaked Info to Attack US Forces - AP

Manning's Breach Triggered Costly US Army Scramble - Reuters

Soldiers Recall Bloody Mayhem of 2009 Fort Hood Massacre - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Obama Vows to End Across-the-Board Cuts - NYT

Hope of Saving Aircraft Carriers Sinking as Cash Dries Up - VP

Dover Facility Studies War Victims to Aid Future Efforts - NJ

Pentagon Finishing Rules to Curb Sexual Assaults - NYT

DOD Looks for Ways to Scale Back BAH - AT

Amos: Why COIN Is More Relevant Than Ever - DO Interview

Why American Primacy Is Not Assured - TD Opinion

Pentagon Keeps Covering Up Officers' Dirty Laundry - USAT Opinion

4 Extreme Leadership Principles of a Navy SEAL - Forbes Opinion


US Intelligence Community

Critics Question NSA’s Need to Keep Database - WP

NSA Also Searches Content of US Communications - WT

Piercing the Confusion Around NSA’s Phone Surveillance Program - WP

Is NSA Leaker Edward Snowden a Traitor? - VOA

Email Service Linked to Edward Snowden Shuts Down - AP

Breaking Through Limits on Spying - NYT Editorial

Double Talk From the Spymasters - WT Opinion


United States

‘Martyred’ US Muslim Extremists Still Recruiting for al Qaeda - WT

New Vision of al Qaida Rises From US Embassy Closings - McClatchy

US Hails Life Prison Terms for Somali Pirates - VOA

Grand Jury Indicts Two in Boston Bomb Probe - VOA

What Happens During an Embassy Shutdown, Anyway? - FP Q&A

Skepticism Required in Face of Obama's Terror Warnings - WT Opinion

War by Wordplay - WP Opinion

Primer on Losing - WOTR Opinion

How Long Does it Take to Crush a Federal Employee? - Opinion


United Kingdom

Fears in UK Industry of Deep US Defense Cuts - FT

MOD: Gibraltar Visit for Royal Navy Warship is Routine - BBC

British Warship to Visit Gibraltar Amid Border Row With Spain - Reuters

SFO Loses BAE al-Yamamah Investigation Documents - BBC

Senior Mafia Member Arrested in London After 20 Years on Run - Reuters

Wanted Mafia Boss Awaits Judge's Bail Ruling - BBC



Zimbabwe Says 305,000 Voters Rejected - BBC

For Zimbabwe’s Mugabe and Britain, Ties That Bind - NYT

Mega-Party Seeks to Challenge Nigeria’s Rulers - VOA

Oil Giants to Stay Onshore Nigeria Despite Grumbles - VOA

Nigerian YouTube Bribe Police Officer Sacked - BBC

Sudan Thwarting Humanitarian Work - UPI

More Than 300 Killed in South Sudan Fighting - VOA

Central Africa Republic Atrocities Draw ICC Attention - UPI

British Women Attacked With Acid in Zanzibar, Tanzania - BBC

Zambia Official Denies ‘Tarnished’ Country Image - VOA

Gbagbo Son Calls for Ivorian Peace - BBC

Ethiopian Muslims Stage Eid Protests - VOA

Kenyan Airport to Resume Full Operations Friday - VOA

Nairobi's Airport Fire: Looting and Big Tourism Losses for Kenya - LAT

South Arica: Mandela Better, but Still Critical - VOA

President of Tiny Benin Dissolves His Government - AP

Kenya: In an Airport Fire, Flames of Discord - NYT Opinion


Americas / Caribbean

Kerry to Visit Colombia, Brazil Next Week - Reuters

Colombia's Santos Seeks US Clarification on Spying - AP

Colombia's Santos Says FARC Faces Jail, Death Without Peace - Reuters

UN: Colombia Coca Area Drops by 25% - BBC

UN: Colombia Coca Crop Down 25 Percent - AP

Ecuador Soldier Slain in Firefight With Colombians - AP

Ecuador Soldier Killed in Clashes on Colombian Border - BBC

6 Venezuela Soldiers Detained in Student's Killing - AP

Thousands Protest Against Government in Argentina - AP


Asia / Pacific

Japan Protests Over Ships From China in Island Dispute - NYT

Philippines Seek Talks on Expanding US Access to its Military Bases - VOA

US, Philippines to Open Troops Talks - AP

Philippines Peace Negotiators Say Talks Unaffected by Bombings - VOA

Taiwan Lifts Philippines Sanctions - BBC

Taiwan Says Nuclear Plant May Have Leaked Toxic Water - Reuters

China Sacks Top Economic Official - BBC

International Pressure Can Prevent Cambodian Political Stalemate - VOA

OPCON Transfer and the American-ROK Alliance - IINSTP Opinion



US Turns Off Russian Reset Button - WP

Kerry, Hagel to Meet with Russian Counterparts - VOA

Russia: Kremlin Upbeat Over US Defense Talks - UPI

Obama to Keep Pushing Russia’s Putin Over Snowden - WT

Bolton on Russia’s Putin: It’s Time to ‘Cause Him Pain’ - WT

Russia’s Stimulus Plan: Open the Gulag Gates - NYT

Local Russian TV Channel Airs Rare Criticism of Putin - VOA

Greek Premier Promotes Country as ‘Bastion of Stability’ - WP

Obama Says Greece Needs Balance Of Austerity, Growth - VOA

Amid Grief, Ex-Premier Resurfaces in Polish Race - NYT

Russia: Obama's Putin Snub - LAT Editorial

A New Low in US-Russia Relations - WP Opinion


South Asia

US Army Keen to Learn from India's COIN Operations - TOI

India: Pakistan Responsible for Soldiers' Deaths in Kashmir - VOA

Pakistan Calls for Kashmir Ceasefire with India - BBC