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23 February SWJ Roundup

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Panetta: 2014 Drawdown to Begin After Afghan Elections - AFPS

NATO in Talks on Scale of Afghan Role After 2014 Deadline - NYT

NATO Discusses Leaving Troops in Afghanistan Past 2014 - VOA

Up to 12,000 US, Allied Troops for Afghanistan Beyond 2014 - AP

US Denies German Claim Over US Troops in Afghanistan - BBC

NATO Secretary General Pledges New Afghan Mission Post-2014 - AFPS

NATO Ponders Afghan Troop Strength, Official Says - VOA

US, NATO, Mull Afghan Troop Strength After Combat - AP

NATO, Partners Still Considering Size of Post-2014 Force - AFPS

Panetta Favors Larger Afghan Defense Force - S&S

Afghan Aircrews Training to Proceed Without Foreign Aid - S&S

US Drone Strikes Up Sharply in Afghanistan - S&S

Outgoing Commander Cites Progress in Southwestern Afghanistan - AFPS

Coalition Soldier Dies in Afghanistan; First in a Month - S&S

Precision Strike Kills Taliban IED Expert - AFPS



Car Bombing Kills Scores in Syrian Capital - VOA

Massive Car Bomb Rocks Damascus - WP

'Civilians Killed' by Aleppo Rockets - BBC

Scud Missile Attack Reported in Aleppo - NYT

Deadly Bomb Rocks Syrian Capital - BBC

Syrian Opposition to Form Government in Rebel Areas - VOA

More than 200 Kidnapped Syrian Villagers Released - AP

Russia Accuses US of Double Standards Over Syria - Reuters

What's Obama's Plan B for Syria? - WP opinion

Obama Sending Wrong Message on Syrian Lives - Reuters opinion


Middle East / North Africa

IAEA Sees Mixed Signals From Iran in New Nuclear Report - WP

Iran 'Installs Advanced Centrifuges' - BBC

Tortuous Coalition Talks May Force Israelis Back to Polls - VOA

Clashes Over Palestinian Prisoners - BBC

Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces - WP

Third Death in Bahrain Protests - BBC

Gulf Conference Abruptly Cancelled - BBC

Yemen Forces Fire on Demonstrators - BBC

Egypt's Morsi Calls for Parliamentary Elections - VOA

Morsi Calls Egyptian Elections - BBC

Egypt Opposition: Election Will Add to Tensions - AP

Islamist Party in Tunisia Chooses New Prime Minister - VOA

Tunisia Names New Prime Minister - BBC



Air Force General Obama’s Pick for NATO Commander - WP

NATO Meetings Focus on Capabilities, Readiness - VOA

Panetta: Cybersecurity Focus of Next NATO Meeting - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon: Cuts Will Hurt Readiness - WP

Possible Furloughs Could Affect Guard Members Nationwide - AFPS

Drone Pilots Are Found to Get Stress Disorders - NYT

DOD Expands Role of Security Professionals - AFPS

New Troubles for Pentagon’s F-35 Fighter - NYT

Pentagon Grounds Entire Joint Strike Fighter Fleet - S&S

F-35s Grounded as Precaution After Crack Found in Engine Blade - AFPS

US Army General Facing Sex Charges Adding Lawyers - AP

This War Is No Longer Invisible - NYT opinion


United States

Obama: Budget Cuts Can Be Averted - VOA

Labor Unions to Bargain Over Federal Furloughs - WP

State Department Updates Worldwide Caution for US Travelers - VOA

State Department Updates Worldwide Caution for US Travelers - AFPS

White House Unveils New Strategy Against Trade Secret Thefts - VOA

Biden: 'Unacceptable' to Not Take Action on US Gun Violence - VOA

Debate Reveals Divide on US Immigration - VOA

Obama’s Aggressive Deportation Efforts Face Backlash - NYT

Most Charges Dismissed Against ex-Blackwater Execs - AP

Apocalypse Fatigue - WP opinion

Torture, Lies and Hollywood - NYT opinion



Canada Ambassador Says He Feels Slighted by 'Argo' - AP



French, Mali Troops in Gao Push Out Islamist Rebels - VOA

Mali Conflict: 'Many Die' in Ifoghas Mountain Battle - BBC

5 Dead in Mali Suicide Bombing - VOA

Russia Sends Aid to Mali as Fighting Flares - NYT

US Deploys 100 Troops to Niger for Intel Mission - S&S

Africa Command Deploys 100 Service Members to Niger - AFPS

US Opens Drone Base in Niger, Building Africa Presence - NYT

US Troops Deployed to Niger, Military to Set Up Drone Base - WP

UN Says Congo on Brink, Peacekeepers Need to Combat Rebels - Reuters

Kenya 'Hate Leaflets' Discovered - BBC

Many South Africans Live in Constant Fear of Crime - VOA

At 89, Mugabe Sees 'Divine' Mission to Rule Zimbabwe - VOA

Credible Zimbabwe Elections Could Mean End of US Sanctions - VOA

Sierra Leone to Inaugurate President Koroma Friday - VOA

Djibouti in 'Milestone' Election - BBC

Rwandan Deserters 'Held on Island' - BBC



Ex-Mexico Official: List of Missing Doesn't Exist - AP

Mexican Police Charged with Rape - BBC

Venezuela: Will Chavismo outlive Hugo Chavez? - WP

Venezuela: Chavez 'Breathing Problems Persist' - BBC

Cuba's Raul Castro Raises Possibility of Retiring - AP

Soldiers Stole Children During El Salvador's War - AP

UN Rejects Haiti Cholera Claims - BBC

A Chance to Right a Wrong in Haiti - NYT opinion

Why Is UN Praising the Castro Regime? - RCW opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan and United States Reaffirm Their Close Ties - NYT

US, Japan Agree on Approach to Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks - Reuters

On Key US Visit, Abe Vows to Bring Back a Strong Japan - Reuters

Re-enlistment Shows Strong Bond Between US, Japanese Navies - S&S

North Korea, Maritime Disputes, Key Topics in Obama-Abe Talks - VOA

Amid Tensions, US, South Korea to Hold Annual Military Drills - VOA

Foundation to Send More American Students to China - VOA

US Business Group Heading to Burma to Explore Opportunities - VOA

US Must Stop China's Bullying of Japan - RCW opinion



Statistics Show Stuttering 2013 European Recovery - VOA

Bulgaria Sets Early Elections After Government Quits - VOA

Ukraine ex-PM 'Can Return to Prison' - BBC


South Asia

As Burma Opens, India Looks Eastward - BBC

Explosions Rock Southern Indian City, Killing at Least 12 - VOA

Blasts Kill 16 in Southern India City - WP

Pakistan 'Militant Leader' Arrested - BBC

Sunni Leader Arrested Over Sectarian Attacks in Pakistan - NYT

Deadly Clashes Over Bangladesh Bloggers - BBC