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8 February SWJ Roundup

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UN: Afghanistan Bribes Totaled Nearly $4 Billion - VOA

UN: Cost of Afghan Bribery 'Increases' - BBC

UN: Afghan Corruption Worth Twice Government Revenue - Reuters

UK Defense Secretary Visits Afghanistan - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

What's the Afghanistan Mission? - LAT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

CIA Nominee Defends US Drone Policy - VOA

Brennan Defends Anti-Terror Policies at Senate Hearing - WP

Brennan Defends Counterterrorism Policies at Hearing - NYT

Brennan Defends Use of Drones to Target Terror - USAT

CIA Nominee Defends Drone Strikes - BBC

Panetta: Distance, Time Affected Benghazi Response - AFPS

Obama Hands Off on Benghazi Action - WT

Dempsey ‘Surprised’ at Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony - WT

Europe Weighs Terrorist Designation for Hezbollah - USAT

French Try to Root Out Would-be Jihadists at Home - AP

Turkish Parliament Approves Anti-Terrorism Financing Law - Reuters

A Long Overdue Discussion - NYT editorial

Attack of the Obama Drones - WT editorial

Targeted Killings: What are the Limits? - LAT editorial

America Must Come Clean About Drone Strikes - Dawn editorial

Drone Warfare Is Right and Moral - DB opinion

An Old Policy in a New Fight - WP opinion

Obama Can’t Shut Out Judges on Drones - WP opinion

Drones Can't Solve All of Our Problems - Atlantic opinion

Will US Begin Acknowledging Unintended Casualties? - WP opinion

Obama Demands Unquestioning Acceptance of Ability to Kill - WT opinion

Blaming Terrorists for Terrorism - WS opinion

With Burgas Bombing, Hezbollah Returned to Roots - Atlantic opinion



Fighting Rages Around Syrian Capital for Second Day - VOA

Fight Expands in Damascus as Diplomatic Hopes Sink  - NYT

Heavy Fighting Hits Syrian Capital - BBC

Syrian Jets Bomb Damascus Ring Road to Halt Rebel Push - Reuters

Panetta Says the Pentagon Backed Arming Syrian Rebels - NYT

Pentagon Leaders Favored Arming Syrian Rebels - WP

Panetta Backs Syria Rebels Arms Plan - BBC

Pentagon Backs Plan for US to Arm Syrian Rebels - Reuters

Senate Hearing Draws Out a Rift in US Policy on Syria - NYT

Islamic Summit Ends With Call for Dialogue in Syria - VOA

Islamic Summit Backs Syria Dialogue - AP

Obama’s Syria Veto - WP editorial



Supreme Leader of Iran Rejects Direct Talks With US - NYT

Iran Rebuffs US Nuclear Talks Offer - BBC

Iran Claims Footage Extracted from Downed US Drone - VOA

Video Was Downloaded From US Drone, Iran Says - NYT

Iran Shows 'Captured Drone Footage' - BBC

Yemen Calls for Iran to Stop Sending Arms - AP

Yemen Demands Iran Halt Support for Insurgents - Reuters

Iran's Ahmadenijad Entices Egypt Into Alliance - AP

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Latest Leader Attacked With a Shoe - VOA

Iran Urges Young Couples to Have More Babies - LAT

Obama’s Last Chance to Stop Iran - WT opinion



New Uncertainty Grips Tunisia After Assassination - NYT

Assassination Roils Tunisia - VOA

A New Season of Unrest in Birthplace of Arab Spring - USAT

Tunisian Protesters Ransack Police Station in Capital - Reuters

Tunisia's Political Crisis Deepens - BBC

Call for New Gov’t Rejected After Political Assassination - WP

Tunisia Ruling Party Rejects PM's Call for New Cabinet - LAT

Tunisia Islamists Say No New Gov't as Crisis Grows - AP

Opposition Leader's Funeral Brings Day of Reckoning - Reuters



Sporadic Fighting in Mali as UN Weighs Peacekeeping Force - VOA

Mali a Sign of France's Reset Africa Policy - VOA

Looted Libyan Arms in Mali May Have Shifted Conflict’s Path - NYT

Islamic Summit Backs Mali Government, Omits France - Reuters

President's Son Leads Chadians Against Islamists in Mali - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Palestinian Officials: Obama Must Pressure Israel - AP

Palestinians: Hamas and Fatah 'in Unity Talks' - BBC

Israel's Netanyahu Tackles Tricky Coalition-Building - Reuters

Yemen Calls for Iran to Stop Sending Arms - AP

Iran's Ahmadenijad Entices Egypt Into Alliance - AP

Egypt's Government Nearing End of the Road, Says Ex-PM - Reuters

Egypt Protects Liberals' Homes After Death Threat - Reuters

ICC: Libya Must Hand Over Gadhafi Spy Chief - VOA

Looted Libyan Arms in Mali May Have Shifted Conflict’s Path - NYT

The Global Shadow War Between Israel and Iran - Time opinion

The Coming War in the Middle East - DI opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Warns of Huge Cuts - USAT

Panetta, Dempsey List Consequences of Sequestration - AFPS

Panetta Discusses 2014 Defense Budget Request - AFPS

Pentagon Gearing Up to Fight the PR War - WP

Carter Sees DOD Strategy at Work on Europe, Middle East Trip - AFPS


United States

State of the Union Address Likely to Focus on Domestic Issues - VOA

Federal Reserve's Internal Site Hacked - VOA

Poll: 9-in-10 Americans Support Gun Background Checks - VOA

Obama Promised Peace, But Delivered More War - FP opinion

The Superpower Takes a Breather - WSJ opinion

Call Obama’s Sequester Bluff - WP opinion



Mali a Sign of France's Reset Africa Policy - VOA

Suspected Congolese Rebels Charged With Plotting Coup - VOA

South Africa Charges Congo Rebels With Coup Plot - BBC

Nigeria Opposition Merge to Challenge President's Party - VOA

Nigeria Opposition Parties Merge - VOA

Zuma Outrage at South Africa Gang-Rape Murder - BBC



Mexico: World’s Eyes on Acapulco Rape Case - WP

American Resident Killed in Mexico Stabbing - AP

Official: Arsenal Found Inside Venezuelan Prison - AP

Colombia Police: Kidnapped Germans in Good Health - AP

Chile Navy Investigates 'Xenophobia' - BBC

Haiti Urged to Pursue Duvalier Charges - BBC

Haiti Court Postpones Duvalier Appeals Hearing - AP


Asia / Pacific

Tensions Flare as Japan Says Russian Planes Entered Airspace - NYT

Russian jets 'Breach Japan airspace' - BBC

Japan Pledges to Solve Territorial Dispute with Russia - VOA

China to Probe Japan Radar Claim - BBC

China Accuses Japan of Smear Campaign - VOA

China’s Thirst for Power and Water Alarms Downstream India - WP

Mystery Blogger Suspected to be Communist Leader - USAT

Exposing Chinese Corruption Online, One Video at a Time - VOA

China’s Rural-Urban Balancing Act - WP

China Arrests Over Tibet Immolations - BBC

Battling Self-Immolations, China Makes More Arrests - NYT

China 'Smuggles' Mozambique Timber - BBC

S. Korean Military Sharpens Reflexes on Divided Peninsula - Reuters

Alleged Witch Burned Alive in Papua New Guinea - AP



Relations Between Russia and US Deteriorating - VOA

New Generation of Russian Dissidents Flees to West - VOA

Reform Quickly or Lose Deals, EU Tells Ukraine - VOA

Ukraine Rejects Gazprom Gas Bill - BBC

EU Budget Summit Wrestles Over Cuts - BBC

EU Proposes New Cybercrime Rules - BBC

Will Turkey's Erdogan Join the Dictator's Club? - NR opinion


South Asia

Allen, Dunford Visit Pakistani Military Chief - AFPS

Pakistan: Wave of Violence Grips Karachi - VOA

Bomb Kills Policeman in Pakistani City of Karachi - AP

China’s Thirst for Power and Water Alarms Downstream India - WP

Report Faults Indian Gov’t Over Widespread Child Sex Abuse - NYT

India Child Sex Victims 'Humiliated' - BBC

Nepal's Maoists Set Terms to End Political Deadlock - Reuters

Protests Rage Over Bangladeshi War Crimes Islamist - Reuters