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21 January SWJ Roundup


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‘Afghan-Sustainable’ Policy Shifts Security Burden from Coalition - S&S

Anti-Torture Efforts in Afghanistan Failed, UN Says - NYT

UN: Prisoners Still Tortured in Afghan Prisons - AP

Taliban Strikes Afghan Police Building - WP

Coordinated Kabul Suicide Attack Targets Government Building - Reuters

Taliban Attack on Kabul Police HQ Kills 3 Officers - AP

Taliban Claim Attack on Afghan Capital - VOA



US, UK Defense Chiefs Say Hostage Situation Over - S&S

Debate Emerges Over Hostage-Takers’ Intent - WP

Algeria Says 80 Dead at Gas Complex Siege Site - VOA

Algerians Find Many More Dead at Hostage Siege Site - NYT

Algeria Hostage Death Toll 'Rises' - BBC

Death Toll Climbs Past 80 in Siege in the Sahara - AP

Obama: Blame for Algeria Tragedy Rests With Terrorists - AFPS

UK PM to Give Algeria Aftermath Update - BBC

Algeria Finds Dead Canadian Militants as Siege Toll Rises - Reuters

Canada Says Checking Reports About Canadian Algeria Militant - Reuters

Algeria Sees No Impact on Investment After Attack - Reuters



French Official: Syria Opposition, Backers to Meet in Paris - VOA

Syrian Aide Asks Rebels to Give Up Weapons - NYT

Syria's Muallem Calls for Talks - BBC

Syria Opposition Postpones Formation of Transitional Government - NYT

Syrian Opposition Fails to Form Transitional Government - Reuters

International Pressure Growing to Refer Syria to ICC - VOA

Activists: Syrian Air Strike Kills 7 Near Damascus - VOA

German Patriot Missiles Systems Reach Turkey - AP

Power Outage Hits Damascus, South Syria - AP

The Syrian Refugee Crisis - NYT editorial


Middle East / North Africa

Jihadists’ Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring - NYT

Algerian Stance Spoils US Strategy for Region - WP

Libya: Clinton to Testify on Benghazi Attack - VOA

Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims Killing of Sunni Lawmaker - AP

At Least 13 Suspected al-Qaida Men Killed in Yemen - AP

Yemen: US Drone Strike Kills 2 Al-Qaida Militants - AP

Israel Election: Iran’s Nuclear Program, Palestinians Low on List - WP

Israeli PM Faces Tough Choice if Re-Elected - AP

Israeli PM in Settlements Pledge - BBC

Rightist Israeli Candidate’s Remarks Cause Stir - NYT

US-Born Israeli Parliamentary Candidate in Trouble - AP

Israel Removes Palestinian Protest Camp Outside Jerusalem - Reuters

Jordanians Prepare to Vote, Muslim Brotherhood Not on Ballot - WP

Little-Noticed Policy Could Further Squeeze Oil Income of Iran - WP

Iran Resorts to Hangings in Public to Cut Crime - NYT

Iran: Guard Criticizes 2011 Storming of British Embassy - AP

Arab World Needs Strong Commitment from Obama - GN editorial

Bracing for Israel's 'Super Tuesday' - JP opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

CIA Gets Exception in Upcoming Drone Strike ‘Playbook’ - WP

Panetta: US Will Work With Africans to Fight al-Qaida - VOA

Panetta Calls for ‘Innovative’ Allied Action - AFPS

West Faces ‘Decades’ of  Conflict in North Africa - FT

North Africa Is a New Test for US as Terror Cells Spread - NYT

Al-Qaeda Branch’s Image Soars After Algeria and Mali Sttacks - WP

Al-Qaida Flourishes in Sahara, Emerges Stronger - AP

For Obama, al-Qaeda Is the World's Problem Now - Telegraph opinion

Don't Panic: Al-Qaeda Is Still Losing - Guardian opinion



Despite Declining Number of Pirate Attacks, Seas Still Far from Safe - S&S

Officials: Pirates Seize Oil Tanker in Ivory Coast - AP

Gunmen Seize Panama-Flagged Tanker in Ivory Coast - Reuters


US Department of Defense

On Final Official Trip, Panetta Shares Legacy of Service - AFPS

Fiscal Crisis, Budget Battle Mark Panetta's Tenure - AP

Sex is Major Reason Military Commanders are Fired - AP

Professor Criticizes Naval Academy's Reaction to Sex Assault Report - TC

Ship Stuck in Philippines Used Faulty Map, Navy Says - AP

Chuck Hagel’s War - NYT opinion


United States

Obama, Biden Sworn In, Day Before Public Ceremony - VOA

Obama Sworn in for 4 More Years in Office - AP

The Dawn of a Second Term - WP

An Inaugural in a Lower Key; Less Tension, Less History - NYT

A New Term, But Old Divisions Remain - WP

Obama’s Foreign Policy Goals Appear More Modest - NYT

Review Fails to Lift Secrecy on Federal Intelligence Court Rulings - WP

Holder Urges Mayors to Press for Background Checks for Gun Buyers - WP

Texas Attorney General to New Yorkers: Come on Down, With Guns - NYT

Thousands Rally to Support US Gun Rights - VOA

Obama’s Second-Term Climate - WP editorial


United Kingdom

Cameron Reschedules Europe Speech for Wednesday - NYT


United Nations

Keeping the Internet Free - WP editorial



France Calls on African Forces to Take Lead in Mali - VOA

France Wants 'Reconquest' of Mali - BBC

French, Mali Troops Cautiously Advance Against Islamists - VOA

French Troops Advance in Mali Toward Town Abandoned by Rebels - WP

French Troops Enter Mali's Diabaly as Islamists Vanish - Reuters

French Seize Control of Key Mali Town of Diabaly - AP

US Sends Trainers to Prepare Mali-Bound African Force - WP

UK Rejects Combat Role in Mali After Algeria Crisis - Reuters

Is Mali the Next Afghanistan? - McClatchy

Ugandan Troops Kill Rebel Who Guarded Warlord Kony - AP

Uganda Kills Kony Bodyguard in Central African Republic - Reuters

Rwanda President: No Issue With UN Drones in Congo - AP

South Africa Court Convicts Nigeria Rebel - BBC

Somalia Leader Plea to Diaspora - BBC

Eritrean Troops Surround Ministry of Information - Reuters

Ethiopia's PM Expected to be New AU Chair - VOA



US Breaks Latin America Sex-Trafficking Ring - BBC

Mexico Police Officers Arrested - BBC

In Mexico, Self-Defense Squads Battle Violence - AP

Colombia’s FARC Rebels End Truce - BBC

Colombia’s ELN Kidnaps Mine Workers - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez 'Gaining Strength' - BBC

Venezuela’s Chavez Not Going Quietly - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

China Criticizes Clinton’s Remarks About Dispute Over Islands - NYT

China Anger at US Islands Remarks - BBC

China Says US Culpable in Japan Island Dispute - AP

Taiwan, China Complete Direct Undersea Data Cable - VOA

New Clashes Reported Between Army and Rebels in Burma - NYT

Burma Says Troops Ordered Not to Attack Kachin Rebel HQ - VOA

Rebels Accuse Burma Army of Ignoring Cease-Fire Order - VOA

Thailand Army Chief Wants Officers Probed for People Trafficking - Reuters

North Korea Loosens Restrictions on Foreign Cellphones - AP

Ignoring North Korea’s Gulags - WP opinion

Japan's Evolving Navy - TD opinion



Anger, Fear Sweep Europe After Algeria Attack - VOA

French Police Hold Two in Kurd Killings - VOA

Turkey Rounds Up Human Rights Lawyers - VOA

Bomb Attacks in Greece Raise Fear of Radicalism - NYT

Germans Vote in Regional Election - VOA

Germany: Center-Left Defeats Merkel’s Party in State Vote - NYT

Austrians Appear to Reject Changes to Conscript Army - NYT

Adoption Ban Splits Russia - VOA

Tymoshenko's Lawyer Faces Legal Action in Ukraine - AP

Support for Bulgaria's Ruling Party High Ahead of Referendum - Reuters


South Asia

India’s Gandhi Promises to Change Old Ways of Elitist Politics - WP

Political Heir Says Too Few in India Hold Political Sway - NYT

India: Delhi Gang Rape Murder Trial to Get Under Way - BBC

India: Delhi Gang-Rape Trial to Begin Thursday - AP

India Is Losing the Economic Race with China - NYT opinion