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23 January SWJ Roundup


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17 Die from Cold in Afghan Refugee Camps - VOA

Prince Harry Compares War to PlayStation, Taliban Not Amused - NYT

Prince Harry's Wartime Role Draws Reprisal Fears - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

How to Talk to the Taliban - Time opinion



Syria Activists: Hama Car Bomb Toll at Least 42 - VOA

Syrian Refugees Overwhelm Lebanon, Region - WP

Defying Expectations, Kurds Resist Assad - NYT

Syrian Rebels Clash With Kurds in Northeast - Reuters

Russians Flee Syria via Beirut - BBC

Russians Fleeing Syria Cross Into Lebanon - NYT

Russia Starts Evacuating Nationals from Syria - AP

Russia's Syria Evacuation Reflects Doubts on Assad - AP



Israel's Netanyahu Claims Victory in Elections - VOA

Israel: Netanyahu Pledge After Narrow Win - BBC

Netanyahu is Weakened After Israeli Elections - WP

Netanyahu Narrowly Wins Israeli Election - AP

Tepid Vote for Netanyahu in Israel Is Seen as Rebuke - NYT

Israeli Vote Might Constrain Netanyahu's Foreign Policy - Reuters

Netanyahu Turns Focus to Iran After Narrow Election Win - Reuters

Charismatic Leader Helps Israel Turn Toward the Center - NYT

Hamas Paints Malaysian Premier’s Visit as a Stand Against Israel - NYT



Algerian Official: Missing Foreigners May Have Fled into Sahara - WP

Terror and a Desperate Escape Into the Sahara - NYT

Analysts Predict More Active Algerian Anti-Terrorism Policy - VOA

Some Algeria Attackers Are Placed at Benghazi - NYT

DOD Provides Airlift Support to Algeria Attack Victims - AFPS

Algerian Attack Puts Focus on Worker Security - NYT



Calm Returning to Recaptured Malian Towns - VOA

US Begins Airlift of a French Battalion to Mali - NYT

Pentagon: US Air Force Flying French Troops, Equipment to Mali - S&S

US Starst French Airlifts to Mali - BBC

EU to Play Active Role in Mali Crisis, Foreign Policy Chief Says - Reuters

Pentagon Spokesman Commends France’s Efforts in Mali - AFPS

Regional Response to Mali Could Lead to Pitfalls - VOA

Fight for Mali Town Reflects Islamist Tactics - AP

Chadians Advance in Mali Troop Moves Against Islamists - Reuters

UN Chief Warns Against Logistical Support for Mali War - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

Deadly Car Bombings Strike Iraq - BBC

Burst of Iraq Violence Amid Political Crisis - NYT

Iran’s Currency Falls Further on Concerns Over Bank - NYT

Bahrain Opposition Agrees to Talks - BBC

Kuwaiti Police Use Stun Grenades to Disperse Protesters - Reuters

Court Rejects Saudi Blogger Case - BBC

Libya; Clinton Prepares for Benghazi Consulate Attack Testimony - VOA

Libya Consulate Attack: Clinton to Appear Before Congress - WP

Egypt Opposition Leader Aims to Break Islamist Dominance - Reuters

Egypt Reports Rise in Tourist Numbers  - VOA

Jordan’s Missed Opportunities - WP editorial

Netanyahu, Peace with Palestine and the Israeli Election - WP opinion

Obama Second Term Bodes Trouble for Israel - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Hagel and McCain Sit Down to Iron Out Differences - NYT

Senior Military Officials Order Trims as Pentagon Prepares for Shortfall - WP

Army Directs Cost-Cutting Steps in Face of Possible Budget cuts - S&S

Spokesman: Sequestration Planning Hinders Pentagon - AFPS

Pentagon Researches New Life for Dead Satellites - S&S

Despite Smaller Budget, Air Force Seeks to Protect Satellites - AFPS

Gen. Allen Cleared in Email Investigation Linked to Petraeus Scandal - S&S

Gen. John Allen Cleared in Misconduct Inquiry - WP

US General Cleared Over Emails - BBC

Army General at Military Hearing on Sex Charges Defers Plea - AP


United States

Republicans Offer Novel Plan on Federal Debt - WP

Clinton to be Grilled Over Diplomatic Security, But Problems Far From New - WP


United Kingdom

UK PM to Promise EU Referendum - BBC

Cameron to Propose Vote on EU Relationship - AP

Britain Must Solve 'Catholic Question' to Amend Royal Rules - Reuters


United Nations

Global Campaign Aims to Cut 1.3 Billion Tons of Wasted, Lost Food - VOA



Analysts: Greater African Security, Governance Needed After Algeria Crisis - VOA

Attacks in Nigeria Leave 23 Dead - BBC

Suspected Islamists Kill 23 in Two Nigeria Attacks - Reuters

Kenya Power-Sharing Plan Sparks Conflict - VOA

US Chides Sudan, South Sudan for Oil Export Delay - Reuters

South Sudan Defends Army Sackings - BBC

Liberia's Taylor Appeals War Crimes Conviction at The Hague - BBC

Eritrean Siege Stalemate Sheds Light on an Opaque Society - VOA

Eritrea Calm After 'Asmara Raid' - BBC

President Banda Outlines Her Vision for Malawi - VOA



USNORTHCOM Pursues Closer Engagement With Mexico - AFPS

Venezuela: Chavez 'in Physiotherapy' - BBC

Venezuelan Government: Chavez Recovering - AP

Chile Capital Sees Water Shortage - BBC

Pre-Trial Hearing Starts for Guatemala Ex-Dictator - AP

Bolivia Lawmaker Caught in Sex Video Arrested - AP

Venezuela’s  Missing President - NYT opinion


Asia / Pacific

Obama Still Searching for Right Tone in Executing ‘Asia Pivot’ - McClatchy

Japanese Lawmaker in China for Talks on Island Dispute - VOA

Japan Makes Overture to China in Islands Dispute - NYT

Tibetan Man Dies After Self-Immolation in China Protest - VOA

Philippines Taking South China Sea Fight to Tribunal - AP

Security Council Poised to Tighten Sanctions Against North Korea - VOA

Security Council Condemns North Korea Rocket Launching - NYT

North Korea Nuclear Vow After UN Acts - BBC

After UN Acts, North Korea Vows to Beef Up Nukes - AP

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge Tribunal Moves Forward Without 2 Defendants - VOA

Indonesia: Bali Briton Death Penalty Condemned - BBC

Thailand: Editor Gets 10 Years in Jail for Royal Insult - AP



In Italy, the Mafia Goes Green - WP

Poland Braces for Fresh Labor Exodus - WP

Prosecutors Call for Investigation on Greek Deficit - NYT

Europe’s Odd Couple, France and Germany, 50 Years Later - NYT opinion

A Cold Shoulder for Russian Dissidents - NYT opinion


South Asia

India Warns Kashmiris to Prepare for Nuclear War - NYT

Gadkari Drops Out of India's BJP Leadership - BBC

For Rape Victims in India, Police Are Often Part of the Problem - NYT

Sri Lanka Extends Police Detention of Suspects Amid Protests - Reuters