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25 February SWJ Roundup

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Karzai Orders US Special Forces Out of Eastern Province - VOA

Afghanistan Bars Elite US Troops From a Key Province - NYT

Karzai Orders US Troops Out of Key Province - WP

US Special Forces 'Must Leave' Afghan Region - BBC

Afghanistan: US Special Forces Must Leave Province - AP

Karzai Edict Prompted by Reports - WT

Insurgents Launch 4 Attacks in Afghanistan - NYT

Suicide Bombers Target Afghan Intelligence Agency, Police - CSM

Suicide Bombers Target Afghan Security Forces - AP



Syrian Opposition’s Complaints Shadow Kerry’s First Official Trip - NYT

Kerry Takes Case on Syria to Europe, Mideast - AP

US Scrambles to Salvage Syrian Opposition Talks - AP

US Urges Syrian Opposition to Attend Rome Talks - Reuters

Syrian Rebels Storm Police Academy - WP

Syria Rebels Fight for Police Academy Near Aleppo - AP

Syrian Opposition Says Captures Former Nuclear Site - Reuters

How to Save Syria from Al-Qaeda - TDB opinion

Who Just Started Arming Syria's Rebels? - NOW opinion



Iran's Revolutionary Guard Denies Drone Capture - AP

Iran Reports Death of Revolutionary Guards Officer - AP

Currency Dives, Buying Power of Iran’s Middle Class Too - WP

Iranian Media Criticize Oscar Win for ‘Argo’ - WP

N. Korea Shows Danger of Half-Deal with Iran - Bloomberg opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel, US Successfully Test Anti-Missile System - AP

Palestinians Dispute Israel’s Findings on a Prisoner’s Death - NYT

Israel on Heightened Alert After Death of Palestinian Prisoner - WP

Palestinian Prisoners Observe Inmate Death Protest Fast - AP

Egypt's Vote Won't Calm Turbulent Streets - NYT

Egypt Opposition Divided Over Whether to Boycott Elections - TT

Egypt's Mursi Invites Opposition to Dialogue on Elections - Reuters

Libya Struggles to Build a Military - CSM


US Department of Defense

Littoral Combat Ship Ready for First Overseas Deployment - S&S

Report: Few Women will Qualify for Land Combat - WT

Congress Taking Aim at Military Sexual Assaults - S&S

Pentagon Defends Using Animals to Train Medics to Save Lives - WP

Defense and the Sequester - NYT editorial

What a Defense Secretary Does - WS opinion


United States

White House Details Impact of Cuts on States - WP

White House Ups Rhetoric on Dangers of Sequester - WT

Budget War, Collateral Damage Could be Huge - USAT

Obama, GOP See No Need to Stop the Cuts - AP

Secretary of State Kerry Takes First Foreign Trip - VOA

US Secretary of State John Kerry on First Official Trip - BBC

Kerry Makes First Foreign Trip as Top US Diplomat - Reuters

Kerry Opens First Official Overseas Trip in London - AP

McCain Renews Threat to Hold up Brennan Confirmation to CIA Post - WP

The Manufactured Crisis of Sequester - WP opinion

How Unserious is Obama About National Security? - WP opinion



Nearly 100 Rebels Are Reported Killed in Mali Battle - NYT

Ten Chadian Soldiers Killed Fighting Islamists in Mali - Reuters

African Leaders Sign DR Congo Peace Deal - VOA

DR Congo Peace Accord is Signed - BBC

Congo Neighbors Agree Not to Support Armed Groups - AP

Fighting in Sudan's Darfur Region Kills 51 - Reuters

Sudan: Tribal Fighting in Darfur Leaves 60 Dead - AP

Kenya to Hold Final Presidential Debate Monday - VOA

Kenya: Mombasa Religious Leaders Urge Peace in Kenya Vote - VOA



Raúl Castro Says Current Term as President of Cuba Will Be His Last - NYT

Cuba's Raul Castro to Retire in 2018 - BBC

Cuba's Raul Castro Announces Retirement in 5 Years - AP

Castro's 2018 Retirement Looms for Cuba, Miami - AP

Fidel Castro Attends Cuba Parliament - BBC

Raul's Cuba: Some Tweaks, Same Old Regime - MH opinion

How Mexico Got Back in the Game - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

US Confronts Cyber-Cold War With China - NYT

New Hope for Vatican-China Relations - WP

Park Sworn in as S. Korea President - BBC

New S. Korean Leader Warns North Against Nuclear Pursuits - NYT

South Korea's New President Addresses North's Nuke Test - S&S

First Female S. Korean President Faces N. Korea Crisis - AP

S. Korea's New President Demands North Drop Nuclear Ambitions - Reuters

China's Secret Foreign Policy - MT opinion



Italians Begin to Vote in Two-Day General Election - NYT

Italy Votes in Key General Election - BBC

Merkel Raises Turks’ Hope Of European Union Entry - NYT

Spain Police Arrest 45 in Madrid After Protest - BBC

Serb Ultranationalists Gather for Jailed Leader - AP


South Asia

Two Pakistans, Side by Side - DS opinion

India Can't Shake the Gandhis - FP opinion