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28 January SWJ Roundup

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Afghan Security Forces Now Bearing Brunt of War’s Violence - S&S

China Could Prove Ultimate Winner in Afghanistan - AP

US Forces Hopeful for Peace in Town Friendly to Taliban - S&S

In Afghanistan, Teaching Music to Overcome War's Percussion - S&S

18 Afghan Officers Killed in Two Attacks - WP

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Afghan Police - VOA

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Police in Afghanistan - AP

Soldier Famous for YouTube Video of Taliban Firefight Interviewed - S&S

On Camera and Under Taliban Fire - WP

Tragedies Tied to Taliban Commander Link Girls Living a World Apart - WP



French-led Troops 'Have Control of Timbuktu Airport' - BBC

France Says It Secures Access to Timbuktu - AP

Gao Celebrates Islamists' Retreat in Northern Mali - VOA

With Fighters Gone, Malians Welcome Normal Days - NYT

French-Backed Malian Forces Advance on Gao - VOA

French, Malian Forces Capture Gao Rebel Stronghold - Reuters

French FM: Mali Slowly Being Liberated - Reuters

Defense Officials Try to Rush African Troops to Mali - VOA

AU Set to Discuss Mali Deployment - BBC

US Expands Aid to French in Mali - WP

US to Support French in Mali with Aerial Refueling - AP

Facing Constraints, US Urges Political Progress in Mali - VOA

Child Soldier's Tale Illustrates Mali's Dirty War - AP

A Tale of Two Islamisms - NYT opinion



Israel Girds for Attacks as Syria Falls Apart - NYT

Russian PM: Delaying Syrian Reforms May be 'Fatal' Error for Assad - VOA

Russia Says Assad's Prospects Fading - Reuters

Paris Meeting to Ensure Nations Keep Syria Promise - AP

NATO Says Missiles Operational on Turkey-Syria Border - VOA

NATO Missile Defense Battery in Turkey Operational - AP

Refugees Again, Palestinians Flee Syria's War - AP



Egypt Football Verdict Sparks Deadly Clashes - VOA

Egypt: Death Sentences Over Football Riots Spark Violence - BBC

Morsi Declares Emergency in Flashpoint Egyptian Cities - VO

Egypt’s Leader Declares State of Emergency in Three Cities - NYT

Egypt’s Morsi Declares State of Emergency, Curfews - WP

Morsi Declares Egypt Emergency - BBC

Clashes in Egypt Despite State of Emergency - AP

Egypt Opposition Spokesman Blames Mursi Over Security - Reuters

Egypt's Unfinished Revolution - FP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Options for a Troubled Region - VOA

Iranian FM: Venue Dispute Snags Nuclear Talks - AP

Israeli Official Hints Lone Strike on Iran Unnecessary - NYT

Iran Denies Explosion at Underground Uranium Facility - Reuters

Argentina and Iran Agree on Probe - BBC

Argentina, Iran Agree to Interrogate Suspects in Jewish Center Bombing - WP

US Condemns Sentencing of American Pastor in Iran - Reuters

Iran Arrests 11 Reporters Over 'Foreign Contacts' - AP

Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Law to Block Maliki From Third Term - Reuters

Iraqi Sunni Fallujah Funerals Draw Thousands - BBC

Iraq: 2 Soldiers Killed Near Rally Shooting Site - AP

UAE 'Coup Plotters' to be Tried - BBC

Protests Erupt in Bahrain Capital - BBC

UN Security Council Envoys in Yemen to Bolster Peace Efforts - Reuters

In N. Africa, US Should Lead from Way Behind - CNN opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Pretrial Hearings Resume for Terror Suspects at Guantanamo Bay - VOA

US Appeals Court Throws Out Terrorism Convictions - AP

Court Rulings Dim Outlook for Guantanamo Trials - AP



Assange: WikiLeaks Film Script Leaked to WikiLeaks - AP


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Expanding Cybersecurity Force to Protect Networks - NYT

Pentagon to Give Major Boost to its Cybersecurity Forces - WP

DOD’s 46,000 Temporary Workers May Face Firing - Bloomberg

Virginia Faces $1.4B Loss Under Planned Navy Cuts - VP

Who Made That Military Dog Tag? - NYT

Can Women be Drafted? - WP

Why Obama Picked Hagel - WP opinion

Hagel: “Eisenhower Republican” - WP opinion

Women in Combat? Let's Get Real - G&M opinion


United States

Obama and Clinton are Best Buds in Prime-Time Interview - WP

Debt Deal May Increase Risk of Sequestration - S&S

Path to Government Inefficiency Paved with Threats of Spending Cuts - WP

Pressure Increases on Suspects in Federal Stuxnet Probe - WP

Hackers Take Over US Government Website - VOA

Anonymous Hacks US Agency Website - BBC

White House Takes Gun Control to American Public - VOA

Push for US Immigration Reform Gains Momentum - VOA

Senators Plan Major Reform of Immigration Laws - WP

Senators Offer a Bipartisan Blueprint for Immigration - NYT

Baltimore VA Office Worst in Nation for Processing Disability Claims - BS

VA Seeks Answers on Long-Term Effects of Burn Pits - AP


United Kingdom

UK Citizenship Test 'to Cover Britain's Greats' - BBC

History, Culture, Humor on New UK Citizenship Test - AP



Peace, Security at Forefront of AU Summit - VOA

Nigerian Activists Google Map Capital City - VOA

Report: UN Document Links Britons to Somalia Kidnapping - AP

Britain Warns of 'Specific' Threat in Somaliland - VOA

Britons Warned of Somaliland Threat - BBC

Britain Warns Its Citizens in Somaliland to Leave - NYT



Argentina, Iran Agree to Interrogate Suspects in Jewish Center Bombing - WP

Argentina and Iran Agree on Probe - BBC

Venezuela’s Chavez Undergoes New Medical Treatment in Cuba - VOA

Venezuela Jail Closed After Deadly Riot - BBC

Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills 232, More than 100 Injured - VOA

Nightclub Fire Kills Scores in Brazil - WP

Brazil’s Difficult Battle Against Cocaine - WP

Brazil Landless Leader Shot Dead - BBC

Guns Fired at Dominican Republic Party HQ - BBC


Asia / Pacific

North Korea Vows 'Important' Measures - BBC

N. Korea Vows ‘High-Profile’ Retaliation Over New UN Sanctions - NYT

China Says Concerned by Japan's Move to Boost Military - Reuters

Japan Ex-China Envoy: Tokyo Erred on Islands Row - AP

China-Hollywood Connection Changes Movie Business - VOA

China Test Flies Heavy Air Force Freight Plane - AP

Gunmen Kill 9 Police, Villagers in Philippines - AP

Philippine Extremists Refuse to Free Hostages - AP

Philippines Accuses China of Chasing Fishing Boats - AP

Compensation for Philippine Dictatorship Victims - AP

Burmese Rebels Claim to Have Retaken Vital Outpost - VOA

Suu Kyi 'Still Fond of Burma Army' - BBC

Burma Gets $952m in Fresh Loans - BBC

Vietnam Tries 22 Democracy Activists on Subversion - AP

Ex-General Who Briefly Ran South Vietnam Dies in US - AP



Norway Debates Overseas Ventures After Siege in Algeria - NYT

Holocaust Victims Mourned at Auschwitz and Beyond - AP

Italy: Berlusconi Praises 'Good' Mussolini - BBC

Former PM Wins Czech Presidency - VOA

France's Military Nearly Unmatched in Europe - GP opinion


South Asia

India, Pakistan Resume Bus Service in Kashmir - AP

Travel Resumes on Kashmir Border - BBC

Militant Groups Clash in Pakistan, 24 Killed - AP

Scores Hurt as Islamists Take to Bangladesh Streets Over Tribunal - Reuters

Bangladesh: Islamist Party Men Attack Police - AP