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14 January SWJ Roundup

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Success in Taliban Stronghold Hard-Won; Next Challenge is Making it Last - S&S

US Troops in Afghanistan to Take Support Role Ahead of Schedule - S&S

US Commander in Kandahar Sees ‘Real Fruits’ of Surge - S&S

Karzai Says Afghanistan to Be Safer Once Foreign Troops Leave - Reuters

Karzai: Decision on Immunity for US Troops by Year-End - Reuters

Karzai: US Troop Immunity Up to Afghan Elders - AP

Afghans Killed After Allies Target Taliban - NYT

Two Diverging Roads for Afghanistan - YG opinion



Syria Conflict Causing 'Staggering' Humanitarian Crisis - BBC

Switzerland Leads Effort to Refer Syria to ICC - VOA

Activists Say 13 Killed in Airstrike Near Damascus - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Israel Vows to Build in West Bank Site After Evicting Protesters - VOA

Clearing Protesters From West Bank Site, Israel’s PM Pledges to Build - WP

Jordan's King Urges Israel, Palestinians to Talk - AP

Israel: Netanyahu Conundrum Faces Iranian Riddle - Reuters

Iraq's Sadr Demands 'Fair Implementation' of National Security Laws - VOA

Saudi King Names New Governor for Restive Oil Region - Reuters

Egyptian Court Orders Retrial for Mubarak- VOA

Egyptian Court Rejects Verdict Against Mubarak - NYT

Violence Plagues Tunisia's Politics 2 Years Later - AP

Tunisians Take to Streets Two Years After Ben Ali's Fall - Reuters

Egypt Stifles its Media - WP editorial

All Arab Dictators Will Fall - Bloomberg opinion

Sunni vs. Shia vs. the West - TI opinion

Iran and the Fallacy of Saber-Rattling - TNI opinion


Terrorism / Counterterrorism

Following the Tehran Terror Trail - NYDN editorial

Facing Up to What We Did in Interrogations - WP opinion

Time for Congress to Build a Better Drone Policy - WP opinion

Obama's Sort-of War on Terror - NR opinion


US Department of Defense

Hagel ‘Superbly Qualified’ for Defense, Colin Powell Says - WP

Hagel to Meet Schumer to Discuss Policy Issues - NYT

Combat Dog Put Out to Stud for Department of Defense - LAT

The Myth of Nuclear Necessity - NYT opinion


United States

Both Sides in Gun Debate Agree: Punish Background-Check Liars - NYT

Servicemembers Stand in Inaugural Spotlight for a Day - S&S

America is Not in Decline or Retreat - WP opinion

Three Troubled Allies, One Superpower - WSJ opinion


United Kingdom

Cameron Plays Down Prospect of In-Out EU Referendum - Reuters

Cameron Seeks Fundamental Change in EU - AP

Pickles Says EU Membership 'Needs to be in Our Interest' - BBC

UK Won't Let British Veterans Accept Russian Medal - AP

Britain Only Matters to Obama as Part of EU - Telegraph opinion

Britain Should Stay and Fight for Better Europe - Telegraph opinion

UK Can No Longer Afford the Welfare State - DM opinion



France’s Hollande, Long Seen as Soft, Shifts Image With Firm Stance - NYT

France Expands Intervention in Mali - WP

French Strikes in Mali Rebel Zone Supplant Caution of US - NYT

French Widen Bombing Campaign, Enter Central Mali - AP

Mali: France Pledges 'Short' Campaign Against Islamists - BBC

French Planes Bomb Rebel Positions in Mali - VOA

Mali's Islamists Seize New Town - BBC

Mali Islamists Counter-Attack, Threaten France - Reuters

Mali Rebels Have Taken Town of Diabaly - Reuters

France Calls UN Security Council Meeting on Mali - AP

NATO Welcomes French Action in Mali, Receives No Aid Request - Reuters

EU Rules Out Sending Combat Mission to Mali - Reuters

France Says US Helping Support Mali Operation - AP

Mali: UK RAF C17 Cargo Plane to Help French Operation - BBC

African Troops Ready to Help Neighboring Mali Fighting Militants - VOA

US Warplanes Enter Somalia Airspace - NYT

Obama Says US Warplanes Involved in Failed Somali Rescue Mission - WP

Somali Witnesses to Failed French Rescue Mission Describe Mayhem - AP

2nd French Commando Likely Killed in Somalia Raid - AP

CAR Rebels Sign Formal Ceasefire - BBC

Rights Group Seeks Pressure to End Sudan’s Crackdown on NGOs - VOA

Malawi Government Denies Bribery Allegation - VOA

France to the Rescue in Mali - WP editorial

Why France Couldn't Wait to Attack Mali - G&M opinion

Mali an African War France Couldn't Avoid - Reuters opinion



Trio of Chavez Protégés Hold Key to Venezuela's Future - Reuters

Venezuelan Leaders Have Meeting with Cuba's Raul Castro - BBC

Venezuela: Chavez State 'Favorable,' Infection Controlled - Reuters

Colombia Negotiator Says FARC Talks Must 'Pick Up Pace' - BBC

After Decades, Cuba Eases Travel Rules to Maintain Ties - NYT

Venezuela: Defying Predictions, Again - Guardian editorial

Cuba's Role in Venezuela May Grow - MH opinion

US Can't Stay Quiet over Chavez Absence - CNN opinion

Hugo Chavez Turned Venezuela into Afghanistan - NP opinion

Hagel’s Cuba Problem - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

North Korea Vows to Bolster War Deterrence - AP

UN Urges Focus on North Korea Human Rights Record - AP

UN Rights Chief Seeks International Investigation of North Korea - Reuters

China Again Is Growing, More Slowly - NYT

China Mulls Hiking Investment Quota for Foreigners - AP

Chinese Media Urges Action on Air Pollution - Reuters

China; Beijing Warns Residents After Off-The-Charts Smog - AP

China: Severe Beijing Smog Prompts Unusual Transparency - AP

High Pollution Sparks China Anger - BBC

Tens of Thousands Protest Against Taiwan's President - VOA

Japan Voters Back PM Abe's Efforts to Spur Growth, Beat Deflation - Reuters

Burma’s Kachin Conflict Escalates - VOA

Burma Rebels Say Army Artillery Strike Kills 3 - AP

Japan’s Latest Economic Transfusion - NYT editorial

Japan Steps Out - NYT opinion



Unraveling of US-Russia Relations Threatens Obama’s Policy Agenda - WP

Russians Protest Ban on Adoptions by American Parents - VOA

Russians Rally Against Adoption Ban in Revival of Anti-Kremlin Protests - NYT

Thousands of Russians Turn Out to Protest Ban on American Adoption - WP

Thousands March to Protest Russia's Adoption Ban - AP

Turkey: Jailed Kurdish Militant Leader to Meet Brother After Killings - Reuters

Bomb Destroys War Memorial in Divided Bosnian Town - Reuters

Former Communist, Now Free Market Ally, Front-Runner in Italy - WP

Italy: Woman at Center of Berlusconi Trial in Court - AP

Greece Sees Gold Boom, But at a Price - NYT

Georgia Frees 190 Inmates Deemed Political Prisoners - NYT


South Asia

India's Army Chief Turns Up Heat on Pakistan, Says Can Retaliate - Reuters

India Army Chief Warns Pakistan of Retaliation - AP

India's Hindu Kumbh Mela Festival Begins in Allahabad - BBC

India Police Arrest 6 in Another Gang Rape Case - VOA

Indian Woman Is Gang-Raped After Bus Ride - NYT

Indian Police Arrest 7 Men in Gang Rape of a Woman in Punjab - WP

Suspects to Appear at India Gang Rape Hearing - AP

Bomb Kills 14 Pakistani Soldiers as Attacks Shake Up Provincial Govt - NYT

Pakistani Government Yields to Quetta Protesters - VOA

Pakistan: Minister Fired Over Quetta Blasts - BBC

Pakistani Anti-Corruption March Due in Islamabad - BBC

Thousands Gather for Pakistan Cleric's Protest March on Capital - Reuters

Pakistani Capital Prepares for Cleric's March - AP

Pakistanis Demand Tighter Security - WP photo gallery

President of Sri Lanka Dismisses Chief Justice - NYT

Sri Lankan Lawyers Denounce Sacking of Top Judge - AP

Protests in India and Pakistan Herald a Trend - Newsweek opinion

Failures of Governance Led to India Crisis - JT opinion