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19 February SWJ Roundup

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UN Report Shows Fewer Killings of Civilians, Suggesting Shift in War - NYT

Afghanistan Civilian Casualties Fall - BBC

UN: Afghan Civilian Death Toll in Airstrikes Down - AP

Women, Girls Increasingly Victims in Afghan War, UN Says - Reuters

Karzai Officially Bans Afghan Forces From Seeking Airstrikes - AP

NATO Kills Insurgent Behind US Soldier's Death - AP

Senior Pakistani Insurgent Arrested in East - Reuters


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Bulgaria Presses EU to Toughen Stance on Hezbollah - Reuters

Why Drones are Here to Stay - CNN video

A Second Opinion on Drone Strikes - LAT editorial



UN Rights Inquiry Alleges Syrian War Crimes - VOA

UN Rights Panel on Syria Urges War Crimes Charges - NYT

EU Extends Sanctions Against Syria - Reuters

Obama Could Revisit Arming Syria Rebels as Assad Holds Firm - NYT

EU Foreign Ministers Reject Arming Syrian Rebels - WP

EU Opens Way for Direct Aid to Syrian Rebels - Reuters

EU Ministers Reject Arming Syrian Rebels - AP

Britain Could Ramp Up Scale of Security to Syria Rebels - TT

Syrian Rebels Push Offensive for Major Airport - AP

Hezbollah 'Attacked Syrian Villages' - BBC

Russia Sending Planes to Syria to Deliver Aid, Pick Up Citizens - Reuters

Kurdish Refugees Have Mixed Feelings About Syria - AP


Middle East / North Africa

NASA Study Finds Middle East's Water Disappearing Fast - FP

Al Jazeera Criticized for Lack of Independence after Arab Spring - DS

Israel's PM Again Asks for International Action on Iran - VOA

Israel: For Netanyahu, N. Korea Nuclear Test Offers Lesson on Iran - Reuters

Israel's Prisoner X 'Leaked Secrets' - BBC

Palestinians Rally for Prisoners Held in Israel - AP

Protests for Palestinian Hunger Strikers - BBC

Israel to Award Obama Prestigious Medal in Visit - AP

Israel’s Netanyahu Thanks Pope for Deepening Christian-Jewish Ties - Reuters

Iran Scolds World Powers Over Gold Sanctions 'Offer' - Reuters

Iran: Nuclear Talks Are an 'Opportunity' for West - AP

Stung by ‘Argo,’ Iran Backs Conference Denouncing ‘Hollywoodism’ - NYT

Iranian-Backed Militant Group On the Rise in Iraq - WP

Iraq: Al-Qaida Affiliate Claims Baghdad Blasts - VOA

Top Iraq Intelligence Man Killed - BBC

UAE to Buy US-Made Drones in Military Expansion - AP

Kuwait MPs to Quiz Ministers, Risking Tensions - Reuters

Hailed as Model, Yemen Remains Fragile - NYT

UN Warns Yemen Leaders of Sanctions - BBC

Egypt Court Rejects Election Law, May Delay Poll - Reuters

Egypt Sees Weaker-Than-Projected Economic Growth - Reuters

Egypt to Start Rationing Subsidized Fuel in July - Reuters

Fears Grow of Islamic Extremism in Tunisia - VOA

Tunisia Crisis Talks 'Fail', Says PM - BBC

Tunisia PM Fails to Get New Cabinet to Stem Unrest - Reuters

Seeds Sown in Middle East for the Next Revolution - WT opinion

Death of an Iranian General - NYP opinion

Libya: Anxious Whispers in Tripoli - NYT opinion

Collapse of Al Jazeera's Credibility - Commentator opinion


US Department of Defense

Defense Industry Likely to Cut Thousands of Workers - WT

Army Plows Ahead with Troubled War-Zone Program - USAT

Army Effort to Sow Trust Riddled with Problems - USAT

The Wounds are Fake; Lessons Under Fire are Real - VP

F-35 Warplane Costs Driven Up by Production Choice - Reuters

Trial to Begin in Threat that Led to Slayings of Fort Bliss Soldiers - EPT


United States

Leaked White House Proposal Complicates Immigration Reform Effort - VOA

Obama Aide Defends Citizenship Bill - USAT

Pro-Gun Lawmakers Open to Limits on Size of Magazines - NYT

Thousands March on White House to Protest Climate Change - VOA

Hillary Clinton to Make Her Millions on the Speaking Circuit - TT

The Sequester: Abdication then Vacation - WP opinion

Beltway Foreign Policy - NYT opinion

‘Kick-the-Can’ Strategy on Debt Does Nothing to Solve Problem - WP opinion

Obama’s Immigration Ruse? - WP opinion

America: The Land of the Wimps - WT opinion


United Kingdom

UK PM in India Partnership Pledge - BBC

India, UK to Cooperate in Probing Helicopter Deal - AP

Families of Dead British Soldiers Begin Legal Challenge - Reuters



Pope Benedict Faces Crowds, and Vatican Faces Confusion - USAT

Twittersphere, Blessed by Benedict, Loses First Pope - USAT

The Pope’s Muffled Voice - NYT opinion



Killer-Asteroid Alerts Not Far Off - USAT



Islamist Group Claims Kidnapping of Foreigners in Nigeria - VOA

Islamists Claim Nigeria Kidnappings - BBC

Islamist Group Ansaru Claims Nigeria Kidnapping - TT

Nigeria Extremists Claim Abduction of 7 Foreigners - AP

Islamist Group Claims Kidnap of Foreigners in Nigeria - Reuters

Blood Disease Stops Education in Nigeria - VOA

Experts Call for Cultural Action Plan for Mali - VOA

Mali to Hold 'Early July Election' - BBC

EU to Organize Mali Aid Donor Conference in May - Reuters

EU Launches Military Training Mission in Mali - AP

UK Soldiers to Train Forces in Mali - BBC

German Cabinet Approves Mali Mission - AP

US Could Resume Direct Mali Military Aid if Elections Successful - Reuters

US Congressmen in Mali on Fact-Finding Mission - AP

Fighting Breaks Out in Sudan's Blue Nile Border State - Reuters

South Africa Sees Increase in Vigilantism - VOA

South Africa Miners Shot in Clashes - BBC

Anti-Apartheid Leader Forms New Party in South Africa - NYT

South Africa Academic to Form New Party - AP

Firm: 9 South African Miners Injured in Shooting - AP

Ethiopian Rebels Warn Canadian Firm Exploring Oil - AP

European Union Eases Sanctions Against Zimbabwe - VOA

EU Eases Sanctions on Zimbabwe - AP

EU Eases Zimbabwe Sanctions - Reuters

$50k for Info on Journalists' Killers in Somalia - AP

Former Ivory Coast Leader’s ICC Hearing Renews Frustration - VOA

Former Ivory Coast President Faces Charges at ICC - AP

Thousands Mass in Guinea to Demand Graft-Free Vote - Reuters

Playing for an Education in Uganda - VOA



Unabated Violence Poses Challenge to Mexico’s Anticrime Program - NYT

Police Chief of Mexico Border City Is Missing - AP

Mexico's New President Has 56 Percent Approval Rating - AP

With US Help, Costa Rica Toughens Stance in Drug Fight - AP

Chavez Returns to Venezuela from Cuba - VOA

Chávez Returns to Venezuela, Trailing Doubts - NYT

Venezuela’s Chavez Returns from Cuba Cancer Care-  BBC

Ailing Chavez Makes Return to Venezuela - WP

Ailing Chavez Returns to Venezuela From Cuba - AP

Chavez Back in Venezuela, on Twitter With Four Million Followers - Reuters

Chavez's Return to Venezuela Raises Questions - AP

Seven US Lawmakers in Cuba Visit - BBC

US Lawmakers Visit Cuba - AP

US Lawmakers in Cuba to See Raul Castro, Jailed Contractor Gross - Reuters

Cuba's Dissident Blogger Yoani Arrives in Brazil - AP

Cuban Dissident Blogger Met by Small Protests in Brazil - Reuters

Ecuador President Rafael Correa Easily Wins Reelection - LAT


Asia / Pacific

US Firm Links Chinese Army to Cyber Attacks  - VOA

Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against US - NYT

Report Shows China Military Involved in US Hacking - USAT

China Calls US Hacking Allegations 'Groundless' - AP

China Rejects Status as World's Biggest Trader - AP

Chinese Pressured to Reform Gulags - WP

China Boosting Presence in Resource-Rich Antarctica - S&S

European Union Slaps More Sanctions on North Korea - AP

Departing South Korean Leader Warns North Korea - AP

For His Second Act, Japanese PM Plays It Safe, With Early Results - NYT

Muslim Insurgents Launch 50 Attacks in Thailand's Deep South - TT

No Peace in Sight After Violence in Thailand - Time

Rights Groups Back UN Envoy’s Warnings on Burma - VOA

How the US and China Can Avoid War - FA opinion

China: No Country for Old Age - NYT opinion



EU Lawmakers Threaten to Veto Tightened Budget - AP

No Russian Meteor Fragments Found in Icy Lake - VOA

Russian Scientists Say They Found Meteorite Fragments - NYT

Russia: 1 Year Until Olympics, Construction Work Roars Around the Clock - WP

Polish PM Says Cabinet Reshuffle to Be 'Not Big' - AP

Kosovo Marks 5 Years Since Secession, Vows to Join EU, NATO - VOA

Kosovo's Five Uneasy Years of Independence - Atlantic

Pope Resignation Deepens Doubt, Despondency for Italians - Reuters

Alleged Kurdish Extortion Ring: France Charges 11 - AP

Turkish Police Raid Leftist Group After US Embassy Bombing - Reuters

Turkish Police Detain Suspected Leftist Militants - AP

Robbers Seize Gems Worth 350 Million Euros at Belgium Airport - Reuters

Belarus Border Guard Jailed Over Teddy Bear Air Drop - BBC

Exit Poll Says Armenians Re-Elect President Sargsyan - VOA

Cypriot Candidates Woo Kingmaker for Election Run-Off - Reuters

Italy Votes on Its Future - NYT editorial

Preparing for Russia's Collapse - WAJ opinion


South Asia

Militants Attack Government Office in Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan Militants Attack Administrative Compound - NYT

Five Killed as Militants Storm Political Office in Pakistan - TT

China Takes Control of Strategic Pakistani Port - AP

Furious Shia Refuse Pakistan Burials - BBC

Pakistan Shi'ites Demand Protection From Militants - Reuters

Thousands of Shiites Protest 89 Killed in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan Orders Operation After Deadly Bombing - AP

Pakistani Clerics to Boycott Peace Conference - AP

India: Army Resists Efforts to Curb Forces’ Impunity in Border Areas - WP

UK PM in India Partnership Pledge - BBC

India PM Says Sought 'Full Assistance' From UK on Chopper Probe - Reuters

India, UK to Cooperate in Probing Helicopter Deal - AP

India Says 'Too Early' to Look for Foul Play in Rafale Deal - Reuters

Nepal Agrees to Caretaker Government - Reuters

Nepal Parties Agree on Interim PM, New Elections - AP

Clergy Want Int'l Probe on Sri Lanka Civil War - AP

Sri Lanka’s Descent - WP editorial