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9 February SWJ Roundup

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US Budget Cuts and the Department of Defense

Looming Budget Cuts Threaten Pentagon - VOA

Panetta Warns of Dire Consequences to Military From Budget Cuts - NYT

DOD Official: Cuts, Lack of Budget Form ‘Nightmare Scenario’ - AFPS

Dempsey: Changes Aimed at Balancing Readiness, Budget Uncertainty - S&S

Military Services Outline Their Spending Cut Plans - USAT

Army Offers More Budget Crunch Guidance - AT

Air Force Calls Sequester Cuts 'Dangerous' - S&S

GW May be Only Carrier Ready to Respond to a Crisis - S&S

Senate Dems Likely to Offer Sequester Deal - MCT

Panetta: BRAC Back on the Table in 2014 Pentagon Budget - S&S

Pentagon to Recommend 1% Pay Raise in 2014 - AT



US Military Questions UN Report on Child Casualties in Afghanistan - S&S

US Rejects UN Report on Children Killed in Afghanistan - LAT

ISAF Rejects Afghan Child Deaths Report - BBC

Two More Marines Charged in Urination Incident - S&S

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Lawmakers Propose Giving Federal Judges Role in Drone Strikes - WP

Support Grows for US 'Drone Court' to Review Lethal Strikes - Reuters

Debating a Court to Vet Drone Strikes - NYT

Suspected US Missiles Hit Pakistani Militants - AP

Pakistan: Toll From Suspected US Strike Now 9 - AP

India Hangs Man for His Role in 2001 Parliament Attack - WP

India Executes Kashmiri Militant for 2001 Parliament Attack - Reuters

‘Trust Me’ is Not Enough on Drone Warfare - WP opinion

Stop Killing in Secret Mr. Obama - WP opinion

Five Myths About Obama’s Drone War - WP opinion



Obama Unlikely to Reconsider Arming Syrian Rebels - WP

Kerry Says US Weighing Syria Options; Mum on Arms - AP

Senate Hearing Draws Out a Rift in US Policy on Syria - NYT

Syrian Rebels Preparing for Advance on Capital - AP

Assad's Forces Try to Beat Back Rebels Closing on Damascus - Reuters

UN Sees Glimmer of Hope in Syria Opposition Offer of Talks - Reuters

UN Says 5,000 Syrians a Day Are Now Fleeing War - NYT

UN Refugee Agency Says 5,000 Fleeing Syria Daily - AP

Syria’s Druze Minority Shifting Support to Opposition - WP



French Troops Capture Key Airport in Northern Mali - VOA

French Troops Begin Withdrawal from Timbuktu - AP

Suicide Bombing in N. Mali May Signal Shift by Militants - LAT

Mali Islamists Flee to Sudan's Darfur Region - Reuters

Former US Ambassador Says France Indirectly Paid Islamist Militants - VOA

Ex-US Envoy Says $17M French Ransom Funded al-Qaida - AP

Mali Rebels 'Got French Ransom Cash' - BBC

Mali Military Units Clash in Capital - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Hit by Multiple Bombings - VOA

At Least 26 Killed in Bombings Across Iraq - NYT

Dozens Killed in Iraq Bomb Attacks - BBC

Iraq Bombs Kill 36, Sunnis Stage Protest Rallies - AP

An Echo of the Arab Spring in Iraq - WP

Attack on Iranian Dissident Camp in Iraq Kills One - Reuters

US Report: Sanctions Hurting Iran's Access to Capital - VOA

Big Powers Set to Respond if Iran Addresses Nuclear Concerns - Reuters

Iran's President Defies Supreme Leader to Safeguard His Future - Reuters

Yemen Blames Iran After Weapons Haul - BBC

Antiaircraft Missiles in Yemen Raises Fears Iran Arming Rebels - NYT

Tunisian Opposition Leader’s Funeral Draws Thousands - NYT

Tunisians Mourn Slain Opposition Leader - VOA

Tunisia Mourns Murdered Politician - BBC

Tunisia Buries Politician as Crisis Deepens - AP

Protests Turn to Street Clashes Across Egypt - AP

Libya, International Court At Odds Over Trials - VOA

An Assassination in Tunisia - NYT editorial

Iraq Returns to Bloodshed - WP opinion

Hillary Clinton and the Ghosts of Benghazi - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

Military Looks to Place Quick Reaction Forces After Libya Attack - AP

Sailors Across Navy Will Feel Impact of Carrier Change - VP

Boeing Risks $700 Million Tanker Overrun, Air Force Says - Bloomberg

Postal Service Plans to Limit Deliveries Will Not Affect Military - S&S

Women in Combat: Policy Catches Up With Reality - NYT opinion


United States

White House Outlines Deep Cuts it May Have to Make - AP

Poll Shows Hillary Clinton is Most Popular US Politician - VOA

'Crazy Vet' Assumptions After Shootings More Stereotype Than Reality - S&S

The Commander-in-Chief’s Lack of Concern for His People - NR opinion


United Kingdom

Cameron 'Proud' of EU Budget Cut - BBC

Sinn Fein Chief Asks IRA Die-Hards to End Violence - AP



Canadian Navy Officer Gets 20 Years for Espionage - AP

Prison for Canadian Navy Officer Turned Russian Spy - BBC



Nine Killed In Shootings at Nigerian Polio Clinics - VOA

Gunmen Kill Nigerian Polio Vaccine Workers in Echo of Pakistan Attacks - NYT

Polio Vaccinators Killed in Nigeria - BBC

Report: Kenya Violence Threatens March Vote - VOA

Zimbabwe Draft Constitution Produces Heated Debate - VOA

Historic Senegal Court Begins Habré Trial - VOA



Venezuela Devalues Currency by Nearly Half - NYT

Venezuela Sharply Devalues Its Currency - AP

Wave of Arson Attacks in Brazil Tied to Reports of Inmate Abuse - NYT

Mexico's Vigilantes Turn Over 11 Detained Suspects - AP

Mexican 'Shot in Back by US Border Patrol' - BBC

Honduras Sends Soldiers to Fight Crime in 2 Cities - AP

Argentine Jews Suspicious of Deal on Bombing Probe - AP

Cuban Protest Group Leader Gets Passport to Travel - AP

Duvalier Fails to Attend Haiti Trial - BBC


Asia / Pacific

Jets Roar as US, Japan, Australia Drill in Pacific - AP

Analyst: N. Korean Nuclear Test Could Worsen China Relations - VOA

Japan May Release Data Proving Chinese Radar Incident - Reuters

China Denies Directing Radar at Japanese Naval Vessel and Copter - NYT

China, Japan Engage in New Invective Over Disputed Isles - Reuters

China Expands Crackdown on Tibet Immolations - VOA

Mysterious China Blogger Comes Out - AP

Locklear Calls for Indo-Asia-Pacific Cooperation - AFPS

Indonesian President Steps In to Lead Unpopular Ruling Party - Reuters

Rights Group Condemns Burnings in Papua New Guinea - VOA

UN Calls on Papua New Guinea to Curb Violence - NYT

While US Pivots East, China Is 'Marching West' - FP opinion



EU Leaders: 'Deal Done' on Long-Term Austerity Budget - VOA

EU Leaders Agree 3% Budget Cut - BBC

European Leaders Agree, Finally, to a Lower Budget - NYT

Cyprus Presidential Candidate Wary of EU Bailout Terms - VOA

Russia: Kremlin Seeks House Arrest for Opposition Leader - VOA

Protesters Harry Georgian President - BBC

Demonstrators Attack Allies of Georgian President - NYT

Turkey’s Past Gives Some Insight Into Its Unresolved Troubles - NYT

Thousands Rally For, and Against, Slovenia's Gov't - AP

Berlusconi Remains Wild Card in Italy Race - NYT


South Asia

Bazaar Bomb Claimed by Taliban Kills at Least 11 in NW Pakistan - NYT

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Released from British Hospital - VOA

Struggling Publishers Look at India’s Thriving Book Market - VOA

Bangladesh Protest Calls for Death for War Crimes - AP

Bangladesh Rally Seeks Death Penalty - BBC