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7 February SWJ Roundup

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For US Leader in Afghan War, Much Time Making Peace - NYT

USMC Manual Offers Blunt, Revealing Portrait of Afghan War - WP

US Soldier, Boy Scout Team Up to Help Hundreds in Caves - McClatchy

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Obama Orders Release of Drone Memos to Lawmakers - NYT

Obama Orders that Lawmakers Get Killings Memo - WP

Obama Agrees to Release Legal Memos on Awlaki Drone Strike - LAT

Obama Security Team Faces New Challenges - VOA

Brennan CIA Nomination Hearing Spotlights Drone Strikes, Secret Base - VOA

Brennan, Once Stung by Waterboarding, Now Opposes It - AP

Drone Strikes’ Risks to Get Rare Moment in the Public Eye - NYT

CIA Drone Base in Saudi Arabia Revealed - BBC

Justification for Killings Assailed as Rewriting 'Imminent Threat' - McClatchy

Two Still Sought in Bulgarian Bus Blast - NYT

Bulgaria: IDs, Location of 2 Terror Suspects Known - AP

Hezbollah Fury at Bulgaria Bomb Link - BBC

Hezbollah Says Bombing Charges Israel Smear Campaign - Reuters

Hezbollah Dismisses Claims of Bulgaria Bomb Blast - VOA

Tough Times for Hezbollah in Fast Changing Region - AP

Pakistani Militant, Price on Head, Lives in Open - NYT

US Court Urged to Reverse a Ruling on Terror - NYT

'Terrorists to Lose' Canada Status - BBC

Canada Considers Revoking Citizenship Over Terror - AP

Russian Police Kill Terror Suspect in Caucasus - BBC

Coming Clean About Drones - WP editorial

Drone Strikes Under Scrutiny - NYT editorial

EU Must Get Tough on Hezbollah - Commentator opinion

Detain: No. Kill: Yes. - NYT opinion

Obama's 'Just Trust Me' Argument - NYT opinion

Let's Lift the Veil on Rendition - LAT opinion


Irregular Warfare

The Evolution of Irregular War - FA opinion



Syrian Forces Step Up Attacks in Capital - VOA

Fierce Clashes Break Out in Damascus - WP

Clashes Erupt in Damascus, Shattering Lull, Prospects for Talks Dim - NYT

Fighting Intensifies in Syrian Capital - LAT

Heavy Clashes Frighten Residents in Syria Capital - AP

Suicide Bombings Rock Central Syria - BBC

Aid Flows to Rebel-Held Parts of Syria Previously Inaccessible - Reuters

Islamic Summit Leaders Urge Action on Mali, Syria - VOA

Islamic Summit Opens With Calls for Syrian Dialogue - Reuters

Syrian Conflict Exposes Sunni-Shiite Split at Muslim Summit  - AP

Syria's Kurds Try to Balance Security and Alliances - IHT

US Can Keep Syria Out of Iran's Grip - Bloomberg opinion



US to Cut Carrier Fleet in Persian Gulf to 1 - AP

US Ratchets Up an Economic War Against Tehran - NYT

US Sanctions Iran's Broadcasters - VOA

US Announces New Iran Sanctions - NYT

US Expands Sanctions Against Iran - BBC

Yemen: Seized Iranian Ship Carried Varied Weapons - AP

Presidential Aide Freed as Top Iranian Politicians Trade Accusations - NYT



Top Tunisian Opposition Leader Murdered - VOA

Tunisian Opposition Leader Killed - WP

Tunisia Moves to Limit Fallout After Opposition Figure Assassinated - NYT

Tunisian Opposition Leader Killed Amid Tensions, Party Says - AP

Tunisian PM to Form New Government, as Country Reels From Killing - VOA

Tunisia Assassination Triggers Protests - LAT

Tunisia PM Forms New Government - BBC

Tunisian PM Says Will Form Small Technocrat Government - Reuters



Iran's Ahmadinejad Seeks Strategic Axis with Egypt - Reuters

Iran Offering Reeling Egypt 'Big Credit Line' - AP

New State Department Travel Alert Bad News for Egypt - WP

Egypt Opposition Leader Warns Over Death Edict - AP

Impunity Feeds Egypt's Sexual Assaults, Group Says - AP



French, Malian Forces Clash With Militants Outside Gao - VOA

French Battle Mali Islamists as Tuareg Problem Looms - Reuters

As Mali Fighting Persists, France Vows to Exit in Weeks - NYT

France Starts Talks on UN Peacekeepers for Mali - AP

France Seeks Quick UN Mali Handover - BBC

France Action in Mali is 'Real War' - BBC

Islamic Summit Leaders Urge Action on Mali, Syria - VOA


Middle East / North Africa

Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Welcome Obama Visit - VOA

US: Obama Regional Agenda 'Urgent' on Israel Visit - AP

Militants Kill 4 Policemen in Attacks in Iraq - AP

Why Is Obama Coming to Israel? - TOI opinion

US Isn't Done with Mideast Wars - FP opinion

Israel’s ‘Gatekeepers’ - Newsweek opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta Warns of Dire Consequences to Military From Budget Cuts - NYT

Panetta Warns Sequestration Threatens National Readiness - AFPS

Congress Inaction on Budget Could Affect Raises, Benefits for Military - S&S

Panetta Urges Congress to End Gridlock - AFPS

US to Cut Carrier Fleet in Persian Gulf to 1 - AP

Air Force Nuclear Force Anticipates Budget Constraints - AFPS

Panetta Warns Cyber Threat Growing Quickly - AFPS

Panetta: DOD Must ‘Operate on Every Front’ Against Suicide - AFPS


United States

Two Parties Map Strategy on Automatic Budget Cuts - NYT

Battle for US Immigration Reform Gathers Steam - VOA

US a Step Behind in Latin America, Africa - OCR opinion

Can We Cut Deficits Without Killing the Recovery? - WP opinion



Sudan's Bashir Meets Ahmadinejad, Expects More Iran Investment - Reuters

Sudan Says to Release Five South Sudanese Soldiers - Reuters

Tanker Seized Off Ivory Coast Freed - BBC

South African Teen Dies of Gang Rape Injuries - VOA

Arrest of Nigeria 'Yahoo-Yahoo Boys' Angers Locals - VOA

Poachers Devastate Gabon Elephant Population - VOA

Gabon: Elephant Poaching 'Out of Control' - BBC



UK: Falklanders 'Must Decide Own Future' - BBC

Mexico Hunts Acapulco Rape Gang - BBC

Mexico: Acapulco Rape Case Overshadows Peak Tourist Season - AP

Peru Says It Has Arrested Top Colombian Narco - AP

Venezuelan Politics Heating Up in Chavez's Absence - AP

Colombia's FARC Rebels Back Drug Legalization - AP

Colombia’s FARC Calls for Legal Coca Farming - BBC

Advocacy Groups Urge Haiti to Pursue Duvalier Case - AP

Mexico Must Crush the Mafia - DS opinion


Asia / Pacific

Japan PM Condemns China Radar Act - BBC

China Urged to Take Tough Stance if N. Korea Conducts Nuclear Test - VOA

Holidays, Politics May Give N. Korea Nuke Test Clues - AP

Famine Hit North Korea's Rice Basket in 2012 - Reuters

Copyright Claim Thwarts North Korea - BBC

China Important to Pacific Peace, Panetta Tells Students - AFPS

China Bans ‘Gift’ Ads in Bid to Curb Graft - WP

Burma Grants UN Access to Kachin Territory - VOA

Burma to Allow UN Aid Deliveries to Kachin State - AP

Vietnam Frees Dissident Lawyer From Prison Early - AP

2 Azeri Opposition Leaders Are Charged With Inciting Riots - NYT

Turning China into an Enemy - JT opinion



Europe’s Plan for GPS Limps to Crossroads - NYT

Raids in Britain, France and Belgium Focus on People-Smuggling - NYT

Serbia and Kosovo Hold Rare Talks in Brussels - Reuters

Planned Urenco Sale Divides Secretive Nuclear Fuel Club - VOA

Ukraine Complains No Help From Europe in Russia Gas Dispute - VOA

Rights Group: Russia Exploits Sochi Olympic Workers - VOA

Questions Remain Over Russian Dissident's Suicide - AP

America is Back - WP opinion


South Asia

Analysts: Pakistan Youth Vote Could Tip Power Balance - VOA

India Faulted for Failing to Curb Child Sex Abuse - AP

India Rape Suspects' Neighbors Feel Stain of Infamy - LAT

Protests Hit Bangladesh After War Crimes Verdict - AP

Protests in Bangladesh - WP photo gallery