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28 February SWJ Roundup

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20 Police Officers Killed in 2 Attacks, Including Mass Poisoning - NYT

Taliban Attack Kills 16 Afghans - VOA

10 Afghan Police Officers, Seven Others Drugged and Slain - LAT

Afghan Police Officer Drugs, Kills 17 Colleagues - Reuters

Afghans Worry About International Aid Vacuum - AP



Kerry: Syrian Opposition Needs More Help - VOA

Kerry: US Must Help Counter Aid to Opposition from Extremists - WP

US Offers Training and Other Aid to Syrian Rebels - NYT

US, Europe Move to Expand Role in Syrian Conflict - AP

US to Consider Increasing Aid to Syrian Rebels - VOA

US Plans Medical, Food Aid for Syrian Rebels - Reuters

A ‘New Low’ in Syria’s Violent Civil War - WP

Iraq PM Warns Syria War Could Spread - AP

Oxfam: Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Out of Control - AP

UN Warns of Dire Rise in Refugees From Syria - NYT

Rome Meeting to Condemn Supply of Weapons to Assad Government - Reuters

France’s Hollande to Talk Syria Settlement With Russia’s Putin - AP

Turkey Provides Schools for Syrian Refugee Children - VOA

Washington’s Last Chance to Help Syria - WP editorial

Turkey, the Unhelpful Ally - NYT opinion



Iran Says Nuclear Talks 'Positive' - VOA

Iran: Nuclear Talks 'Positive Step' - BBC

Diplomats Agree to New Nuclear Talks Amid Positive Signals - WP

Iran: Nuclear Negotiations End on Positive Note - AP

Iran Asks Quick Follow-up on New Sanctions Offer - VOA

US Lawmakers Introduce Measure to Toughen Sanctions - NYT

Iran Opposition Group Urges More Security in Iraq - AP

Report: Stuxnet Cyberweapon Older than Believed - AP

'Murder Charge' for Iran ex-Official - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

UN Official Condemns Rocket Attack on Israel - VOA

2 Palestinians in Israeli Jail End Hunger Strike - AP

Bahrain Bans Import of Protest Masks - VOA

Yemen Kidnappers Free Swiss Woman After Qatari Mediation - Reuters

Egypt's Army Tiptoes Through Democracy's Minefield - Reuters

Egypt Confiscates Missiles Smuggled from Libya - AP

Algerian in Jihad Jane Plot Faces US Extradition - AP

Middle East Just Tribes with Flags - FP opinion

Palestinian Abbas Needs an Heir Apparent - LAT opinion



McCrystal's Way of Fighting Modern War - NI book review


US Department of Defense

Hagel Takes Office as 24th Defense Secretary - AFPS

Hagel Promises 'Honest, Direct' Approach as Defense Secretary - S&S

Hagel, in First Day on Job, Warns of Challenges Cuts Pose - NYT

Hagel Pledges Straight Talk, Loyalty to Troops on First Day - WP

Hagel Issues Message to Defense Department Workforce - AFPS

Cuts Would Mean Absorbing More Risk, Press Secretary Says - AFPS

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Demote Pentagon's New Medal - S&S

Case Dismissed Against Aviano IG Convicted of Sexual Assault - S&S

Obama's Dangerous Defense Experiment - LAT opinion

Panetta's Legacy of Keeping Status Quo - JT opinion


United States

Obama, Congressional Leaders to Meet Friday on Sequester - WP

Obama Administration Chooses Cuts to Make its Case - S&S

Spin on Sequester Sometimes Gets Ahead of Reality - WP

ICE Release of Illegal Immigrants Sparks Political Firestorm - WP

This is Your Brain on Sequester - WP opinion



Australia Makes Largest Meth Seizure - BBC



Pope Gives Final Audience - VOA

World Bids Farewell to Pope Benedict - TT

As Pope Says Farewell, Attention Quickly Shifts to Conclave - WP

Thousands Gather for Pope’s Final Public Address - NYT

Benedict Begins Final Day as Pope Before Retiring - AP

Low-Key Departure as Pope Steps Down and Hides Away - Reuters

Pope Legacy: Teacher Who Returned to Church Roots - AP

A Vatican Spring? - NYT opinion



Kerry Urges Africans to Take Over Malian Operations - VOA

Transition in Mali Dominates ECOWAS Meeting - VOA

Deadly Attack on Mali Checkpoint - BBC

Rift Valley Kenyans Fear Repeat of Post-Election Violence - VOA

Carter Center Hopeful of Peaceful Kenya Elections - VOA

Blair Defends Rwanda's Role in Congo - BBC

UN's Ban Tones Down Criticism of Rwanda Over Congo Claims - Reuters

Congo Rebels Sack Political Chief, Splits Undermine Peace Efforts - Reuters

South Africa Economy Sapped by Lower Exports to Europe - VOA



Mexican Towns, Once Frozen with Fear, Now Frozen in Time - LAT

Mexico Says 26,000 People Missing - BBC

Powerful Mexican Teachers’ Leader Accused of Embezzlement - NYT

Mexico Union Leader Charged in Court - BBC

Mexico Plays Hardball in Jailing of Union Boss - AP

Mexican Newspaper Attacked Again by Armed Men - AP

As Castro Era Drifts to Close, a New Face Steps In at No. 2 - NYT


Asia / Pacific

Cuts Would Affect Readiness in Pacific, US Military Leaders Say - S&S

Japan FM Outlines North Korean Strategy in VOA Interview - VOA

North Korea Pledges 'Bitter Hatred for the US' - WP

North Koreans Blame US for Fueling ‘Explosive Situation’ - NYT

New Top Diplomats in China Signal Focus on US, Japan, N. Korea - Reuters

China Says US-Based Hackers Target Its Websites - AP

China Says US Routinely Hacks Defense Ministry Websites - Reuters

Pollution Expected on China's Congress Agenda - AP

Thailand Signs Peace Talks Deal with Muslim Rebels - BBC

Thailand Eyes Peace Talks with Southern Insurgents - AP

Thailand Agrees to Talks With Southern Muslim Rebels - Reuters

Report: Religious Violence Rising in Indonesia - AP

Clashes Over Land Seizures Batter the Police in Burma - NYT

Reporter Fired for Blog on Vietnam's Communist Party Chief - VOA

The China Challenge - WP opinion



Putin Calls for Upgrade of Russian Army - AP

France's Hollande to Raise Human Rights in Russia - Reuters

Danish Opponent of Islam Attacked; Muslims Defend Right to Speak - NYT

Kurdish Rebel Leader Issues Dire Warning for Turkey - VOA

Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Resettled to Turkey - AP

More Turkish Generals Detained Over 1997 Coup - Reuters

Kosovo Turns to US for Help in Talks with Serbia - AP

Foes Want Czech Leader Prosecuted Over Amnesty - NYT

Gridlock Fear Rises in Italy as Comedian Rejects Deal - NYT

Italian President: Forming New Government Can’t Be Rushed - Reuters

Bulgaria President Calls May Election After Protests - Reuters


South Asia

Big Decisions for India Amid Slowing Economy - NYT

India Outlines Challenges to Growth - BBC

India's Budget to Push Growth, Rein in Inflation - AP

Terrorized Ethnic Group to Form Force in Pakistan - AP

Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal to Deliver Third Verdict - BBC

Bangladesh Sentences Islamic Party Leader to Death - AP

Bangladesh Sentences Islamist Leader to Death for War Crimes - Reuters