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7 August SWJ Roundup

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Terrorism / Counterterrorism

White House Defends Progress Against al-Qaida, Affiliates - VOA

Low-Profile Leader of al-Qaeda Cell at Heart of Terrorism Alert - WP

Messages by Qaeda Chief Spur New Look at His Sway - NYT

US Embassy Closures a Window Into Threat Concern - AP

Al Qaeda Wanted Attack to Change Balance of Power in ME - NBC

Al Qaeda on Rise Despite US Support to Yemen - WT

Yemen Security Blitz as Staff Leave - BBC

Yemen on High Alert - UPI

Yemen Again at Forefront of Fight Against Terror - AP

US Evacuates Yemen Embassy - VOA

US and Britain Withdraw Personnel From Yemen - NYT

Drone Strikes Kill Militants in Yemen; Americans Urged to Leave - CNN

US Warns Citizens to Leave Yemen Amid Terror Alert - BBC

UK Orders Embassy Staff Out of Yemen Due to Threat - AP

US Tells Citizens in Yemen to Leave Immediately - Reuters

Westerners in Yemen Take Extra Precautions - VOA

DOD Aids Reduction of Emergency Personnel in Yemen - AFPS

US Military Evacuates Embassy Personnel from Yemen - S&S

Yemeni Government Chides US Embassy Evacuation - WT

US Authorized Series of Drone Strikes in Yemen - WP

Drone Kills 4 Alleged al-Qaeda Members in Yemen - WP

Drone Strike in Yemen Kills 4 Suspected Al Qaeda Militants - LAT

Al-Qaida Ally in Pakistan Labeled Terrorist by US - UPI

US Blacklists Pakistan-Based Insurgent Leader - AP

A Look at Al-Qaida In Arabian Peninsula - AP

Closing Embassies and the Threat from al Qaeda - CSIS Opinion

Have the Terrorists Won? - LAT Opinion

How We Lost Yemen - FP Opinion


Benghazi Attack

US Charges Libyan Militia Leader in Benghazi Attack - WP

US Charges Libyan Militia Leader in Benghazi Attack - NYT

US Has Filed Charges in Benghazi Attack - LAT

First Charges Filed in Benghazi Attack - AP

Why Benghazi (Still) Matters - CNN Opinion



Leader Says Taliban Will Sit Out 2014 Afghan Election - NYT

Defiant Message Further Dims Afghan Peace Hopes - S&S

Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Vows No Power Grab - BBC

UN Welcomes Afghan Election Measures - UPI

Pakistan Reaches Out to US, India, Afghanistan - VOA

Senators Call for End to Afghan Helicopter Deal - AP



US Senators Press Egyptians to End Crisis - VOA

2 Senators Visit Egypt With Threat on US Aid - NYT

McCain and Graham Push Sides to Seek Reconciliation - WP

Senator McCain Says Egypt Near 'All-Out Bloodshed' - Reuters

McCain on Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo - TDB

Egyptian Government to Say Mediation Failed to End Crisis - Reuters

Egypt Bristles as US Pols Urge Freeing Prisoners - AP

Hagel Continues Dialogue With Egypt’s Defense Minister - AFPS

Fear of Egypt Mediation 'Failure' - BBC

Qatar Says Prisoners Release Key to Resolving Crisis - Reuters

A Muddled Egypt Policy - LAT Editorial



Defense Experts Question Dempsey’s Views on Syria - McClatchy

Syrian Rebels Capture Key Air Base in Aleppo - VOA

Syria Rebels 'Capture Key Aleppo Airbase' - BBC

Syrian Rebels Seize Air Base Near Aleppo - WP

Al Qaida Groups Lead Syrian Rebels’ Seizure of Air Base - McClatchy

Car Bomb Near Damascus Kills 18; Rebels Take Base - AP

Iraq Warns of Terror Threat in Syria - UPI

Jordan Foils Alleged Syrian Arms Smuggling Attempt - AP

UN Chemical Team Getting Ready to Go to Syria - AP

Crackling Over the Radio, Spotter’s Voice Guides Rebels - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Rouhani: Iran Ready for 'Serious' Nuclear Talks - VOA

Iran’s Rouhani Urges 'Serious' Nuclear Talks - BBC

Rouhani: Iran Willing to Participate in ‘Serious’ Talks - WP

Iran’s New President Calls for Nuclear Talks - NYT

Rouhani Says Iran Ready to Resume Nuclear Talks - AP

Iraq Violence: Car Bombs In and Around Baghdad Kill 41- BBC

Car Bombs Kill 36 People in Iraq - AP

Son of Former Saudi Crown Prince Named Dep. Defense Minister - Reuters

Militants Shoot Down Army Helicopter in Yemen, 8 Dead - AP

Bahrain Crackdown Draws UN Concern - UPI

Mass Protests on Tunisian Streets - BBC

Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks: Daring to Fail - NYT Opinion


Husan Court-Martial

Trial of Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood Gunman, Opens After Delays - WP

Defendant in Fort Hood Shooting Case Admits Being Gunman - NYT

Hasan Admits to Deadly Fort Hood Shootings - VOA

'I Am the Shooter,' Hasan tells Fort Hood Court-Martial - CNN

Fort Hood Suspect Admits Shooting - BBC

Fort Hood Gunman Meticulously Planned Attack - AP

Witnesses Recount Hasan's Actions Before, During Shooting - S&S

Fort Hood Trial Turns Bizarre as Shooter Grills Witnesses - Fox

Hasan Says He was 'On Wrong Side' in US Army Uniform - S&S

Key Questions About Fort Hood Shooting Trial - AP

The Victims: Stories of the 13 Killed at Fort Hood - AP

The Government's Insult to Fort Hood Victims - DB Opinion

Ft. Hood Was Terrorism, Not Workplace Violence - CST Opinion


Manning Court-Martial

Manning's Max Possible Sentence Cut to 90 Years - AP

Play About Bradley Manning Wins Drama Prize - AP


US Department of Defense

Troop, Civilian Cuts Likely, Pentagon's No. 2 Says - USAT

Ash Carter Orders OSD Agency Cuts ASAP - BD

Hagel Announces Reduction in Civilian Furlough Days - AFPS

Defense Dept. Cuts Mandated Furloughs From 11 Days to 6 - WT

Hagel Orders Furlough Reduction - S&S

Savings, Reprogramming Enable Furlough Reduction - AFPS

Double Standard: Pentagon Hints Change to Allow Women in Ground Combat - WT

Fiscal Year Recruiting Remains Strong Through June - AFPS

Study: Deployments Not Reason for Increase in Military Suicides - S&S

Study: Deployment Factors Not Related to Rise in Military Suicides - NYT

Fort Bragg Soldier Sentenced to Prison for Embezzlement Scheme - FO

The Painstaking Effort to Recover the 'B-files' - S&S

The Real NCIS: Years of Work and No Promise of closure - S&S

Sinclair Court-Martial: Half of Potential Jurors Dismissed - FO

Congress Finally Getting Wise to JIEDDO - Opinion

Cuts Scuttling the Navy's Surface Ship Comeback - BD Opinion

Strategic Decisions About US Carrier Fleet - ID Opinion

Littoral Combat Ship vs. Iver Huitfeldt-Class - WOTR Opinion

Let Sikh Americans Serve in the Military - WP Opinion


United States

Intelligence Does Little to Boost Image of NSA’s Database - WT

New US Spying Revelations Coming From Snowden Leaks - Reuters

Cape Canaveral Drones Criticized as Costly, Ineffective - OS

Challenges Face Bezos as He Buys Washington Post - AP

Fantasizing Enemies are Friends is a Dangerous Pastime - WT Book Review

Snowden, Manning Exposed Vulnerability of State Secrets - WT Opinion

The Dangers of a Sensationalist Portrayal of Veterans - NYT Opinion

Making Regulations that do More Harm than Good - WT Opinion

US Trade Deficit Slowing Growth, Destroying Jobs - UPI Opinion



Australia Dissolves Parliament Ahead of September Election - UPI



Mugabe Reelection: Economists Predict Bleak Future for Zimbabwe - VOA

Mugabe's Party Vows 'Unique Wealth Transfer' in Zimbabwe - VOA

Botswana Urges SADC to Investigate Zimbabwe Election - VOA

Nigeria's Boko Haram Accused of War Crimes - UPI

Nigeria Acts on US Request for Extradition - VOA

Tribal, Rebel Clashes Wreck Areas in South Sudan - WT

Violent and Chaotic, CAR Lurches Toward Crisis - NYT

Congo Soldiers Tried for Depot Blast - BBC

Protesters in Mali's North Demand Prisoner Release - AP

Uganda Clamps Down on Public Protest - BBC

Burundi ex-Rebel Leaves Hiding - BBC

Sierra Leone Expels Charles Taylor Ally - VOA

Massive Fire Guts Kenya's Main International Airport - LAT


Americas / Caribbean

Head of Small Venezuela Opposition Party Shot Dead - AP

Honduras Drug Gang Shootout Kills 17 - BBC

Seventeen Killed in Drug Gang Fight in Honduras - Reuters

Argentina Renews Falklands Claims Against UK - BBC

Brazil: New Chief Named for Military Police in Rio - AP

Brazil: Dozens of Protesters Occupy Rio's Indian Museum - AP

Radio Journalist Shot to Death in Guatemala - AP

Haiti to Hold Parliamentary Elections This Year - Reuters

Study: UN Should Be Accountable for Haiti Cholera - AP


Asia / Pacific

Japan Unveils Biggest Warship Since WWII -VOA

Japan Unveils 'Largest Warship’ Since WW II - BBC

Japan Builds Largest Warship Since WW II - AP

Japan Urges Suspension After US Okinawa Helicopter Crash - BBC

New Leaks Into Pacific at Japan Nuclear Plant - NYT

Japan Govt to Take Bigger Role in Fukushima Clean-Up - Reuters

China, Russia Stage War Games - UPI

China Protest: Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire at Buddhist Shrine - VOA

No Ties? No Problem as China Courts Taiwan's Remaining Allies - Reuters

Taiwan Defense Minister Quits After Six Days - BBC

Taiwan Defense Minister Quits After Less than Week - AP

Philippines Boosts Patrols Amid China Sea Dispute - VOA

Experts: Philippines' Hamilton-Class Ships 'Worthy' - ANN

Roadside Bomb Wounds 7 Troops in South Philippines - AP

S. Korea Approves $6 Million in Aid for N. Korea - AP

Thai Lawmakers Start Debate on Amnesty Bill - AP

Inquest: 6 Killed by Thai Soldiers During Protest - AP

US Criticizes Vietnam Internet Law - BBC

US Denounces Vietnam’s New Limits on Dissent on Internet - NYT

China’s Salami-Slicing Strategy - WT Opinion

Asia Wants US-China Great Power Competition - RCD Opinion

New China Carrier Highlights Surging Navy - TNI Opinion



Obama 'Disappointed' in Russia's Snowden Decision - AP

Kerry, Hagel to Meet with Russian Counterparts in Washington - VOA

Kerry, Hagel and Russians Will Meet on Issues Imperiling Summit - NYT

Kerry, Hagel to Meet Russian Counterparts - AP

US-Russia Talks Despite Snowden - BBC

Russia Says No Word on September US Talks - UPI

China, Russia Stage War Games - UPI

Russia: Kremlin Critic Moves From Jail to Politics - NYT

Russian Court Trims Oil Tycoon's Jail Term - VOA

German Companies View China, US as Top Cyber Threats - VOA

Norway's Opposition Widens Poll Lead Ahead of September Vote - Reuters

Hungary Gang Jailed for Killing Roma - BBC

Erdogan's Presidential Plans Linked to Turkey's Economic Fortunes - VOA

Court Convictions Deal Blow to Turkey's Military - VOA

Hagel Hosts Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister at Pentagon - AFPS

Malta Refuses to Take in Migrants - BBC

Italy Agrees to Take in Stranded Migrants After Malta Refuses - Reuters

What’s the Point of a US-Russia Summit? - NYT Editorial

Snowden Asylum Shows a Russia Reset Failure - WT Opinion

Expose Russia's Global Spy Network - USAT Opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Reaches Out to US, India, Afghanistan - VOA

India Accuses Pakistan of Killing 5 Soldiers in Kashmir - VOA

Indian Troops Killed in Kashmir - BBC

India Accuses Pakistan of Killing 5 Soldiers Along Border - WP

India Says Attackers in Pakistani Uniforms Killed 5 Troops - Bloomberg

Al-Qaida Ally in Pakistan Labeled Terrorist by US - UPI

US Blacklists Pakistan-Based Insurgent Leader - AP

Attacks Kill 28 People Across Pakistan - AP

Separatists Kill 13 in Southwestern Pakistan - NYT

Pakistan: Karachi Football Blast Kills 11 - BBC

Pakistan: More to Musharraf Legacy than Bhutto, AI Says - UPI

Bangladesh Takes Aim at Grameen Bank - NYT Editorial