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16 January SWJ Roundup


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Karzai: Afghan Security Will Not Be Compromised When US Leaves - LAT

Powerful Car Bomb Explodes Outside Afghan Intelligence Agency - NYT

Suicide Bomb Attack on Afghan Security Offices in Kabul - BBC

Afghan Massacre Suspect Bales To Be Arraigned Thursday - AP

US Plays Down Afghan Threat to Central Asia - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Syrian Rebels Find Hearts and Minds Elusive - NYT

Report: At Least 52 Killed in Syria University Blast - VOA

Dozens Killed as Explosions Hit Syrian University - NYT

2 Explosions Hit University in Syrian Flashpoint City of Aleppo - WP

Deadly Blasts at Syria University - BBC

Death Toll From Syria University Blasts Reaches 87 - AP

Consulate Supported Claim of Syria Gas Attack, Report Says - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Iran: UN Nuclear Experts to Visit Tehran - VOA

Iraqi Bombers Kill More Than 20 in Kirkuk - NYT

Iraqi Sunni Lawmaker Killed in Suicide Bombing - VOA

Sunni Lawmaker in Iraq Is Killed in a Suicide Bombing - NYT

Iraqi MP Killed by Suicide Bomber - BBC

Suicide Bombing Kills 10 in Iraq - BBC

Iraq Reels Under Intensifying Political Divide - VOA

Report: Turkey Strikes Kurd Rebel Targets in Iraq - AP

Israeli Troops Kill Teenager Near West Bank Barrier - WP

Israeli Watchdog Rips Netanyahu Over Settlements - AP

US Continues Arms Sales to Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown - PP

Saudis Jail Egypt Rights Lawyer - BBC

Libya: Clinton to Testify Before Congress on Benghazi Consulate Attack - VOA

US Criticizes Egypt’s Leader for Anti-Semitic Remarks - NYT

Egypt: US Attacks Morsi 'Zionist Slurs' - BBC

Egypt Train Derailment Kills 19, Injures 107 - VOA

Egyptian President Morsi’s Repulsive Comments - NYT editorial


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Insiders Preferred Another Over Hagel - WT

Schumer Says He’s Satisfied With Hagel on Mideast - NYT

Chuck Hagel Tries to Alleviate Democrats' Fears - Politico

Suicides in Military Rise, Even as Combat Lessens - AP

Funeral Scheduled for Gen. Schwarzkopf - AP

Schumer Rustled Up to Stop the Hagel Bleeding - WP opinion


United States

Obama Signs Bill Expanding State Dept. Rewards - AP

Credit Rating Agency Warns Washington - VOA

Wal-Mart Hiring Initiative Targets New Veterans - S&S

Obama to Propose Expansive National Gun-Control Agenda - WP

Obama Gun Proposal to Look Beyond Mass Shootings - NYT

Obama Urges Congress to Ban Military-Style Weapons, Ammo - AP

Obama to Unveil Gun Control Plan - BBC

At World’s Largest Gun Show, Few Worries About Tighter Controls - WP

Sandy’s Big Bill - WP editorial

A New Line in the Sand Against Terror? - NYT opinion



France Continues Mali Air Strikes, Sends Tank Convoy North - VOA

French Troops Move North as Mali Rebels Dig In - NYT

Mali Conflict: French Set for Key Ground Combat - BBC

French Triple Troops in Mali, Prepare for Ground Assault - AP

Tens of Thousands Displaced by Intensified Mali Clashes - VOA

US Weighs Military Aid for France in Mali - WP

Panetta Answers Mali Questions in Europe - AFPS

Panetta: No US Troops to Mali - VOA

Panetta: No US Troops On the Ground in Mali - S&S

France Tightens Domestic Security After Mali Operation - VOA

Somalia's al-Shabab 'to Kill' French Hostage Denis Allex - BBC

US Supported France's Failed Hostage Rescue in Somalia - CNN

Ugandan, US Forces Hunting LRA Welcome CAR Truce - AP

Kenya Group to Urge Arrest For ‘Hate Speech’ - VOA

British Special Constable Shot Dead by Bandits in Kenya - BBC



Mexico: Wave of Violence 'Leaves 38 Dead' - BBC

Fighting Back as Mexican Churches Are Looted - NYT

Meeting in Cuba Angers Venezuelan Opposition - NYT

Venezuela: Chavez Deputy Gives State Address - BBC

Guatemalan Politician Shot Dead - BBC

Cuba Confirms Cholera in Havana - BBC


Asia / Pacific

South Korea: US Delegation in Seoul for Security Talks - VOA

Japan's Prime Minister Heads to SE Asia - VOA

Japan PM in South East Asia Push - BBC

China Fog Masks Factory Fire - VOA

Burma Attacks in Kachin Prompt Global Criticism - VOA



In Europe Remarks, Panetta Stresses NATO Commitment - AFPS

Panetta Reassures Portugal on Azores After US Downsizes Base - WP

Portugal: US Delays Drawdown at Lajes Field, Panetta Says - S&S

Panetta Travels to Rome to Meet With Italian Leaders - AFPS

Panetta Arrives in Spain on Second Leg of European Trip - AFPS

France Tightens Domestic Security After Mali Operation - VOA

German Economy Contracted in Late 2012 - VOA

Slowdown in Germany Worries Euro Zone - NYT

How Turkey Can Make Peace With the Kurds - NYT opinion


South Asia

Kashmir Incidents Stir India-Pakistan Tension - WP

Kashmir Border: Pakistan Says India Killed Soldier - BBC

Pakistani Soldier Dies in Latest Attack in Kashmir - AP

Internal Forces Besiege Pakistan Ahead of Voting - NYT

Protest Leader Calls for 'Peaceful Revolution' in Pakistan - VOA

Arrest Order Issued for Pakistani PM - WP

Russia Grants $1 Billion Loan to Bangladesh for Weapons - VOA


Madhu (not verified)

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 9:01am

Searching for something else on the topic of contemporary NATO, I came across the following transcript:

I think he's exactly right. The original purpose, you know, which the wags used to say was to keep the Americans and the Russians out and the Germans down, clearly no longer exists. But NATO is this one multilateral institution through which the United States can work and, quite frankly, doesn't have to worry about a Russian and Chinese veto. So it's the second-tier organization you can go to, not quite as much legitimacy as the U.N., but clearly a broad, multilateral institution through which the United States can work.</blockquote> (Diane Rehm Show)

I want to "vet" ideas, I have no interest in personalizing any arguments based on any of the people mentioned in my comments.

Regarding the pivot to Asia, some pundits and scholars caution that the US and its allies may be creating an unnecessarily provocative posture toward China. However, is that sort of thing embedded institutionally within the NATOist "mindset" already?

By using the NATO alliance as a way to "get around Russia and China" are we creating problems for ourselves and are we blinded to what may be the reason for some friction?

Forgive my sarcasm, but poring over maps of MittelEuropa and obsessing over relations with the MidEast may not be the only intellectual background a person needs in this, the early twenty-first century....

Madhu (not verified)

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 10:55am

An addition to my other comment:


<blockquote>As NATO turns 60 in April 2009, celebrations will be tempered by the continuing difficulties it faces in Afghanistan. The Alliance's first operation outside the Euro-Atlantic area has revealed a major gap between grand ambitions and actual capability. Central to this problem is the political disunity among NATO's member-states. The Strasbourg–Kehl summit may provide an opportunity to rethink what can most realistically be expected from NATO in terms of its contribution to international peace and security. Here, much can be learnt from the manner in which it has thus far responded to changing strategic circumstances since the Cold War, and the constraints, internal and external, that have impinged on its activities and are likely to continue to do so. The evidence points to a need for NATO to bring its exalted political purposes into closer alignment with its actual military missions and capabilities. The Alliance still has a potentially important role to play, but greater realism is needed both as to its strengths and its weaknesses.</blockquote>

Madhu (not verified)

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 10:40am

"Chuck Hagel Tries to Alleviate Democrats' Fears" - Politico

What a strange conversation has developed around this topic. I don't understand the tenor of some of the questions?

At any rate, given my areas of interest, I am curious about the intellectual environment at the Atlantic Council, the concept of a "globalized" NATO, and the place of the American military within such a construct. I have a generalized interest in institutional thinking and how it affects decision-making, whatever administration. I have no interest in the partisan aspect.

Historically, did such a construct play a part in the making of strategy toward Afghanistan from 2002 onward within various foreign policy institutions? How would this affect decision-making going forward?

<blockquote>Brent Scowcroft, Chairman of the Atlantic Council’s International Advisory Board and head of the search committee that recommended Hagel, commended the Board’s choice: “Chuck Hagel's demonstrated leadership and well deserved reputation for supporting and advancing U.S. foreign policy interests without regard to partisan considerations will be tremendous assets to the Atlantic Council.”
Senator Hagel himself welcomed the opportunity, saying, “At no other time has the Atlantic Community faced such critical and complex global challenges. Whether the matter is Afghanistan and Pakistan, energy security and climate, or dealing with a rising China and resurgent Russia, transatlantic cooperation has never been more essential. The Atlantic Council has built up considerable momentum, and I want to build upon that important work.”</blockquote>