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1 February SWJ Roundup

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Taliban May be Enduring a Rift, Pentagon Official Says - USAT

Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction: Major Problems Remain - S&S

As NATO Prepares for Afghan Withdrawal, Uzbekistan Seeks War’s Leftovers - NYT

American Deaths in Afghan War Drop to 4-Year Low - AP

Afghan Massacre Trial Set for Sept. - AP

Agency Serves Up Super Bowl Fare for Troops in Afghanistan - AFPS



Syria Says It Has Right to Counterattack Israel - NYT

With Airstrike, Israel Steps into Syria Conflict - LAT

Israel Strike in Syria Said to Hit Hezbollah Missile Convoy - Bloomberg

Syria Protests Israeli Air Strike - VOA

Syria’s Allies Condemn Attack by Israel - WP

Syria Threatens Retaliation for Israeli Airstrike - AP

Israel May Feel Need to Strike Syria Again - AP

Clinton Warns Russia, Iran of Syria Conflict Spreading - Reuters

US Warns Syria Over 'Arms Supply' - BBC

Opinions on US Options in Syria Widely Split - WT

US Setting Up Patriot Missiles Near Turkish-Syrian Border - S&S

Biden to Meet Syrian Opposition Leader in Europe - Reuters



Iran to Step Up Uranium Enrichment - WP

Iran Plans Nuclear Complex Upgrade - LAT

Iran Said to Be Set to Hasten Uranium Enrichment - NYT

Iran Says it Will Speed Up Nuclear Program - AP

Clinton: Window for Talks Can't Stay Open 'Too Much Longer' - Reuters

US Warns Iran on Nuclear Upgrade - BBC

US Skeptical About Argentina-Iran 'Truth Commission' - Reuters



Protests Challenge Egypt's Leadership - VOA

Egypt Rivals Hold Rare Meeting and Call for Dialogue - NYT

Egypt's Rival Political Camps Agree on Framework to End Violence - Bloomberg

Egyptian Leaders Condemn Violence - BBC

Egypt Opposition to Protest After Deadly Week - Reuters

Egypt Awaits Kerry - WT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

US Launches 'Open Book' Project with Arab World - VOA

As Arab Spring’s Glow Fades and Turmoil Rises, Unsettling Questions - NYT

Rights Group: Arab Spring Movements Fall Short - VOA

Kerry Likely to Move Cautiously on Middle East Peace - Reuters

UN Panel Says Israeli Settlement Policy Violates Law - NYT

UN Panel Finds Israeli Settlements Violate Rights - AP

UN: Israel Settlers 'Violate Rights' - BBC

Iraqi President's Absence Leaves Political Hole - AP

Cameron Says Britain Will Train Libyan Security Forces - VOA

We Stand With You, UK PM Tells Libyans - BBC

Two Years on, Benghazi Threatens 'Another Revolution' in Libya - Reuters

Saving Egypt From Anarchy - WP editorial


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Al-Qaeda Group Said to Seek More Western Targets - WP

Jihadist Threat: Just Website Bluster? - WT

Inside the Ring: New al Qaeda Threat - WT

Bin Laden’s Death Hasn’t Stanched Metastasizing of al Qaeda - WT

Canadians' Possible Role in Algeria Attack of Great Concern to US - Reuters

‘Small-Footprint’ Operations Effective, US Official Says - AFPS

Sept. 11 Judge Rules on Censor But Little Else - AP

Targeted Killings: They Are Too Secret - LAT editorial



Secretary General: Hold Line on Spending, Boost Capabilities - AFPS


US Department of Defense

Hagel Faces Tough Questions at Nomination Hearing - VOA

Senators Press Hagel During Confirmation Hearing - WP

Hagel’s Views Come Under Harsh Scrutiny by Republicans - NYT

Hagel Faces Barrage of Criticism During Tense Confirmation Hearing - Fox

Defense Secretary Nominee Hagel Roughed Up by Friendly Fire - WT

Recap: Chuck Hagel Confirmation Hearing - WSJ

McCain Pounds Hagel in Senate Confirmation Hearing - CSM

Hagel, GOP Senators Butt Heads at Defense Secretary Confirmation - ABC

Under Fire from Republicans, Hagel Ends Marathon Confirmation Hearing - NBC

Tense Confirmation Hearing Tests SecDef Hagel on Record, Comments - S&S

Hagel Grilled By Fellow Republicans At Conformation Hearing - NPR

Pentagon Nominee in Testy Hearing - BBC

Hagel Feuds With 'Old Friend' McCain Over Iraq Surge Policy - SFC

Chuck Hagel Stumbles on Iran Questioning - Politico

Hagel Vows Policies Worthy of US Service Members, Families - AFPS

Hagel: Iran Has ‘Elected, Legitimate’ Government - WFB

US Navy to Scrap Vessel Stuck on Philippine Reef - NYT

Judge: Hasan's Beard Responsibility of Military Chain of Command - AS

Former Naval Academy Instructor to be Court-Martialed - BS

A Confirmation Ordeal - NYT editorial

Chuck Hagel Should Be Confirmed - USAT editorial

Who Won the Chuck Hagel-John McCain Surge Fight? - USN&WR opinion

Chuck Hagel, An Antiwar Secretary of Defense - LAT opinion

No Immunity for Smart Defense Cuts - WT

Hagel Defense Nomination Will Pass - USAT opinion

Hagel’s Misreading of How to Treat an Ally - WP opinion

Chameleon Chuck: How Hagel's Views Changed - DB opinion

Hagel, Israel and American Power - NR opinion

War is Not an Equal Opportunity Employer - WT opinion

War Will Be Hell For Women Too - LAT opinion


United States

US Debt Woes Not so Dire, Experts Say - LAT

Congress Extends US Debt Limit - BBC

Congress Targets Contractors and Overseas Crimes - AP

Citizenship Question Roils Both Parties - WP

Senators Look at Past Failures for Lessons on Immigration Overhaul - NYT

Rural Sheriffs Object to Call for Tougher Gun Laws - NYT

Study Finds More Veterans are Committing Suicide - WP

Clinton Reviews Tenure, Focusing on Syria and Iran - NYT

As Clinton Departs, Focus Turns to Record and Whether She Will Be Back - WP

Study Puts ‘Cost’ to Landing Embassy Post - NYT

US Leading, and Winning, from Behind - RCW opinion

The Deep Cuts Put US Security in Jeopardy - WT opinion

Is the Border Secure Enough? - NYT opinion

A Report Card for Hillary Clinton - TNI opinion

Clinton: Obama’s Loyal Soldier - WP opinion

Will John Kerry Restrain US Power? - Guardian opinion

Senate Showdown Over Guns - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Cameron Shows Grit in Africa, but Stirs Concerns About New Entanglements - NYT

Cameron Says Britain Will Train Libyan Security Forces - VOA

Argentina Declines Invitation to Falklands Meeting - BBC

Argentina Rejects Meeting With Falklands Government - Reuters

Britain Badly Needs an Abraham Lincoln - Telegraph opinion



Canadian Spy Damaged Country's Credibility - AP



Militants’ Rule Upended Lives in a Fabled Outpost of Mali - NYT

Mali: Freedom Returns to the Storied City of Timbuktu - AP

Militants Ineligible for Dialogue, Mali President Says - VOA

Mali's Militants 'In Disarray' - BBC

Most French Support Military Operation in Mali - LAT

UN Plans New Peacekeeping Force for Mali - AP

Sudan: Up to 100,000 People Flee Fighting in Darfur - Reuters

Gunmen Kill Five North Nigeria Police, Ceasefire in Doubt - Reuters

Malawi Study Links Microbes to Malnutrition Deaths - VOA

No Slowdown in South African Rhino Killings  - VOA

The Problem with Mali - WP opinion



Dozens Dead in Explosion at Headquarters of Mexico's Pemex - WP

Explosion in Mexico City Kills at Least 25 - NYT

25 Dead, 101 Hurt in Mexico Oil Company Blast - AP

Mexico Vigilantes Bring 'Charges' Against 53 - AP

Colombia Rebels Free Oil Workers, 11 Killed in Combat - Reuters

Colombia: Deadly Clashes Before FARC Talks - BBC

Colombia Sets Hurdles for FARC Rebels to Join Politics - Reuters

Group: 591 Killed in Venezuela Prisons Last Year - AP

Venezuela: Chavez Ally Travels to Cuba to See Ailing Leader - AP

Argentina Rejects Meeting With Falklands Government - Reuters

Argentina Declines Invitation to Falklands Meeting - BBC

US Skeptical About Argentina-Iran 'Truth Commission' - Reuters

Evidence Hearings Begin in Guatemala Genocide Case - AP

Three Ways US Immigration Reform Might Impact Mexico - WP opinion

Venezuela: The Land Where Everyone Is a Victim - NYT opinion

Argentina's Dangerous Economic Stupidity - LAT opinion


Asia / Pacific

S. Korea Issues Warning to North Against Nuclear Test - VOA

Wall Street Journal 'Also Victim of China Hacking Attack' - BBC

Chinese Court Issues Severe Sentences in Tibetan Self-Immolations - NYT

China Punishes Tibetans in Self-Immolation Cases - AP

Despite Pollution Worries, China Experiments with Carbon Trading - VOA

Taiwan's Premier Resigns Amid Weak Popular Support - AP

Taiwan Names New Premier in Reshuffle - Reuters

Australia Protests to Japan About Whaling Ship - AP

Probe Alleges Burma Police Used White Phosphorus - AP

China: The People's Republic of Hacking - FP opinion

Meteoric Mongolia: Rise and Inevitable Fall? - FA opinion



As Mali Exposes Europe’s Defense Frailties, Leaders Gather in Munich - S&S

Most French Support Military Operation in Mali - LAT

HRW Warns of Declining Human Rights in Russia - VOA

Russia: Putin Slammed for 'Rights Crackdown' - BBC

Russia Revives the Namesake of ‘Uncle Joe’ - NYT

Russia: Stalingrad Gets Name Back on Days Marking Battle - AP

France Deports Moroccan It Says Has Radical Islam Ties - Reuters

Spain’s Premier Is Drawn Into a Widening Graft Scandal - NYT

Erdogan Hints at Alternative Federation for Turkey - VOA

Turkey PM Worries About Army's Capabilities - VOA

Armenia Presidential Candidate Shot, Election in Doubt - Reuters

Armenia Presidential Hopeful Shot and Wounded - AP

Russia Is Tired of Western Lectures - MT opinion


South Asia

Chinese Company Will Run Strategic Pakistani Port - NYT

Two More Pakistani Polio Workers Killed - NYT

Senior Cleric Killed in Pakistan - BBC

India: Gandhi's Heir Is Blowing It - FA opinion

Why Indian Jingoism Is Rising - EAF opinion