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6 March SWJ Roundup


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Taliban Kill 17 Afghan Soldiers in Once-Quiet Region - NYT

General Mattis Says 20,000 Troops Should Stay in Afghanistan - NYT

Kabul Bank Chiefs Jailed for Fraud - BBC

33 Years: Soviet Soldier Found Living in Afghanistan - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Syria Civil War Threatens Cradle of World Cultures - VOA

Kerry Says US Backs Mideast Efforts to Arm Syrian Rebels - NYT

In Qatar, Kerry Gets Mild Lecture on Arming Syrian Rebels - WP

Kerry Highlights Diplomatic Efforts in Syria - VOA

Activists: Syrian Rebels Capture Provincial Governor - VOA

Syrian Planes 'Bomb Rebels in Raqqa' - BBC

Syria Spillover, al-Qaida Strain Iraq Security - VOA

Number of Syrian Refugees Hits 1 Million, UN Says - NYT

Syria’s Education System ‘Reeling,’ UNICEF Says - NYT



VP Biden: US Not Bluffing on Iranian Nuclear Weapons - VOA

Obama Not Bluffing Over Iran Military Threat - TG

Kerry Concedes Iran Moving Closer to Possessing Nuclear Weapon - CBS

Hagel, Barak Discuss Syria, Iran - AFPS

Mattis: Iran ‘Most Significant Threat’ To Regional Stability - AFPS

Netanyahu: Iran Closer to Nuclear 'Red Line' - AFP

IAEA Demands Iran Access - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Reconstruction Failed to Result in Lasting, Positive Changes - WP

Mistakes Made by US in Improvement Projects for Iraq - NYT

Syria Spillover, al-Qaida Strain Iraq Security - VOA

Five Police Die in Iraq Suicide Bomb Attack - BBC

Israeli Bus Line for Palestinians Causes Stir - VOA

Israeli Buses for Palestinians Prompts Accusations of Segregation - WP

Israeli Buses for Palestinians Prompts aAcusations of Segregation - NYT

Yemen Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 12 - BBC

UAE 'Coup Plot' Trial Under Way - BBC

Egypt Security Headquarters Torched - BBC


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Unprepared for Full-Scale Cyberwarfare,Report Warns - WP

Service Chiefs Ask Congress for Fiscal Help - AFPS

Strategic Command: Cuts Could Erode Capabilities - AFPS

Special Ops Chief Hails Restructure, Partnership Progress - AFPS


United States

Senate Committee Approves Brennan as CIA Chief - VOA

Nominee to Lead CIA Clears Hurdle After Release of Drone Data - NYT

Senate Committee Approves Brennan for CIA Post, 12 to 3 - WP

Senate Panel Backs Brennan for CIA - BBC

Belt-Tightening Finally Hits Nukes - WP

UN Rights Advocate Seeks Release of Findings on CIA Detention - WP

Immigration Activists Slam Jeb Bush for Opposing Path to US Citizenship - VOA



Cardinals Signal Careful Pace Toward Vote on Pope - NYT

US Catholics in Poll See a Church Out of Touch - NYT



Sudan: Darfur Rebels Threaten to Disrupt Bashir Visit - VOA

Gunmen Kill 8 in Attacks on Nigerian Bank, Police Station - VOA

Technical Problems Slow Kenya Vote Count - VOA

Voting Monitors Say Kenya Showed Maturit in Balloting - VOA

Kenyan Accused by Rights Court Is Leading Vote - NYT

Kenya Elections: Kenyatta Leads Odinga - BBC

Kenyatta Leads in Kenya’s Election - WP

South Africans Seek Meaning in a Shooting - NYT

Zimbabwe 'Bars' Western Observers - BBC

Guinea Suffering From 'Gridlock Fatigue' - VOA

Senegal to Close Koranic Schools - BBC

Tanzania: New Wave of Albino Attacks Condemned - BBC



Chávez Dies, Leaving a Bitterly Divided Venezuela - NYT

Venezuelan President Chavez Dead at 58 - VOA

Venezuela’s Chavez Dead: A Polarizing Figure Who Led a Movement - NYT

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, Dies at 58 - WP

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Dies Aged 58 - BBC

Venezuelan Expatriates See a Reason to Celebrate - NYT

Social Networks: Mourning and Division After Chávez’s Death - NYT

On Social Networks, Mourning and Division After Chávez’s Death - NYT

Venezuela Probes Indigenous Killing - BBC

Spaniard’s Account of Crash that Killed Cuban Dissident Adds to Mystery - NYT

Venezuela’s Chavez: In the End, an Awful Manager - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

China Makes Increased Military Spending a Top Priority - WP

Chinese Premier’s Parting Words Include Warning - NYT

China to Give Quality of Life Issues More Priority - VOA        

South Korea Warns That North Korea’s Leadership Could Be Target - NYT

UN Resolution to Aim at North Korean Banks and Diplomats - NYT

US Offers Tough New UN Sanctions Against North Korea - WP

US Seeks 'Tough' North Korea Sanctions - BBC

UN to Consider New Sanctions Against North Korea - VOA

North Korea Escalates Threat to Scrap US Truce - VOA

Malaysia: Troops Search Amid Sabah Stand-Off - BBC

Burma Media Law Seen as a Step Backward - VOA

Cambodian Activist Pessimistic as Appeal Hearing Begins - VOA

Former Leader Arrested in Maldives - BBC



Russia: Moscow Police Arrest Suspect in Attack on Bolshoi Director - VOA

Russian Police Say Dancer and Two Others Confess to Bolshoi Attack - NYT

Russia: Bolshoi Dancer Detained Over Attack - BBC

Russia Marks 60th Anniversary of Stalin's Death - AP

Turkey Renews Focus on Ending Its Long Conflict With Kurds - NYT

Italian Police 'Seize Mafia Assets Worth 450m Euros' - BBC

Maryland Guard Partners With Bosnia for Peace, Security - AFPS


South Asia

Pakistan Rejects US Disavowal of Drone Strikes - NYT

India’s Gandhi: No PM Plans - BBC