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24 February SWJ Roundup

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Car Bomb Hits Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan - AP

US Soldier Shot in Afghanistan Saved by His iPhone - BBC



New Influx of Weapons to Rebels Tilts the Battle Against Assad - WP

Battle for Syria's Aleppo Airport Intensifies - AP

Syrian Opposition Pulls Out of International Talks - VOA

Syria Opposition Boycotts Talks - BBC

Israel Closely Watching Weapons Being Sent to anti-Assad Rebels - McClatchy

Lebanese Villagers in Syria Ride Out the Storm - DS

A Syrian Crackup Looks More Likely - DS opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Admits to Economic Pain - WP

Iran Announces Nuclear Expansion - BBC

Iran Says It Has Found New Deposits of Uranium - Reuters

Iran Says it Has Captured a Foreign 'Enemy Drone' - AP

Settlers in West Bank Shoot Two Palestinians - AP

Palestinians Demand Inquiry Into Death in an Israeli Jail - Reuters

Yemen Security Chief Escapes Gunmen as Three Die in South - Reuters

Egypt Parliament Election Start Moved to April 22 - Reuters

Egypt's ElBaradei Urges Election Boycott - VOA

Tunisian Secularists Protest Against New Islamist PM - Reuters

Hezbollah-Sunni War Is About to Start - NOW opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon to Slow Contractor Payments Ahead of US Spending Cuts - Bloomberg

The Threat to the Ships that Carry the Fight - WT opinion


United States

Sequester’s Big Gamble: How Bad Will the Pain Be? - WP

Hard Realities of Cuts Emerge as Agencies Reveal Details - NYT

Governors Frustrated with Gridlock, Sequestration - WP

Fault-Finding in Washington Grows Intense as Cuts Near - NYT

Analysis: Obama, GOP See No Need to Stop the Cuts - AP

Military Contractors Look for Commercial Uses - AP

Sequestration was Obama’s Idea in the First Place - WT opinion

John F. Kerry Returns to War - WT opinion



France's Military Operation in Mali in 'Final Phase' - BBC

Clashes Erupt in Northern Mali - VOA

Mali's Islamic Radicals Recruiting Child Soldiers at Schools - AP

Chad Army: 13 Chadian Troops, 65 Islamists Killed in Mali - VOA

Chadians Attack Islamists' Mali Mountain Hideout - Reuters

More Fighting Erupts in Sudan's Darfur Region - Reuters

Kenya Cracks Down on Hate Speech Before Elections - VOA

France Warns of Kidnappings, Attack Risk in Benin - Reuters

Djibouti Opposition Denounces Election Results - VOA

Catholic Church Helps Fill a Void in Africa - NYT



Chile's Gen Pinochet 'Tried to Cling to Power' in 1988 - BBC


Asia / Pacific

No Exit: China Uses Passports as Political Cudgel - NYT

North Korea Threatens US Over Joint Military Drill - NYT

S. Korea's New Leader Faces N. Korea Nuke Crisis - AP

US Troops Testing Jungle Skills During Cobra Gold Exercise - S&S



In Russian Politics, it’s Dmitry Who? - WP

Italy General Election Campaign Ends - BBC

Kurdish Militant Leader Signals Turkish Prisoners May Be Freed - Reuters

Cyprus: Gloom and Voter Apathy Tied to Financial Woes - NYT

Vatican Blasts 'Pressures' Ahead of Pope Election - VOA

Vatican: Information Sharing Seen Crucial to Next Pope’s Success - WP

Europe's Crisis Is Far from Over - WSJ opinion


South Asia

Pakistan to Seek Interpol Help in Extraditing Taliban Commander - VOA

Talk of Peace with Pakistan Taliban Angers Victims - AP

Italian Marines Held in India Return Home to Vote - Reuters

Sri Lanka Under Pressure to Probe War Crimes - AP

Bangladesh Students Rally Over War Crimes Trials - AP