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17 March SWJ Roundup


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For Afghan President, a High Stakes Quest for Sovereignty - WP

Objections to US Troops Intensify in Afghanistan - NYT

Afghans Protest US Special Operators in Wardak - AP

Deal Likely to Keep US Elite Forces in Key Afghan Province - Reuters

US Helicopter Crashes Killing 1 as Losses Mount in Afghanistan - S&S

US Troops, Afghan Police Tour Village in 'Birthplace of Taliban' - S&S

US Aims to Clinch Afghan Deal on Prisoner Transfer - Reuters

Arrest Made in Contract Fraud that Endangered Troops - S&S

The REAL Reason the US Failed in Afghanistan - FP opinion



Assad Issues Worldwide Plea as Top Syrian General Defects - NYT

Syrian General 'Defects to Rebels' - BBC

High-Ranking Syrian General Defects from Army - AP

Syrian General, 20 Soldiers Defect - Reuters

US Caution in Syria Frustrates Some Close US Allies - WP

Syria Expands Use of Cluster Bombs Says HRW - VOA



Struggling to Understand the Iraq War, 10 Years Later - VOA

10 Years On, Iraq Still Grapples with War's Legacy - AP

Iraqi Kurds Mark 25th Anniversary of Halabja Massacre - VOA

Kurds Remember Halabja Gas Attack - BBC

Al-Qaida Affiliate Claims Iraq Ministry Assault - AP

Al Qaeda Claims Assault on Iraqi Justice Ministry - Reuters

A War, Before and After - NYT opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Construction of Jewish Homes Complicates Jerusalem Plan - NYT

Albania Offer for Asylum to Iranian Group Rejected - AP

Saudi Cleric Issues Rare Warning in Call for Reform - Reuters

Egyptians in South Clash Over President's Visit - AP

Libyan Embassy Suspends Work in Cairo After Protest - Reuters

Rebound Marks Stark Contrast With Security in Rest of Libya - WP

Thousands of Tunisians Call for Islamist Government to Quit - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Tensions Simmer at Guantanamo - WP

Arlington National Cemetery to Avoid Furloughs - MCT

45 Years Later, Impact from My Lai Case is Still Felt - S&S

Parris Island Leader Says Women Can Handle Combat - AP

DOD Yet to Release Findings of DMAA Study - S&S


United States

As US Drone Monopoly Frays, Obama Seeks Global Rules - Reuters

Dick Cheney: Serenity of a War Strategist - NYT

Missile Plan Changes May Provide Opening for Talks - AP

Army Veteran Who Helped Many in Iraq Couldn't Escape Demons - AP

An Aging American Legion Fights for Relevancy - NYT

Smart Drones - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain's Cameron Tells Fractious Party to Stay Focused - Reuters


United Nations

NRA Gearing Up to Oppose UN Arms Trade Treaty - WP

Muslim, Western Nations Agree to UN Accord on Women - VOA

UN Body Agrees on Women's Rights Policy - NYT



Rebels in Congo Loyal to Warlord Flee or Give Up - NYT

Rebels Fight Sudanese Government Troops in South Darfur - Reuters

Odinga Challenges Defeat at Kenya's Supreme Court - VOA

Kenyan Court Asked to Order New Election For President - NYT

Odinga Files Kenya Election Appeal - BBC

2 Years Late, Zimbabwe Votes on New Constitution - NYT

Zimbabwe Polls Close on Constitution Referendum - VOA

Zimbabwe Votes on Constitution Plan - BBC

Zimbabwe Votes on Curbs to President's Power - Reuters

Zambian Ex-Leader Banda Summoned in Corruption Probe - Reuters

Slaughter of the African Elephants - NYT opinion



Honduras Police Accused of Death Squad Killings - AP


Asia / Pacific

New China Premier Pledges Strong Ties With US - AP

China's New Premier Seeks 'New Type' of Ties With US - Reuters

China Appoints Foreign and Defense Ministers - VOA

China Approves New Cabinet Members - BBC

China Leaders Pledge Clean Government, Less Waste - AP

Under Xi, China Seeks to Cool Island Row With Japan - Reuters

China Protests: Tibet on Fire, Self-Immolations Rising - TD

Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates Inside China Temple - AP

North Korea Calls UN Sanctions a 'Crime' - VOA

North Korea Tells South to Leave Islands - BBC

UN: 28 Percent of North Korean Children Malnourished - AP



US Cancels Part of Missile Defense That Russia Opposed - NYT

US Cuts Europe Missile Shield Phase - BBC

Russia: The Cossacks Are Back. May the Hills Tremble. - NYT

Italian Lawmakers Elect Speakers, Stable Govt Remains Elusive - NYT

Italian Parliament Elects Center-Left Leaders - AP

Italy Parliament Elects Speakers as Tensions Continue - Reuters

Cyprus Secures Bailout from Eurozone, IMF - VOA

Shock in Cyprus Over Bailout Levy - BBC

Bulgarian Center-Right Hold Lead in March, Poll Shows - Reuters

Bulgaria Will Not Take Lead in Blacklisting Hezbollah - Reuters



Pope Francis Wants 'Church for Poor' - BBC

Pope Explains Name, Urges 'Church for the Poor' - AP

Pope Francis Wants Church to Be Poor, and for the Poor - Reuters


South Asia

Pakistan’s Government Steps Down, a Milestone - NYT

Pakistan's Ashraf Government Makes History - BBC

Pakistan Government Ends Historic 5-Year Term - AP

Pakistan Government Ends Unprecedented Full Term - Reuters

Swiss Woman 'Gang-Raped' in India - BBC

India Police Detain Many Over Swiss Tourist's Rape - AP