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18 February SWJ Roundup

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Karzai to Ban Afghan Forces from Requesting Airstrikes - VOA

Karzai to Limit Use of NATO Airstrikes - WP

US-Led Forces Prepared to Comply with Afghan Airstrike Limits - LAT

US Commander Supports Karzai in Limiting Airstrikes - S&S

Sequestration Could Delay Redeployment for Soldiers in Afghanistan - AFPS

US Troop Reduction to Test Afghans - VOA

New Zealand to Keep Military Team in Afghanistan - AP

In Kabul’s ‘Car Guantánamo,’ Autos Languish and Trust Dies - NYT


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

CIA’s Covert Drone Program May Shift Further to Pentagon - S&S

Feds Don’t Know Who is Responsible for Drone Oversight - WT

Brennan Open to Special Court for Drone Strikes - AP

Justice Rolls Slowly in Alleged 9/11 Suspects’ Case - AFPS

About Those Black Sites - NYT editorial

Hezbollah Unmasked - NYT opinion

A Little Fear is a Dangerous Thing - WT opinion

Drone Strikes: What's the Law? - LAT opinion

Who’s Next on Obama’s Drone Hit List? - WT opinion

Drone Strikes: Who's on the 'Kill List' - LAT opinion

Drone Strikes: Beyond Citizenship - LAT opinion



New Hope for Talks on Syrian Conflict Evaporates - WP

Peace Envoy Brahimi Calls for Fresh Talks on Syria - LAT

UN Envoy Backs Syrian Opposition's Call for Talks - AP

UN Presses Syria for Negotiations as Rebels Press Offensive - WP

Hezbollah Fighter, Five Syrian Rebels Killed on Border - Reuters

Israeli Army Takes Wounded Syrians to Hospital - VOA



Iran's Leader Steps Deeper Into Political Fray - AP

Khamenei Denies Iran Seeks Nuclear Weapons - VOA

Iran Could Use UN Talks as Cover to Build Bomb - WP

Iran Plans to Establish New Navy Base - AP

US Congress: Iranian Dissident Group Is Viable Opposition - Reuters

US Lawmakers Meet With Iranian Exiles in Paris - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Car Bombs Hit Shi'ite Areas of Baghdad, Killing Dozens - VOA

Blasts in Baghdad’s Shiite Neighborhoods Kill 21 - NYT

Series of Bombings in Baghdad Area Kill Dozens - AP

Top Iraq Intelligence Man Killed - BBC

Bahrain Says It Dismantled Terrorist Cell - VOA

After Joplin Tornado, UAE Helps Schools ‘Think Big’ - WP

Netanyahu Defends Handling of Prisoner X - NYT

Israel’s Netanyahu Responds to ‘Prisoner X’ Scandal - WP

Israel to Launch Prisoner X Inquiry - BBC

Israeli Premier Defends Israel in Prisoner Scandal - AP

Rivals' Pact in Israel Blocks Netanyahu from Forming Coalition - LAT

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Pleads Not Guilty - NYT

Israel: Ex-Foreign Minister on Trial for Fraud - AP

Israel Politician Lieberman on Trial - NYT

Egypt Soccer Protests Hit Restive Suez Canal City - AP

Egypt: Suez Canal Kept Open In Spite Of Protests - NYT

Egypt Currency Has Further to Fall - Reuters

Egypt President's Son Drops Government Job After Furor - Reuters

Libya: Islamist Militia Edged Out After Attack on US Mission Returns - WP

Libya's Struggle to Deliver Justice Fuels Violence - AP

Libyans Put Aside Woes to Celebrate Uneasy Anniversary - Reuters

Libyan Leader Calls for Unity on 2nd Anniversary - AP

Libya Celebrates Revolution Anniversary - VOA

Libya: Four Christians Arrested in Benghazi - WT

Four Foreigners Arrested in Libya - BBC

24 Convicted in Killing of Moroccan Soldiers - AP

Bahrain’s Hope - WP opinion

Seeds Sown in Middle East for the Next Revolution - WT opinion

Will Obama Take a Detour to Hamas? - WT opinion



Report: Assange Sees Legal Defense in Politics - AP

Westwood Supports Assange on London Catwalk - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Aims Ax to Make a Point with Cuts - WT

Strong Defense Rests on Strong Congress, Panetta Says - AFPS

Panetta Offers Campaign Context for Troop Drawdown - AFPS

Carter: Sequestration Would Demonstrate Failure of Resolve - AFPS

Service Chiefs Describe Sequestration Worries - AFPS

Odierno: Budget Cuts Could Impact Training, Deployment - S&S

Odierno: Army Will Lose 100,000 Soldiers Under Defense Cuts - WT

Navy Paints Dire Picture of Weakened US Fleet - VP

Langley Air Show Canceled Over Sequestration Threat - VP

Senate Republicans Block Vote on Hagel - VOA

Key US Lawmaker Predicts Eventual Hagel Confirmation - VOA

Obama Nominee for Defense Likely to Get Confirmed - Reuters

Building Partner Capacity Serves US Interests, Officials Say - AFPS

Mali’s Lessons Inform Future Partnership Efforts, Official Says - AFPS

Centcom, Africom Nominees Tout Importance of Partnerships - AFPS

Recruiting Continues Robust Through December - AFPS

Girls Looking at Military Careers Want Combat Posts Open - VCS

Women Offer Clues to Their Future in Infantry - NYT

Future Service Dogs Get More Room to Romp - S&S

New Medal Recognizes Changing Face of Conflict, Official Says - AFPS

Pentagon Uproar Over Hero Medals for Drone Operators, Cybersleuths - WT

Army Post Sets Example in Curbing Suicides, Preventable Deaths - AFPS

Cutting the Defense Budget: A History - WT opinion


United States

White House Concerned About Delay in Security Confirmations - NYT

White House: 'Grave Concern' on Delayed Nominees - AP

White House Says It Has a Backup Plan on Immigration - NYT

Obama Leak of Visa Plan Draws Fire - WT

Taming the Runaway US Budget - IHT

Hill Staffers Often Travel on Tabs of Foreign Countries - WP

Returning to Halls of Congress, Giffords Embraces New Role - WP

US Nuclear Storage Tank Leaking - VOA

Panetta, Dempsey Honor Clinton for Leadership - AFPS

The Real Cost of Shrinking Government - NYT editorial

Of Cannibals, Kings and Culture: Problem of Ethnocentricity - NYT opinion

Obama Still Has Not Laid Out a US Strategic Doctrine - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Cameron in India Partnership Pledge - BBC

British PM Cameron on India Trade Trip Amid Graft Scandal - Reuters



Australia Asks Israel to Explain Death of ‘Spy’ - VOA



Scholar: Trends, Emerging Powers Bear Watching - AFPS



Leaked Papers of the Pope Depict a Broken Vatican - WP

What Do You Call a Retired Pope? And Is He Still Infallible? - NYT

Pope Blesses Huge Crowd in St. Peter's Square - AP

Catholicism Inc. - NYT opinion



At Pentagon, ‘Pivot to Asia’ Becomes ‘Shift to Africa’ - WP

Mali Military Detains 8 Arab Civilians in Timbuktu - AP

French, Malian Troops Secure Rebel Strongpoint Near Gao - Reuters

French, Malian Forces Take Control of Bourem - AP

Mali to Hold 'Early July Election' - BBC

7 Foreigners Kidnapped in Northern Nigeria - VOA

Foreign Workers Abducted in Nigeria - BBC

Gunmen Kidnap Seven Foreigners in North Nigeria - Reuters

Sudanese Rebels Offer Cease-Fire - WT

Kenya Electoral Body to Release Final Voter List Monday - VOA

South Africa: Pistorius Family Rebuts Premeditated Murder Allegations - VOA

TV Show Featuring Slain 'Blade Runner' Girlfriend Airs in South Africa - VOA

South.African Celebrities Who Faced Their Day in Court - AP



Cuba’s Outsized Role in Venezuela as Chavez Fights Cancer - WP

Venezuela Kidnap 'Kingpin' Extradited - BBC

Cuban Dissident Blogger Starts World Tour - AP

FARC Releases Colombian Soldier - BBC

President Correa Handily Wins Re-election in Ecuador - NYT

Ecuador President Correa Easily Wins Reelection - LAT

Ecuador President Wins Re-Election - BBC

Exit Poll Shows Ecuador's Correa Wins Re-election - Reuters

Ecuador's Correa Breezes to 2nd Re-election - AP

Ecuador's Correa: From Boyhood Leader to Firebrand President - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Rising Voices in S. Korea, Japan Advocate Nuclear Weapons - VOA

N, Korea Tells China it Plans 1-2 More Nuclear Tests this Year - WT

N. Korea: Kim Jong Eun Follows Father’s Path - WP

Panetta Condemns North Korean Test, Calls Regime Danger to US - AFPS

South Korea - USFK Commander Says Bases Consolidated by 2016 - S&S

Japanese PM to Meet with Obama Next Friday - AP

Social Media Gives Indonesian Women New Voice - AP

2 Charged in Papua New Guinea 'Witch' Killing - AP



Secretary of State Kerry, Russia’s Lavrov Finally Speak - WP

Russia Scientists Call for Action After Space Rock Blast - LAT

In Russia, Ruins and Property Spared by Meteor, Side by Side - NYT

Meteor-Broken Windows in Russian City Being Fixed - AP

Russia to Try Dead Lawyer for Corruption - BBC

After a Short, Rocky Campaign, Armenians Vote Monday for President - VOA

Incumbent in Front Before Armenian Election - AP

Kosovo Marks 5 Years Since Secession, Vows to Join EU, NATO - VOA

Runoff Called in Cyprus' Presidential Election - AP

Bulgarians Protest Foreign Power Companies - AP


South Asia

Bomb Targeting Minority Shiites a Failure of Pakistan Security - VOA

Shiite Protesters Demand Arrests After Deadly Bombing in Pakistan - NYT

Anger Over Pakistan Blast 'Failures' - BBC

Pakistan Faces Growing Anger Over Sectarian Bombings - Reuters

Shiites Lash Out After Pakistan Bombing Kills 81 - AP

Blast, Shooting at Compound of Gov’t Official in Pakistan's Peshawar - Reuters

Kashmir Lifts Curfew - VOA

Bangladesh Protests Spark Law Change - BBC

Bangladesh's Parliament Amends War Crimes Law - AP

Bangladesh Amends War Crimes Law, Mulls Banning Islamists - Reuters


Dave Maxwell

Mon, 02/18/2013 - 10:08pm

Good to see the Daily Round-up back. Thank you Dave!