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3 August SWJ Roundup

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Scores Killed in 2 Days of Clashes Between Police and Taliban - NYT

US Special Envoy Confident on Afghan Security Pact - VOA

Army Lieutenant Sentenced to 20 Years for Afghan Killings - FO

Army Officer Convicted in Shooting Deaths of 2 Afghans - WP

The Northern Alliance Prepares for Afghan Elections in 2014 - ISW Report



Egypt Braces for Fresh Protests - VOA

Egypt Says It May Shut Entrances to Camps - NYT

Police 'to Blockade Pro-Morsi Camps' - BBC

Egyptian Forces to Cordon Off Protest Sites - AP

Egypt General Has Country Wondering About Aims - NYT

Egypt Army 'Restoring Democracy', Says Kerry - BBC

Kerry: Egypt’s ‘Military Did Not Take Over’ - WS

Kerry Backpedals on Controversial Comment - AP

Egyptians Polarized Over Top Ruling General - VOA

After Morsi, Political Islam Losing Ground in Egypt - SMH

Islamists in Egypt Face Popular Backlash - WP

Violence Spikes Against Egyptian Photojournalists - VOA

Talking with Mohamed ElBaradei - WP Interview

John Kerry’s Confusion - WP Editorial

US Should Cut Off Aid to Egypt - WP Opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Economic Crisis Deepens in Iran Amid Sanctions - WP

Iran’s President-Elect Provokes Furor With Remarks on Israel - NYT

Iran's New President Calls Israel an 'Old Wound' - AP

Iran: Rouhani Laments Jerusalem 'Wound' - BBC

Iran President Elect's Comment About Israel Raises Stir - VOA

Iran's State TV Says Rouhani Misquoted in Israel Remarks - Reuters

Pressed on Syria, Hezbollah Leader Urges Focus on Israel - NYT

Gaza's Hamas Worries as Egypt Turns Cold Shoulder - AP

Syrian Rebel Infighting Kills 12 al-Qaida Fighters - AP

UN Probes Allegations of Rebel Atrocities in Syria - AP

Iraq Sees Highest Monthly Death Toll in 5 Years - AP

Officials: Attacks Kill 8 People in Iraq - AP

Deadly Clashes Between Yemen Troops - BBC

Tunisian Assault on Islamist Rebels - BBC

Obama's Middle East Mess - TNI Opinion

When Will We Mean ‘Never Again’? - WP Opinion

New Iranian President Undertakes ‘Damage Control’ - VOA Opinion

The Attack in Benghazi: Worth Investigating After All - TA Opinion

The Tyranny of the Minority in Israel - NYT Opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Messages by Terror Group, Intercepted, Prompt Alert - NYT

US Warns Al-Qaida Could Strike Embassies, Other Targets - VOA

Security Concerns Prompt Embassy Closings this Weekend - S&S

US Issues Worldwide Travel Alert Due to al-Qaeda Threat - WP

US Cites Qaeda Threat in Warning to Overseas Travelers - NYT

State Dept. Issues Travel Alert, Says Terror Attack Possible - WT

US Issues Worldwide Travel Alert Over Terrorism Threat - LAT

Global Travel Alert for US Citizens - BBC

US Issues Global Travel Alert Due to al-Qaeda Threat - AP

DOS Issues Worldwide Travel Alert Because of al-Qaida Threat - BI

Threat to US Embassies Appears al Qaeda-Linked - Reuters

British Embassy in Yemen to Close - BBC

Drone War Rages on, Even as Administration Talks About Ending It - NYT

Kerry Pledges Early End to Pakistan Drone Strikes - BBC

Obama, Yemen Leader Discuss Counterterrorism, Reconciliation - VOA

The War Against al-Qaeda is Over - WP Opinion


US Department of Defense

Report: Budget Crisis Forcing Major War Plans Review - S&S

Senate Confirms Dempsey for 2nd Term as Joint Chiefs Chairman - S&S

Human Geography - SOTECT

Hasan Sends Writings to Fox News Ahead of Fort Hood Trial - Fox

Fort Hood Suspect Hasan Renounces US Citizenship - AP

Hagel Salutes Dempsey, Winnefeld, Praises AF Secretary Nominee - AFPS

Obama Nominates James to Become Air Force Secretary - AFPS

Senate OKs Haney for Stratcom; Scaparrotti for Korea Command - AFPS

Furloughs ‘No Way to Treat People,’ Carter Says - AFPS

5 Reasons Pentagon Favors Technology Over Forces - Forbes Opinion



US Envoy and Putin Aide Discuss Snowden - NYT

Asylum for Snowden Challenges US-Russia Relations - WP

US Careful Not to Let Snowden Destroy Russia Ties - AP

Snowden Walks Free in Russia to US Anger - AP

Snowden Drops Out of Sight, Kremlin Changes Subject - VOA

Lawyer: Snowden Has Place to Live in Russia - AP

Snowden Not the First NSA Defector - VOA

Obama's Edward Snowden Debacle - IBD Editorial

What Next for Edward Snowden? - LAT Editorial


United States

Court Rulings Blur the Line Between a Spy and a Leaker - NYT

FBI Taps Hacker Tactics to Spy on Suspects - WSJ

Life Sentences Recommended in Deadly Somali Piracy Incident - WP

Jury Recommends Life for 'S/V Quest' Somali Pirates - BBC

Federal Officials Issue New Warning About Anti-Malaria Drug - LAT

US Ambassador to UN Sworn In - VOA

VA Grants Up to One Year of Retroactive Veterans Benefits - AFPS

VA Offering Retro Benefits to Encourage Use of 'Developed' Claims - S&S

Exhibit Recalls Bob Hope, Who Made Troops Laugh - AP

Obama's "No-Cards" Foreign Policy - NYP Opinion


United Kingdom

NSA Pays £100m in Secret Funding for GCHQ - TG



Partial Results Give Zimbabwe's Mugabe Decisive Lead - VOA

Mugabe’s Party Appears Headed for Victory in Zimbabwe - NYT

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Wins Two-Thirds Majority - BBC

Zimbabwe Opposition Faces Massive Election Defeat - LAT

AU: Zimbabwe Vote 'Free and Credible' - VOA

Zimbabwe Opposition Figure Calls for 'Passive Resistance' - VOA

Mali Heads to Presidential Runoff - VOA

Mali Election Heads to Runoff - BBC

Mali: Race Between Former Finance Minister and Pro-French Favorite - NYT

Ex-Guinea Top Officer Charged With Torture - AP


Americas / Caribbean

Mexican City Fines Concert $8,000 on Drug Ballads - AP

Mexico: Methane Gas Build-Up, Spark Caused Deadly Blast - AP

Panama Finds Munitions Aboard N. Korea-Bound Ship - AP

Report: Inmates Control All 24 Prisons in Honduras - AP

UN Concerned About Uruguay Marijuana Bill - BBC

Cuba Says 79% Rise in US Visas for Islanders - AP

Push for Border Control Worries Haitian Vendors - AP


Asia / Pacific

Japan's Troops Long Way From Hitting the Beaches - JT

Japan's Aso Refuses to Resign Over Nazi Comment - AP

US: China Human Rights Continue to Deteriorate - VOA

US: China Targets Activists’ Families, Worsening Abuses - WP

Chinese Journalist Detained in Beijing - NYT

China’s Communist Party Takes Unprecedented Step: Listening - WP

Chinese Defend Contested Islands from Japanese, Online - Reuters

Taiwan Defense Minister Resigns After Corporal's Death - AFP

Taiwan Nuclear Vote Sparks Brawl - BBC

Vietnam Law Bans News Stories From Social Media Sites - VOA

Cambodia Says No Possibility of Joint Investigation into Polls - VOA

How Pentagon's New Strategy Could Trigger War with China - FP Opinion



France to Cut Military Staff by 12% in Six-Year Budget - Reuters

Germany Ends Spy Pact with US and UK - BBC

Germany Nixes Surveillance Pact with US, Britain - AP

UK Seeks Gibraltar Border Assurances - BBC


South Asia

Drone War Rages on, Even as Administration Talks About Ending It - NYT

Kerry Pledges Early End to Pakistan Drone Strikes - BBC