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30 January SWJ Roundup

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Departing Gen. John Allen Anxious Over the Future in Afghanistan - WP

Top US General Confident in Afghans - AP

Karzai Says Peace Talks With Taliban Must be Through Afghan Gov’t - VOA

Karzai: Afghan Government Should Lead Peace Talks - AP

Afghan Female Artist Beats the Odds - VOA

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



French 'Land at Mali Rebel Town' - BBC

Islamists in Mali Lose Grip on Key Cities - AP

French Troops Deploy to Last of Mali Rebel Strongholds - Reuters

French Troops Control Key Airport in North Mali - AP

Relief and Anxiety Meld in Malian Towns Freed of Islamists - NYT

Donors Pledge $455 Million for Mali Force - VOA

EU Takes on Task of Rebuilding Mali Army - Reuters

Rebels Torch Mali Library of Historic Manuscripts - VOA

Here's What Was in the Torched Timbuktu Library - WP

Mali's Star Musicians Unite Against Islamists - VOA



Syria Being Destroyed, Says UN Envoy - BBC

UN Peace Envoy Says Syria Is 'Being Destroyed' - AP

Former US Official: Syria Faces Uncertain Future - VOA

Activists Allege Massacre in Aleppo - WP

Adversaries Trade Blame for Scores of Killings in Aleppo - NYT

Syrian Activists Say Dozens of Bodies Found in River - VOA

UN Presses Need for Major Boost in Syrian Aid - AP

UN Reports Sharp Rise in Syrian Refugees - VOA

UAE Pledges $300 Million to Help Syrian Refugees - Reuters



Egyptian Army Chief Warns of State Collapse - VOA

Military Chief Warns of Possible ‘Collapse’ of State as Protests Continue - WP

Army Chief Warns of Egypt’s ‘Collapse’ as Chaos Mounts - NYT

Army Warns of Egypt's 'Collapse' - BBC

Mursi Heads to Germany on Trip Cut Back by Egypt Crisis - Reuters

Protests Reveal Deficit of Trust in Muslim Brotherhood - CSM editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Clinton Sees Opening for Revived Mideast Peace Talks - VOA

Israel Skips UN Review on Rights, a New Move - NYT

Israel Boycotts UN Rights Council - BBC

Israel to Transfer Tax Funds to Palestinians - NYT

Israel Rebukes Argentina for Deal With Iran to Investigate Attack - NYT

Israel Condemns Argentina-Iran Inquiry - BBC

BP and ExxonMobil Take Up Opposite Sides on Front Lines in Iraq - QZ

New Iraq Abuse Cases Go to UK Court - BBC

UK PM to Visit Algeria for Talks - BBC

Why Palestine Should Take Israel to Court in The Hague - NYT opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

US, Niger Take Steps Toward Drone-Based Campaign - S&S

Guantanamo Judge Declines to Explain Mysterious Censoring - WP

9/11 Terror Suspects Absent From Hearing - VOA

Obama's Envoy for Closing Guantanamo Reassigned - AP

US Jails Iraqis in Terror Case - BBC

So How are Those Efforts to Close Gitmo Going? - FP opinion


US Department of Defense

Military to Unveil New Counterinsurgency Field Manual - S&S

Soldier with New Arms Determined to Be Independent - AP

Some Marine Combat Jobs May Remain Closed to Women - USAT

Navy Weapons Testing Safe for Marine Mammals, Report Finds - SS

NORAD Jets Prepare to Protect Super Bowl Skies - AFPS

Hagel: A Leader for All - WP opinion

Questions for Hagel's Confirmation Hearing - NYT opinion


United States

Lawmakers See No Deal in Sight to Stop Sequester - WP

Obama Urges Speed on Immigration, But Exposes Conflicts - NYT

Obama Urges Congress Not  to Delay on Immigration - WP

NRA Chief Expected to Testify Gun Owners Will Resist New Measures - WP

Senate Panel Approves Kerry Nomination for Secretary of State - VOA

Senate Approves Kerry for Secretary of State - NYT

Now Confirmed, Kerry Sets Eyes on State Department - WP

Senate Confirms Kerry Nomination for State Department - AP

Kerry Approved to Replace Clinton - BBC

Senate Confirmations Often Become Political Battles - VOA

Clinton 'Not Inclined' to Run for President in 2016 - VOA

Breuer Defends Tenure as He Steps Down from Justice Department - WP

9 New House Members Share Distinction of Being Veterans of Recent Wars - S&S

Obama Leads From Behind on Immigration - WP editorial


United Kingdom

Scots Independence Finding Awaited - BBC

Police Face Recruitment Shake-Up - BBC

Welcome to Britain. Our Weather Is Appalling. - NYT



Australian Leader Calls for Elections After Bruising Year - NYT

Gillard Sets Australia Poll Date of 14 September - BBC

Australian Floods - WP photo gallery



Nigeria’s Boko Haram Militants Announce Cease-Fire - VOA

Somalia: Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Mogadishu Bombing - VOA

Hundreds of Thousands of Children Need Help in CAR - VOA

Treat Greed in Africa as a War Crime - NYT opinion



Israel Rebukes Argentina for Deal With Iran to Investigate Attack - NYT

Israel Condemns Argentina-Iran Inquiry - BBC

Mexico's New President Mostly Mum on Drug Violence - AP

Police in Mexico Pull 14 Slain Musicians From Well - AP

Mexico Breaks Up Alleged Border Sex-Slavery Cult - AP

After Club Fire, Some Fault Brazilians’ Fatalism - NYT

Brazil Fire 'Caused by Flares' - BBC

UN Agency: Venezuela Prison Violence 'Alarming' - AP


Asia / Pacific

South China Sea Dispute Poses Challenge for US - VOA

Japan Expresses Willingness to Meet Chinese Counterparts - NYT

China Announces Naval Exercise Amid Japan Tensions - AP

Chinese Dissident Chen Honored in Washington - VOA

South Korea Launches Space Rocket - BBC

South Korea Says It Has Launched Space Rocket - AP

Departing S. Korean Leader Creates Furor With Pardons - NYT

New Target for Google Maps: Streets of N. Korea - NYT

For Ex-Leader of Thailand, Rule by Skype - NYT



Ukraine Jails Ex-Official for Journalist Death - VOA

Ukrainian General Sentenced to Life in Journalist’s Killing - NYT

Turkey: Women Have High Profile in Kurdish Struggle - VOA

Catalonia Asks Spain for 9bn Euros - BBC

Italy: Berlusconi’s Praise of Il Duce Demands Condemnation - WP editorial


South Asia

Pakistan Says Militant Bases Broken Up Near Afghan Border - Reuters

Pakistani Women Feel Unsafe on Buses - VOA