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5 February SWJ Roundup

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Restarting Talks with Taliban Key to US Exit - WP

Karzai, Zardari Pledge to Reach Peace Settlement - VOA

Afghanistan and Pakistan Aim for 'Peace in Six Months' - BBC

Helmand was Safer Before UK Troops Arrived, Karzai Says - S&S

US Military Suspends Ban on Afghan Airline - NYT

US Reverses Ban on Afghan Airline it Tied to Drug Smuggling - S&S

British Troops Use Mini-Drones to Find Targets on the Battlefield - LAT

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Troops get up early to watch the Super Bowl, Kabul style - S&S



Assad Can Avoid Trial by Leaving, Coalition Says - NYT

Syria Opposition Leader al-Khatib Urges Assad to Negotiate - BBC

Syrian Government Bombs Aleppo District, Killing 16 - VOA

In Israel Raid, Syria Options Severely Constrained - AP

Assad Accuses Israel of Destabilizing Syria - BBC

Iran: Israel Will 'Regret' Aggression Against Syria - VOA

Syrians Executed for Collaborating With Assad Forces - Reuters

Syrian Americans Travel to War’s Edge - WP

Biden’s Proposal for Syria - WP opinion

It's Time to Intervene in Syria - NYT opinion

International Players Fiddle While Syria Burns - IT opinion

After Assad, Chaos? - NYT opinion

Preventing Reprisal Violence After Assad - Guardian opinion



US, Allies Ready More Anti-Mine Drills as Iran Tensions Simmer - Reuters

Top Iranian Politicians Exchange Accusations - NYT

Israeli Expert: Iran Could Have Bomb in 4-6 Months - AP

Iran Seeks 'Authentic' Bilateral US Nuclear Talks - BBC

Iranian FM: Nuclear Talks to Resume in Kazakhstan - VOA

Iran Arrests Official Implicated in Prison Deaths - AP

Pro-Ahmadinejad Former Iranian Prosecutor Arrested - Reuters

Iran's Ahmadinejad in Egypt on Historic Visit - Reuters

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Offers to Go to Space - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Suicide Bomber Strikes in Iraq - VOA

New Bomb Attack in Iraq Kills 19 - BBC

Iraq; Suicide Bomber Kills 4 North of Baghdad - AP

Suicide Bomber Hits Iraq Army Checkpoint, Three Killed - Reuters

Israelis Unhappy With US Study of School Textbooks and Palestinians’ - WP

Panetta, Dempsey to Testify on Libya Attack - AP

Egypt Opposition in Muddle Over Call to Oust Mursi - Reuters

Egyptian Man's Police Beating Reignites Outrage - VOA

US Urges Egypt to Control Police - BBC

Morocco Islamists Warn of Unrest - AP

CIA Has History of Getting Mideast Wrong - NPR opinion

Israel’s ‘Gatekeepers’ Break Their Silence - WP opinion

Taming Terrorism in North Africa - Politico opinion

North Africa Still Better Off Without Gaddafi - Telegraph opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Memo Cites Legal Basis for Killing US Citizens in Al Qaeda - NYT

Senators Demand Secret Memos on Targeted Killing - WP

Report Says 54 Countries Helped C.I.A. After 9/11 - NYT

Missteps Define US Strategy in Africa - WP

Turkey Says it Knew Terrorist Attack on US Embassy Was Planned - AP

France: 4 Detained Suspected of Extremist Links - AP

Hearing for Accused USS Cole Bomber Continues, Despite Delays - AFPS

Judge: Rip Out Guantanamo Microphones to Prevent Eavesdropping - Reuters

Should We Still Fear al-Qaeda? - CNN opinion

Taming Terrorism in North Africa - Politico opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Leaders: Budget Deadlock Could Spark Readiness Crisis - AFPS

GAO: DOD Needs Policy to Ensure Confidentiality for Sex Assault Victims - S&S


United States

Kerry Begins Work as Secretary of State - VOA

John Kerry Takes the Helm at State - WP

Reporting for Duty, Kerry Pledges to Protect Diplomats - NYT

Former FBI Official Questioned on Abuse of Intelligence-Gathering Tools - WP

Napolitano Touts US Border Security Gains Despite More Arrests - Reuters

John Kerry, Finally Where He Belongs - WP opinion

Miniaturization of US Foreign Policy - FP opinion

Are ObamaLeaks an Impeachable Offense? - WP opinion


United Kingdom

IRA Supergrass 'Abandoned by Security Services': Claim Rejected - BBC



Missteps Define US Strategy in Africa - WP

Two Senior Islamists Captured in Northern Mali - VOA

France Arrests Suspected Islamist Militants in Mali Rebels Probe - Reuters

Mali Rebels, Now Aiding French, Say They’re Holding Militants - NYT

Rage Over Bad Governance Fuels Nigeria Islamists - Reuters

In South Africa, Rare Support for French Intervention - VOA

South Africa Police Arrest Alleged M23 Rebels - AP

South Africa Police Arrest 19 Suspected Congolese Rebels - Reuters

Pirates Seize French-Owned Tanker Off Ivory Coast; Hold 17 Aboard - NYT

French Tanker Hijacked Off Ivory Coast; 17 Held - AP

Uganda: Group Tracking LRA Sees Defections Weakening Rebels - S&S

Activist to Petition ICC Over Alleged Uganda Atrocities - VOA

South Sudan Fails to Withdraw Troops From Sudan Border - Reuters

Red Cross Launches Appeal for Mozambique Flood Victims - VOA

Declaring Victory in Mali: France Does It Right - NP opinion

S. Sudan: ‘How to Build a Country From Scratch’ - NYT opinion



Hand of US Is Seen in Halting General’s Rise in Mexico - NYT

America's Expanding Drug War in Latin America - AP

Mexico Vigilantes Injure Two Tourists in Guerrero State - BBC

Mexico: Gas Leak Caused State Oil Company Blast - AP

Colombian ELN Rebels Say They Seized Two Foreigners - BBC

Why Venezuelan Prisoners Sew Mouths Shut - Atlantic

Two Killed, Four Injured in Ecuador Pro-Government Rally - Reuters

Cubans Vote on New Legislature - AP


Asia / Pacific

S. Korea Envoy Says N. Korea Nuke Test Seems Imminent - AP

US, South Korea Begin Naval Exercises - VOA

US Soldiers Accused of Sexually Harassing Korean Woman on Subway - S&S

Burma Reaches Deal with Kachins - BBC

Peace Talks Start Between Burma and Rebels - NYT

Hit Man in Bench Murder Plot Pleads Guilty in Philippines - S&S

Unpacking North Korea's Nuke Test - FP opinion



Spain’s Ruling Party Faces Confidence Crisis - VOA

Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy Pledges to Battle On - BBC

France: 4 Detained Suspected of Extremist Links - AP

Carter Visits Turkish Defense Leaders, US Patriot Battery Troops - AFPS

Europeans Await Report on Bus Blast in Bulgaria - NYT

Serb Children Hurt by Blast in Flashpoint Kosovo Town - Reuters

Children Injured in Kosovo Blast - BBC

Russia: Dealing With the Real Putin - NYT opinion

Obama Learns You Can't Appease Putin - MT opinion


South Asia

Afghanistan / Pakistan: Karzai, Zardari Pledge to Reach Peace Settlement - VOA

Afghanistan and Pakistan Aim for 'Peace in Six Months' - BBC

Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban Doing Well after Surgery - VOA

Pakistan Plans Park Where bin Laden was Killed - AP

India Enacts Tough New Rape Laws - VOA

Kashmir Girl Band Breaks Up After Threats - AP

Bangladesh Jails Islamic Party Leader to Life - AP

Sri Lankan Leader Seems to Reject Greater Autonomy for Tamils - NYT

Sri Lanka Leader Rules Out Autonomy for Tamils - AP

In India, Impelled to Action - WP editorial