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20 February SWJ Roundup

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Attacks on Afghan Government Employees Increase - VOA

UN: Drones Killed More Afghan Civilians in 2012 - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Activists Say Syrian Missile Has Hit Aleppo - VOA

Syria 'Rocket Kills 31 in Aleppo' - BBC

Syrian Army Rocket Kills 19 and Levels Buildings in Aleppo, Rebels Say - NYT

Mortar Rounds Hit Near Syrian Palace as Aleppo Death Toll Mounts - VOA

UN: Syria Needs Grow, Rebel-Held North Out of Reach - Reuters

Syrian Rebels Threaten to Hit Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon - WP

US Inaction Makes Syria Stalemate Worse - TN opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Releases Part of Report on Prisoner X’s Death - NYT

Turkey, Israel Make 1st Defense Deal Since Freezing Ties - VOA

Israel Denies Mystery 2010 Detainee Spied for Australia - AP

Israeli Leader Says Australia Ties Strong - AP

Pakistan Reaches Out to Iran on Energy, Security - VOA

Sunni Protesters Dig In as Tensions Flare in Iraq - AP

Hamas Accuses Egypt of Flooding Gaza Tunnels - AP

EU Blacklisting of Hezbollah Would Disrupt Financing - Reuters

Egypt Struggles to Define 'Free Speech' - VOA

Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali Resigns - VOA

Denied New Government, Tunisian Premier Resigns - NYT

Tunisian PM Resigns After Failing to Form New Cabinet - Reuters

US Must Be Bold on Mideast Conflict - LAT opinion

Israel's 'Prisoner X' Sheds Light on Mossad - DS opinion


US Department of Defense

Gen. John Allen Intends to Retire, Decline Military’s Top Post in Europe - WP

US General Picked for Top NATO Military Post Will Retire - NYT

General John Allen to Retire, Won't Take NATO Nomination - Reuters

Stanley McChrystal Says US Should Reinstitute the Draft - WP


United States

Obama to Press GOP Over Sequestration - VOA

Obama Presses for Sequester Fix - WP

Obama Turns Up Pressure for Deal on Budget Cuts - NYT

Parties Begin Blame Game as Sequester Nears - WP

The Sequester Is Not an Abstraction - NYT opinion



Mali Probes Claims of Atrocities - AP

French Soldier Killed in Mali Clash With Radicals - AP

Sudan Troops Battle Rebels in Border Area - NYT

Sudan: Clashes With Army in South Kill 60 Rebels - AP

Pirates Kidnap Six Foreign Sailors Off Nigeria - Reuters

7 French Tourists Kidnapped in Cameroon - WP

ICC Weighs Sending Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Case to Trial - VOA

Former Ivory Coast President Faces Charges - AP

Zimbabwe NGOs Challenge Government Over Referendum Date - VOA

Commonwealth to Examine Zambia Suspension Petition - VOA

Minnesota Congressman Meets Somali President - NYT



Interpol Targets Timber Traffickers - BBC

US Lawmakers Have Meeting With Cuba's Raul Castro - AP

Cuban Dissident Praises Brazil for Its Freedoms - AP

Chavez Back Home in Venezuela, Still Out of Sight - AP

Activist: 9 Dead This Year in Honduras Land Fight - AP

Grenada holds general election - BBC

How Will Venezuela Go On Without Chavez? - FP opinion


Asia / Pacific

China Linked to Hacking Against US Companies - WP

China Military Unit 'Behind Hacking' - BBC

China Condemns US Hacking Report - BBC

US Ready to Strike Back Against China Cyberattacks - AP

Australia Presses China for Tibet Visit - VOA

China Rejects Philippine UN Mediation Effort - AP

China Faces Pressure to Take Action Against N. Korea - VOA

North Korea Warns South of 'Final Destruction' - AP

Japan Posts Record Trade Deficit - BBC

China’s Cybergames - NYT editorial

Growing Spotlight on China's Cyber-Attacks - TD opinion

Don't Appease Expansionist China - TA opinion



BBC: Red Arrows 'Secure Under Cameron' - BBC

Death of Adopted Russian Toddler in Texas Sets Off Furor in Moscow - WP

Belgium: Diamonds Valued at $50 Million Stolen at Brussels Airport - NYT

Anti-Austerity Strike to Bring Greece to a Standstill - Reuters

Ireland Apologizes to Women of Nun-Run Laundries - NYT

Bulgaria PM to Resign Over Protests - BBC

Turkey Frees 10 Pro-Kurdish Politicians - VOA

Incumbent Wins Easy Victory in Armenia - NYT

Disarmed Europe Will Face the World Alone - FT opinion


South Asia

Pakistan Announces Security Operation After Recent Bombing - NYT

Pakistan Bomb Victims' Burials Begin - BBC

Little Audience for 'Zero Dark Thirty' in Pakistan - AP

Nepal Hopes for End to Political Deadlock - VOA

Maoists Block Deal to Break Nepal’s Long Political Deadlock - NYT

Photos Show Sri Lankan Forces Killed Rebel Chief's Son - Reuters

Trials and Tribulations of India's Military - TD opinion