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6 February SWJ Roundup

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Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Justice Dept.: Legal for US to Kill al-Qaida Americans Abroad - VOA

Drone Strikes’ Dangers to Get Rare Moment in Public Eye - NYT

Brennan Nomination Opens Obama to Criticism on Targeted Killings - WP

Memo Gives Basis for Drone Strikes on US Citizens - AP

Leaked US Justification for Drone Killings Assailed - McClatchy

US Has Secret Drone Base in Saudi Arabia - WP

CIA Operates Drone Base in Saudi Arabia - AP

Pakistani Amb. to US Calls CIA Drone Strikes a ‘Clear Violation’ - WP

Terrorists with Western Links a Growing Threat - AP

Bulgaria Links Hezbollah to Israeli Bombing - VOA

Bulgaria Implicates Hezbollah in July Attack on Israelis - NYT

US Steps Up Pressure on Europe to Brand Hezbollah Terrorist Group - WP

US Urges Europe to Take Action Against Hezbollah - AP

Israel Wants EU Terror Tag for Hezbollah - BBC

Israel Unlikely to Retaliate After Bulgaria Report - AP

France Arrests 4 It Says Planned to Aid or Join Militants - NYT

France Hold African Terror Suspects - BBC

France: 4 Detained Suspected of Extremist Links - AP

Torture Expert Testifies at Guantanamo War Court - MH

Some 54 Countries Helped CIA Detention Efforts - Reuters

Responding to Hezbollah - WP editorial

To Kill an American - NYT editorial

The Case for Drone Strikes - LAT opinion

When Can the US Kill One of Its Own? - NYT opinion

US Needs a Rulebook for Secret Warfare - WP opinion

The Justice Department's Chilling 'Targeted Killings' Memo - WP opinion



Iranian President Makes Landmark Visit to Egypt - VOA

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Makes First Cairo Visit - WP

Iranian Leader Visits Egypt in Warming of Ties - AP

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Begins Egypt Visit - BBC

Iran, World Powers Set Fresh Nuclear Talks - VOA

Iran's 'Show' of Force: Loud but Not So Clear - AP

Firm Denies Deception in Big Check Tied to Iran - NYT

Diplomat: Check Was for Iranian Company's Work - AP

Iran Arrests Key Ex-Prosecutor - BBC

Naive West Should Take Iran at Its Word - WDJ opinion

At Last, a Ray of Hope in Iran - Scotsman opinion

Don’t Let Iran Stall for Time - NYT opinion



UN: Syrian Humanitarian Crisis 'Catastrophic' - VOA

New Problems in Syria: Hepatitis, Closed Hospitals, Ambulance Shortages - NYT

Syria Opposition Ponders Course as Leader Offers Talks - Reuters

Syrian Opposition Chief Says Offers Assad Peaceful Exit - Reuters

Syrian Opposition to Open NY, Washington Offices - AP

Islamic Summit to Tackle Syria Amid Sunni-Shi'ite Tension - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Shows Need to Tackle Graft in Military - Reuters

Obama Plans Visit to Israel This Spring - NYT

Obama Plans Visit to Middle East - BBC

Obama to Visit Israel and the West Bank - McClatchy

Israel's Netanyahu Hits Snags in Building Team - AP

Suicide Bombing Kills 4 in Iraq - VOA

Carter Meets with Jordanian Leaders, Praises US Troops - AFPS

Egypt’s Security Forces Unchanged Despite Promised Reforms - WP

Egypt: Cairo Activist Fighting Tear Gas With Tear Gas - NYT

Egypt's Coptic Pope Criticizes Islamists - AP

New Doubts Egypt Will Get $4.8 Billion IMF Loan - AP

Egyptian Currency Reserves Fall - BBC

Constitution Delay Frustrates Libyans - VOA

Israel in the Dock - NYDN editorial

Israel, Palestine and the Mapping of Power - Guardian opinion

The Officers Backing Egypt's President - FA opinion


US Department of Defense

Stavridis Presses to Close Language, Cultural Skills Gap - AFPS

In Blog, Stavridis Pushes for Multilingual US Military Officers - S&S

Planned Benefits Extension to Same-Sex Spouses Limited by DOMA - WP

Pentagon Expected to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Military Spouses - S&S

How to Lose Great Leaders? Ask the Army - WP opinion


United States

Obama Calls on Congress to Avoid Sequestration - AFPS

Slayings Highlight Risks of 'Gun Therapy' for Veterans - AP



US Africa Command Headquarters to Stay in Germany - S&S

France: Hundreds of Islamist Militants Killed in Mali - BBC

Tuareg Rebels Say They Extend Control in Mali's Northeast - Reuters

International Groups Discuss Mali Support - VOA

International Officials Discuss UN Force for Mali - AP

Chadian Forces Move to Secure Mali's Kidal - VOA

Report: French May Start Leaving Mali in March - AP

UN Says Chad on Path of Reform - VOA

Obama Urges Peaceful, Fair Elections in Kenya - VOA

UN Says Chad on Path of Reform - VOA

US Urges Lifting of UN Arms Embargo on Somalia - Reuters

Somalia Convicts Alleged Rape Victim, Reporter- VOA

Somali 'False Rape Victim' Guilty - BBC



Argentina Vows to Control Falkland Islands - BBC

Colombia: ELN Rebels Hold German Pensioners - BBC

Mexico Man on US Kingpin List for Money Laundering - AP

Armed Gang Rapes 6 Spanish Tourists in Mexico - AP

Mexico Blast 'Triggered by Gas' - BBC

Stabbing at Ecuador Campaign Rally Not Politically Motivated - Reuters


Asia / Pacific

Crew Swap at Yokosuka Aims to Boost Air Defense in Region - S&S

Officials Reject Navy Assessment of USS Guardian Damage to Reef - S&S

Japan Protests Chinese Ship's Alleged Use of Radar to Guide Missiles - VOA

Japan Says China Aimed Military Radar at Ship - NYT

Japan PM Condemns China Radar Act - BBC

China Takes Active Role in Talks Between Burma and Kachin Rebels - VOA

Chinese Blogger Thrives as Muckraker - NYT

‘House Sister,’ Collector of Properties, Held in Chinese Graft Case - NYT

China Uses Wage to Narrow Wealth Gap - BBC

China Issues Proposal to Narrow Income Gap - NYT

China Bans Ads for Pricey Gifts in Anti-Corruption Push - Reuters

Effectiveness of UN Sanctions on North Korea Questioned - VOA

UN Official Urges Human Rights Probe of North Korea - VOA

In Propaganda Video, Only North Korea Sleeps Easy - NYT

That Crazy North Korean Video of New York Blowing Up - WP

North Korea Dreams of an American City in Flames - Reuters

The US Interest in an Asian Island Dispute - WP opinion

Women Silenced No More in Burma - WP opinion



France’s Hollande Warns Britain About Its Demands on EU - NYT

Georgian Sees Closer Ties With Russia - NYT

German Education Minister Stripped of Doctorate - AP

Turkey: Erdogan and His Generals - Economist editorial


South Asia

Afghan President Signs Aid Agreement with Norway - DPA

Indian Activists Say New Rape Law Falls Short - VOA

India: Companion of Delhi Gang Rape Victim Testifies in Court - NYT

India’s Speech Impediments - NYT opinion