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15 January SWJ Roundup


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Afghan Elders to Decide About US Troop Immunity - VOA

Karzai Says Immunity for US Troops is Up to Afghan Elders - S&S

US to Give Spy Drones to Afghans, Karzai Says - NYT

Afghans Want Withdrawal of Village Police Trainers - WP

Afghan Defense Minister Hopes US Stays After 2014 - AP

NATO Official Presents Post-Afghanistan Priorities - AFPS

Senate GOP Leader Optimistic About Afghanistan - AP

DOD Seminar Examines Afghanistan Security Transition - AFPS

Biologist Tours at Bases in Afghanistan Making Troops, Wildlife Safer - IS

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS

Mission Shrink in Afghanistan - WP editorial



Dozens of Civilians Are Said to Be Killed by Syrian Airstrikes - NYT

International Effort Aims to Refer Syria to ICC - VOA

Syria Bombs Damascus Suburbs to Keep Rebels Out - AP

Explosion at Syria's Aleppo University Causes Casualties - Reuters

Rape Has Become ‘Significant’ Part of Syrian War - WP


Middle East / North Africa

Illuminating Jewish Life in a Muslim Empire - NYT

UN Nuclear Agency Seeks Iran Deal, Parchin Visit - Reuters

Iran: Khamenei's Ban of Nuclear Weapons Binding - AP

Iraq Reels Under Intensifying Political Divide - VOA

Suicide Bomb Attacker Kills Iraqi Sunni Lawmaker - Reuters

Hundreds of Iraqi Prisoners Freed - BBC

Israel Vows to Build in West Bank Site After Evicting Protesters - VOA

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Youth in West Bank - Reuters

Yemen Says Al Qaeda Holding Western Hostages - Reuters

Egypt: Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern - NYT

Libya Consulate Attack: Clinton to Testify Jan. 23 Before House Committee - AP

Libya: Italy Suspends Activity at Benghazi Consulate - Reuters

Egyptian Court Orders Retrial for Mubarak - VOA


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Senator Asks to View Files on Killings of Americans - NYT

Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans - DR

FBI Agent Says Oregon Bomb Suspect Discussed Martyrdom in Emails - Reuters

Al-Qaeda Is Back in Business - TA editorial

Exposing Uncle Sam’s Internet Snooping - WT editorial


US Department of Defense

How Much Power would Hagel Have in Pentagon? - VOA

Hagel’s Confirmation Fight May Be Easier Than Feared - DN

DOD Information Technology Evolves Toward Cloud Computing - AFPS

Air Force to Force Some Sergeants into Drill Instructor Duty - S&S

Active-Duty Suicides Set Record, Top Number of Troops Killed in Combat - WP

2012 Military Suicides Hit Record High of 349 - AP

Former Army Psychologist Critical of Military Dies by Suicide - TC

Paying For The All-Voluntary Military - WP opinion

Issue is Defense of Homeland, Not Homosexuality - WT opinion


United States

Obama Calls for Debt Ceiling Increase - VOA

Obama and GOP Issue Challenges on the Debt Limit - NYT

Obama Takes Stand on Debt Fight - BBC

Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Nears, Virulent Foes Hope it Won’t Happen - WP

US Heads Toward Gun Control Debate - VOA

Obama Willing to Use Executive Orders on Guns - NYT

Gun-Law Push Faces Slow Start in Most States - USAT

Colin Powell and the GOP: The End of the Affair? - WT

Military Stand-Ins Support Inauguration Rehearsal - AFPS

The Moment for Action on Guns - NYT editorial

Hooray for the Second Amendment - WT opinion

Preserving the Second Amendment - WT opinion

No More Mr.-Nice-President - WP opinion

America Steps Back as Global Policeman - Stratfor opinion

A World Without America - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Trouble Flares at Belfast Flashpoint - BBC

Northern Irish Youths Pelt Catholic Church in Latest 'Flag Riots' - Reuters



Analysts: French Military Walks Fine Line in Mali - VOA

Mali Conflict: France to Increase Troop Numbers - BBC

Regional Defense Chiefs to Meet Over Mali Crisis - VOA

French Warplanes Hit Central Mali - WP

Malian Rebels Take Town and Vow to Avenge French Attack - NYT

Islamists Seize New Mali Town - VOA

Mali Islamists Gain Ground Despite French Fighting - AP

Mali: French Lead All-Night Bombing Campaign in Diabaly - AP

US Working to Speed Deployment of ECOWAS Troops to Mali - VOA

Hollande Sees African Troops in Mali in a Week - Reuters

Mali: US May Provide ‘Limited Logistical Support’ to French - WP

US Military Could be Drawn into Mali Fight - S&S

Panetta: US Support to French in Mali Aimed at al-Qaida - AFPS

US Military Assists France in Africa Raids - USAT

US Prepares to Help France in Mali, With Caution - VOA

Mali 'a Serious Concern' for UK - BBC

France Seeks Gulf Arab Help for Mali Anti-Rebel Push - Reuters

France Girds for New Threats After Mali Operation - AP

Somali Rebels to Announce Fate of French Hostage - VOA

Second French Soldier Dies After Somalia Raid - BBC

Nigeria's Oil Thieves Say Government Leaves Them No Choice - Reuters

Kenya Faces Destabilizing Election - WP

South Africa Miner to Cut 14,000 Jobs - BBC

A Widening War in Mali - NYT editorial

Is Mali Another Loss for Counterinsurgency? - WP opinion

Mali and the Lessons of Western Intervention - Guardian opinion

War in Mali a Reminder of France's Grand Malaise - TNR opinion

France Takes the Lead in Mali - Commentary opinion

France's Lonely War in Mali - Guardian opinion

Why We Must Help Save Mali - NYT opinion

Al-Qaeda's Dangerous Play in Mali - TDB opinion

Mali’s Atrocities Began When It Lost Its Democracy - NYT opinion



Colombia: FARC Ceasefire 'to End' as Peace Talks Resume in Cuba - BBC

Venezuela's Chavez 'Doing Better' - BBC

Brazil Wants Venezuela Election if Chavez Dies - Reuters

Venezuela Struggles With Sporadic Food Shortages - AP

Dominican, US Agents Seize 900 Kilos of Cocaine - AP

Guatemalan Mayor Carlos Castillo Medrano Shot Dead - BBC

In First Day of New Rules, Cubans Make Travel Plans - NYT

Venezuela's Next Political Battle - RCW opinion


Asia / Pacific

US Delegation Seeks to Calm Spats Between Japan, South Korea - Reuters

Burma’s Fight With Armed Rebels Edges Toward China - NYT

Kachin Rebels Say Burma Military Kills 3 Civilians - VOA

China 'to Survey Disputed East China Sea Islands' - BBC

Beijing Smog Puts China’s Anti-Pollution Policies Under Scrutiny - VOA

China Lets Media Report on Air Pollution Crisis - NYT

China: Beijing Residents Fed Up With Smog - WP

UN Calls for North Korea Human Rights Inquiry - VOA

UN Official Urges Scrutiny of North Korea - NYT

UN Urges Focus on North Korea Human Rights Record - AP

Laos Dam Project Tests Credibility of Mekong River Commission - VOA

Dim Hopes for a Free Press in China - NYT opinion


Central Asia

US Vows Sustained Engagement in Central Asia - VOA



Computer Malware Appears to Target European Government Agencies - WP

US Secretary of Defense Arrives in Portugal, First Stop on Europe Tour - AFPS

Panetta Begins Trip to Visit ‘Most Capable Partners’ - AFPS

Russia 'Spies' Go on Trial in Germany - BBC

Turkish Film Describes Harsh Conditions in Country's Prisons - VOA

Turkey: Jailed Kurdish Rebel Chief Demands Paris Murders Solved - Reuters

Shots Fired Into Offices of Greek Governing Party - NYT

Why Turkey Is Talking to Its PKK Nemesis - Time opinion


South Asia

India Orders 'Aggressive' Response to Kashmir Provocation - VOA

Indian PM: 'No Business as Usual' With Pakistan After Kashmir Clash - Reuters

India to Begin Pakistan Visa Deal - BBC

Pakistan Supreme Court Orders Arrest of Prime Minister - Reuters

Cleric Fires Up Pakistanis, Demands Gov't Resign - AP

Political Rally Shuts Down Pakistan Capital - VOA

Concession After Days of Protest in Pakistan - NYT

Clashes at Pakistan Protest March - BBC

Pakistani Forces Fire in Air at Islamabad Protests - Reuters

Pakistan Army, Judiciary Conspire Against Government - Reuters

Russia Grants Bangladesh $1 Billion Loan for Weapons - Reuters

Sri Lankan Leader Replaces Chief Justice He Fired - AP

Sri Lanka President Picks Ally as Chief Justice, Lawyers Protest - Reuters