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26 January SWJ Roundup


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French-Backed Malian Forces Push Toward Rebel Stronghold - VOA

French Force and Malians Advancing Into North - NYT

Mali Troops 'Take Northern Town' - BBC

French-Backed Mali Forces Push Towards Rebel-Held Gao - Reuters

Mali Expert Says Tuareg People Key to Beating Insurgents - S&S

Obama Expresses Support in Call With France's Hollande - Reuters

US Clears Legal Hurdles to Mali Effort - WP

US Weighing How Much Help to Give France’s Military Operation - NYT

US May Give $32M to Train African Troops in Mali - AP

US Air Force Delivers French Troops to Mali - AFPS

UK Sends Surveillance Plane to Support French in Mali - Reuters

AU Security Council Calls for More Troops in Mali - VOA

Morocco Says Has No Plans to Send Troops to Mali - Reuters

Turkey Reinforces 'Hands Off' Policy on Mali - VOA

France Is 'Enemy Number 1' for Jihadists After Mali - Reuters



US Sending $10 Million in New Aid to Syria - AP

Iran Official: Attack on Syria Is Attack on Us - AP

US Patriots Set To Begin NATO Missile Defense in Turkey - AFPS

Twin Car Bombs Kill 8 in Syria's Golan Heights - VOA

Syrian Forces Escalate Offensive in Homs - AP

Syrian Troops and Militia Push to Take Sunni Homs Areas - Reuters

UN Cites Record Numbers as Syrians Flee to Jordan - NYT

Abbas Asks Israel to Let in Palestinians Fleeing Syria - Reuters

Syria Says ICC Call Hinders Search for End to Conflict - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Arab Spring Remains a Work in Progress - VOA

Iran’s Politicians Call For Free Elections - WP

US Exasperated by Iran Delaying Nuke Talks - AP

Iranian Ship Back Home After Sri Lankan Escape - Reuters

Iraqi Forces Kill 5 Protesters in Fallujah - VOA

Deadly Turn in Protests Against Iraqi Leadership - NYT

Violence Erupts at Iraq Rally; 5 Protesters Killed - AP

Iraq Sunnis Threaten Army Attacks - BBC

Iraqi Insurgents Try to Harness Opposition Rage - AP

Protests Erupt in Bahrain Capital - BBC

Jordan Democracy Activists Enjoy Camaraderie, Freedom to Protest - LAT

Israel’s Yair Lapid: A Voice for Change or Same Old Same Old? - VOA

New Israeli Political Star Sets Lofty Expectations - AP

Police Clash With Egyptian Protesters - VOA

Deadly Riots Erupt Across Egypt on Anniversary of Revolution - NYT

Egypt: Anniversary of Uprising Spurs Protests - WP

Deadly Protests Roil Egypt on Anniversary of Revolution - LAT

Angry Protests Leave 7 Dead on Egypt Anniversary - AP

Fatal Clashes Mark Egypt Uprising - BBC

Police and Protesters Clash in Egypt, Army Sent to Suez - Reuters

21 Sentenced to Die in Egypt Soccer Violence - AP

Algeria Admits Mistakes in Standoff - AP

2 News Outlets Find Prized Sources in Algeria Siege: The Fighters - NYT

The Mirage of the Arab Spring - FA opinion

Algeria's Secrets Obscure 'War on Terror' in the Sahara - TN opinion

Egypt Needs an Economic Miracle - Bloomberg opinion


US Department of Defense

Army Freezes Hiring, Says Most Will be Furloughed - WP

Dempsey Discusses Cyberattacks, Other Issues in NBC Interview - AFPS

Marine Commandant: Focus Remains on Combat Readiness - AFPS

Pentagon Reverses Some of Its Censoring of a War Book - NYT

Can the Air Force Draw Lessons From Reality TV? - DP

Doctor Outlines Global Health’s Tie to Security Operations - AFPS

Joint Strike Fighter Already Making an Impact in North Carolina - SJ

Looking to Israel for Clues on Women in Combat - NYT

Combat Roles for Women Will Strengthen Military, Leaders Say - S&S

Army Training Commander Promises Fair Standards for Combat Jobs - AFPS

Navy Secretary: Rescinding Combat Ban Continues Inclusion Trend - AFPS

Air Force to Pursue Opening Remaining Combat Positions to Women - AFPS

Forum on Obama Spurs Army Review of AKO Site - S&S

Senators to Probe Air Force’s $1 Billion Failed Software - Bloomberg

Air Wing's Move from Atsugi to Iwakuni Delayed 3 Years - S&S

Commander of Attack Sub USS Pasadena Relieved of Duty - AP

Band of Brothers and Sisters - LAT editorial

The Wrong Man to be Defense Secretary - WP opinion

No Women in Combat - WP opinion

Was I Right or Wrong to Kill? - WP opinion


United States

Rubio and Paul Embody Conservative Debate Over Foreign Policy - NYT

US Boosts Diplomatic Security After Benghazi Attack - VOA

Court Overturns Another Guantanamo Conviction - Reuters

Ex-CIA Officer Sentenced to 30 Months in Leak - NYT

US Appeals Court Rules on WikiLeaks Investigation - AP

Congress Considering Bills that Affect Veterans' Benefits, Employment - S&S

In Building His New Team, Obama Doesn’t Reach Very Far - NYT

Obama Recess Appointments Quashed - BBC

Biden Calls for Background Checks for Gun Buyers - VOA

How to Prevent the Next Benghazi - WP opinion

Want to Fight Terrorism? Educate Women - LAT opinion


United Kingdom

Report Stokes Fears of a UK Recession - WP

Petrol Bombs Fly Again as Northern Irish Flag Protests Continue - Reuters

UK's History of Hedging on Europe - TNI opinion



Mali, Sudan Dominate AU Summit Agenda - VOA

France Deploys Special Forces to Niger as Terrorism Fears Grow - VOA

UN 'Plans to Fight Rebels in DR Congo' - BBC

UN Chief to Recommend Intervention Troops for DR Congo - Reuters

Rights Groups in DR Congo Want National Peace Dialogue - VOA

South Africa 'Halts Zimbabwe Military Deal' - BBC

Somalia’s Al Shabab Finally Goes Too Far For Twitter - FP

Somalia’s Al-Shabab Twitter Account Stopped - BBC

Hope, and Lessons, in Somalia - NYT editorial



How Nazis Escaped Justice in South America - DS

Southcom Commander: Cooperation Vital in Confronting Threats - AFPS

Deadly Prison Riot in Venezuela - BBC

Dozens Reported Killed in Venezuela Prison Riot - AP

Venezuela Prison Riot Said to Have Killed Dozens - Reuters

Venezuela VP: Ailing Chavez in 'Best Moment' - AP

Mexican Suspects to Get Miranda-Style Warnings - AP

French Woman's Release Stirs Up Anger in Mexico - LAT

Brazil Drug Lord 'Nem' Sentenced - BBC

Brazil to Carry Out Amazon Survey - BBC

Cuba: Castro's Arrival Irks Chilean Right at Summit - AP


Asia / Pacific

Kerry Concerned About US Military Buildup in Asia - VOA

US: US, China Oppose North Korea Nuclear Test - AP

N. Korea Warns of Retaliation if South Helps Enforce Sanctions - NYT

US Promises Action After North Korea's Blatant Threats - LAT

US Forces in Vulnerable State in Korea, Commander Says - S&S

Chinese Leader Takes Conciliatory Tone With Japanese Lawmaker - NYT

Japan-China in Talks to Calm Row - BBC

For China, Corruption Fight is 'Life or Death' Struggle - VOA

Chinese Party and Business Officials Fired in Sex Scandal - NYT

Anti-China Protests Get Creative in Vietnam - VOA

With Burma in Mind, China Quietly Supports Wa Rebels - VOA

Burma Rejects US Criticism Over Ethnic Conflict - AP

Myanmar Rebukes US for Calling It 'Burma' - Reuters

North Korea's Game of Nuclear Brinkmanship - Guardian editorial

Asia Pivot: One Big Contradiction - TD opinion

Work With China, Don’t Contain It - NYT opinion

Why Sticks Don't Work with North Korea - CNN opinion



France Is 'Enemy Number 1' for Jihadists After Mali - Reuters

US Withdraws From Project With Russia on Civil Society - NYT

US Quits Working Group with Russia - WP

Officials in Azerbaijan Claim to Restore Order to Rioting City - NYT

Portuguese Flee Economic Crisis - BBC

Greek Opposition Leader Seeks Conference on Debt - NYT

Greece: Athens 10-day Metro Strike Ends - BBC

Europe, Beware of Islamist Backlash - Commentator opinion


South Asia

Afghans Criticize UN Report on Abuse and Torture of Detainees - NYT

Afghanistan's New Generation: Modern, Ambitious... Naive? - LAT

US Bars Afghan Airline Over Drugs - BBC

Afghanistan: ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Militant Groups Clash in NW Pakistan, 24 Killed - AP

India Needs to ‘Reset Its Moral Compass,’ President Says - NYT

India's Republic Day Ceremonies Pass Peacefully - AP

India Disappointed With Mumbai Terrorist Sentence - VOA

India: Doubts Raised About Fairness of Delhi Rape Trial - AP