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26 March SWJ Roundup

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Have Americans Forgotten Afghanistan? - TA

Kerry Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan - VOA

Kerry, Karzai Meet to Repair Relations - WP

Kerry in Afghanistan to Prod Karzai on Future Ties - AP

Kerry Meets Again With Afghan President Karzai - AP

US Hands Over Parwan Prison to Afghans Despite Concerns - S&S

Amid Fears of Releases, US Cedes Prison to Afghanistan - NYT

Karzai Has Nothing but Praise for US Upon Prison Transfer - NYT

5 Afghan Police Killed in Suicide Attack - AP

Officials Confirm Deaths of Taliban Leaders in Helmand - AFPS

Most Aussie Troops to Leave Afghanistan This Year - AP

"Mission Accomplished?" - BBC Panorama opinion



Syrian Rebels Advance, Oblivious to Infighting - AP

Blast Wounds Syria Rebel Commander - BBC

Syria's Alkhatib Explains Why He Quit as Rebel Head - Reuters

Activists Urge Syrian Opposition Leader to Drop Resignation - Reuters

Syrian Opposition Takes Syria's Seat at Arab Summit - Reuters

Mortars Hit Central Damascus Square; At Least One Killed - NYT

Jordan Closes Main Border Crossing with Syria - Reuters

UN Reducing International Staff in Damascus - AP

Qatar Emir Seeks U.N. Action on Syria Bloodshed - Reuters

In Syria, America’s Fractured Hopes - WP opinion

Time to Give the Syrian Rebels Air Power - TN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel’s Prisoner X Said to Have Exposed Spies - NYT

Israel to Resume Tax Payments to PA - BBC

Israel Restores Tax Rransfers to Palestinians - WP

Saudi Arabia 'Threatens Skype Ban' - BBC

Oman Sultan Frees Blogger Activists - BBC

Al Qaeda in North Africa Appoints New Chief - WT

Arrest of Anti-Islamist Figures Is Ordered in Egypt - NYT

Egypt Top Prosecutor Orders Arrest of 5 Activists - BBC

Egypt Orders Arrests of Activists - Reuters

Egypt Prosecutor Orders Arrests of Activists - AP

Rise in Egypt Sex Assaults Sets Off Clash Over Blame - NYT

Abducted Israeli, Norwegian Set Free in Egypt - AP

Egypt Extradites 2 Gadhafi-Era Officials to Libya - AP

Libyan Ambassador to US Resigns - WT

Libya FM: Gadhafi Family Granted Oman Asylum - AP

The High Costs of a War with Iran - TNI opinion

Iraq: Was it Worth It? - WT


US Department of Defense

From Iraqi Translator…to US Army Trucker - Time

Consultant Hired to Protect Virginia from Base Closures - VP

Sinclair Returns to Fort Bragg Court this Week with New Lawyers - FO

Top Military Images for 2012 - S&S

Plumbing the Quantico Killings - Time opinion


United States

Espionage Case Illustrates What FBI Calls ‘Insider Threat’ - NYT

Suspect Tied to African, Yemen Militants Pleads Guilty to US Charges - Reuters

Hunt for Bogus War Heroes Uncovers Thousands of Hoaxers - NBC


United Kingdom

Head of UK Domestic Spy Agency to Step Down - AP

Post-Mortem Shows Russian Tycoon Died From Hanging - AP

Glance: Other Russians Whose Deaths Have Rocked UK - AP


United Nations

Rights Groups Slam New UN Arms Trade Treaty Draft - Reuters



Chinese President Hails Ties with Africa on Tanzania Visit - VOA

New Chinese Leader Offers Africa Assurance and Aid - NYT

CAR Rebels Announce Plans for Power Sharing Government - VOA

President of Central African Republic Surfaces in Cameroon - NYT

France Says Troops in Central Africa Kill Two Indian Citizens - Reuters

C. African Republic President Flees to Cameroon - AP

Ethiopia Says Foils Somali Rebel Plot to Seize UN Staff - Reuters

EU Suspends Most Zimbabwe Sanctions - VOA

Zimbabwe Court Frees Rights Lawyer - AP

Armed Men Kidnap 31 Displaced People in Sudan's Darfur - Reuters

Kenya Court: Partial Recount in Presidential Vote - AP

Rwandan Warlord to Appear at International Court - AP

BRICS Raises South Africa's Profile as Economic Gateway - VOA



Falklands Lawmakers: 'No Desire to be Governed by Argentina' - CNN

Venezuelan Leader Warns of Sabotage Plans - AP

Supporters of Guatemalan Ex-Dictator Deny Genocide - AP

Haiti PM: Official Slain in Drive-By Killing - AP

Haiti Splashes Slum With Psychedelic Colors - AP


Asia / Pacific

N. Korea Orders Artillery to Be Combat Ready, Targeting US Bases - NYT

North Korea Puts Artillery Forces at Top Combat Posture - AP

US Wants EU to Put North Korean Bank on Sanctions List - Reuters

A Photo that Makes North Korea Look a Lot Less Scary - WP

Africa Courts, Worries About Chinese - WP

China to Buy 24 Russian Fighters, 4 Subs - BBC

Vietnam Accuses China of Firing on Fishing Boat - AP

Communal Rioting Spreads in Burma - BBC

Worries Over Violence Prompt Shutdown in Burma - NYT

Death Toll From Myanmar Religious Riots Up to 40 - AP

Burma to Relocate Residents of Contested Areas - NYT

Rising Drug Trade Threatens Burma's Aspirations - AP

War in Asia Is Closer than You Think - TT opinion



US Army Europe Training Deployments Survive Budget Ax - S&S

France Not Eager for US-Europe Trade Agreement - NYT

Top EU Official: Cyprus Bank Rescue New Template - AP

Trouble From Cyprus Deal Could Linger for Eurozone - AP

Russian Prosecutors Search Moscow Amnesty International Office - VOA

Russian Authorities Raid Amnesty International Office - NYT

Russia Backstops Cyprus Bailout Despite Anger - VOA

In Italy, Arrivederci to Politics as Usual - WP

Georgian Parliament Curbs Powers of Rival President - Reuters

Conservative Group Wins Macedonia Local Elections - AP

For Cyprus, a Better Bad Deal - NYT editorial


South Asia

Hindu Nationalist to Reset Image in Bid to Lead India - WP

Drama Greets Media at Rape Trial, Most-Watched Case in India - WP

Transition Time in Pakistan - TH editorial